Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The SAG Awards

On the front page of Monday’s LA TIMES is a picture of Helen Mirren and Jeremy Irons with the headline “Her pair of queens wins”. At first I thought, “wow, that’s inappropriate” until I realized the headline was referring to her two victories for playing queens not the two of them in the picture.

I didn’t see the SAG awards. They’re like watching the Arena football championship game before the Superbowl.

On the other hand, I find the gushing praise and over-the-top outpouring of love on the SAG awards to be most amusing. You know all these actors hate each other. I’ll probably get fifty comments to the contrary but come on, they’re in the most competitive profession ever, and for every winner Saturday night, there were probably forty others in the room who auditioned for and lost that part. And will tell you they could have played it better.

Some thoughts on the winners:

Helen Mirren is a wonder. Won for THE QUEEN in features and ELIZABETH I on TV. She could play Queen Latifa and I’d believe her.

Jennifer Hudson is going to win every award this season but the Heisman Trophy.

I was thrilled the cast of LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE won. Why? Because they sent out screener DVD’s to all their members. Hint hint.

Wouldn’t it have been great a few years ago if CASTAWAY had won for best Cast in a motion picture?

Jeremy Irons scored for ELIZABETH I. In a real stretch he played a fop.

Hugh Laurie racked up another win. Maybe now the TV Academy will NOMINATE him for an Emmy.

Glad Chandra Wilson won for GREY’S ANATOMY. It’s nice that there’s someone on that show who isn’t “dreamy”.

Alec Baldwin is the funniest supporting actor in a comedy since David Hyde Pierce. You’ll know how many years 30 ROCK stays on the air by the number of Emmys he’s going to win.

Happy for America Ferrera but isn’t it so Hollywood that instead of hiring an actual ugly actress to play UGLY BETTY they hire a pretty actress and make her look ugly?

By and large I think it’s dumb to give awards to entire casts except in the case of THE OFFICE. They really are an ensemble and that show only works because they all mesh together so well. Note to producers casting pilots: hire FUNNY people.

And the cast of GREY’S ANATOMY wins for best cast in a drama? They’re terrific and sure yummy to look at but I would have voted for LOST. Those actors had to get out of cages, and get trapped in the rain where their hair got messed up. They don’t teach that at Julliard, pallie.

So now it’s on to the next awards show, which I think might be THE PATSYS, celebrating the best performances by animals in television and motion pictures. Elvis, the alligator from MIAMI VICE is going to receive the lifetime achievement award this year.


Ger Apeldoorn said...

Hire funny people... but then you are in the casting room and you have to choose between a comedian who is loud and obnoxious en crass and a really smart character actor, who can maybe play funny like Ed Asner used to do... so who do you go with?

Honestly, I can see both sides. Hire funy actors sounds like good advice, but how do you measure funny? In a recent show I had an actress who made me laugh all the time, with her smartness and her nerveousness... but the audience never got her. Yet whenever we watched the tape in the editing room it was all there. They just hadn't seen it. So now for a new show we are considering her and we have to ask... she's good... but is she funny?

Anonymous said...

You win a gazillion point for making me think about Miami Vice. Man I love that show.

Anonymous said...

Glad Chandra Wilson won for GREY’S ANATOMY. It’s nice that there’s someone on that show who isn’t “dreamy”.

It has been amazing seeing her go from the small bit she played in "Lone Star" to the near powerhouse she is now on "Grey's Anatomy." I'm happy for her.

Jeremy Irons scored for ELIZABETH I. In a real stretch he played a fop.

Is he really that bad?

Anonymous said...

How self important was that opening to the SAG awards? A bunch of celebs looking into the camera and telling a bullshit story about how they thrilled people when they were 7 in some production involving Santa Claus and then: "I'm humpty dumpty and I'm an actor." No shit, its the SAG awards! You are all fucking actors. Jesus, shoot me the next time I have to hear about "the craft" or "the method".

And how in the world does Grey's beat out The Sopranos for best ensemble? The two best dramatic actors in television history, and the rest of the cast are pretty damned amazing too, versus smoldering looks and soft touch hysterics. But great ratings!

Anonymous said...

I think the big point that Ugly Betty makes is not that Betty is ugly, but that she doesn't strut.

Whether it's her sister or the folks at the office, everyone else is showing off what they have on the outside. Betty doesn't. It's not that she isn't pretty, it's that she doesn't fit the 'definition' of pretty in any of the spheres she inhabits - not her sister's and not the magazine's. The ones who see it are, oddly enough, the men in her life (her father, her boss and her two suitors).

RC said...

how funny...

mirren playing queen latifah...i love it.

your comment about america is pretty funny too.

Mike Barer said...

I'm not going to contradict you. Your there, I'm not.
Cast of Grey's Anatomy is dysfunctional and viewers relate to dysfunctional characters.

Anonymous said...

"Moderately attractive" is ugly by Hollywood standards.

I am too embarrassed to post this under my real fake name, but I think America Ferrera all made up to be "ugly" is smoking hot. Maybe I have a braces, glasses and unplucked eyebrows fetish or something. I'm insanely jealous of that nerdy guy she dates on the show. Lucky!

SJ said...
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SJ said...

You would have voted for "Lost" instead of "Grey's"? Pretty obvious that you don't watch "The Wire".

Every actor on that show is perfect. And it's such a huge cast, it's a miracle to give all of them almost equal screentime.

Anonymous said...

I missed the show, but it most have been thrilling to watch Brad Garrett and the whole crew from 'Til Death accept that award.

Helena Handbasket said...

I always thought Irons was a queen. Hey, thanks for confirming it for slow learners like me.

But I can't believe you thought the headline referred to him. That's too damn funny! Made me laugh out loud.

Anonymous said...

the best drama on television is "The Wire". Hopefully after it's 5th and final season (maybe it'll start in January 08?) it'll get it's long overdue credit with award shows like the emmys, sag and golden globes.

for whatever reason, right now, they're afraid of it.

Buttermilk Sky said...

"hire a pretty actress and make her look ugly." See Olivia de Havilland as Catherine Sloper ("The Heiress"). H'wood's been at this a long time, and the actress who plains up usually wins a prize. Also any actress who plays a mute, but that's a whole other story.