Sunday, May 18, 2008

My 1,000th post!

It’s only taken 2 1/2 years, several dozen anonymous hate comments I’ve had to delete, a post that led to a big brouhaha in the LA Times, numerous snarky award show and AMERICAN IDOL reviews, travelogues, movie previews, war stories, script samples, writing advice, and just general rants on anything that comes to mind whether I’m informed or not…but I have now reached 1000 posts. (For fun, here’s the very first one.)

When I began this little experiment in self indulgence a fellow blogger suggested I post at least a couple times a week in order to attract readers. So I decided why not post daily and really build a huge audience? So I did and it worked! Within three months I was getting six or seven people an hour!

Posting daily became a habit and now, incredibly, after 2 1/2 years I’m getting twice that many!

More importantly, I’ve made a lot of new friends.

And then there’s the blog swag. I’ve gotten a few books, DVD’s, and even an Astroglide mug!

This has been a fun hobby, a great outlet, and I look forward to the next thousand, although by then I should be so out of material that I’ll be telling you what I had for breakfast and what songs are on my iPod like those airhead teenagers on Facebook.

So anyway…

Today I want to hear from you. Especially you new readers and lurkers. How’d you find the blog? How long have you been aboard? Where in the world are you? What topics do you want to see more of (and less of)? Any suggestions ? When I write a TV show or a play I have the benefit of hearing an audience. But when I write a post and hit “send” it just goes out there… in silence. So it would be nice to get some feedback. I look forward to hearing from you (although I might regret that).

Thanks for your support and sticking with this blog. I know that out of 1,000 posts not every one can be a gem. Two, maybe three had to really suck.



Michael Taylor said...


I found your blog though the blog of Tim Goodman, TV critic for the SF Chronicle -- and I've been coming back ever since.

Me? I'm a juicer who worked on one or two shows you directed, and remember those work-weeks as very pleasant experiences. I've worked for a few directors who were real pills, many who were non-factors, and a few who made the show a lot of fun for everybody. You are a member of that select group.

The posts I really enjoy are the inside stories of life in the writers room, and what goes on above-the-line -- how the show really gets made. We who do the heavy lifting don't get a look behind those doors very often.

Congratulations on hitting a thousand posts.

Michael Taylor

Anonymous said...

Came across your blog as a recommendation from Raymond Chen's glittering words at - one of the best tech blogs on the net. From the other side of the Pacific (Melbourne Australia), you're the only US blogger who's ever mentioned Adam Ramanauskas and I thank you for it - Melbourne being AFL mad...

Barefoot Billy Aloha said...

Ken and I met at the campus radio station at UCLA, back when radios ran on steam...and its been fun to watch all the great things he's done since then.

I'd like to read more behind-the-scenes stories of popular shows, see more of Natalie and hear more of Joanie Sommers. Hmmm, imagining Natalie with Joanie's voice is...uh...too much excitement for me to handle right now, so let me just say 'break both legs' with the next 1,000 posts...

Bianca said...

Hey Ken, Congratulations on your 1000th post!

I have been a lurker for about 8 months and have only recently plucked up the courage to write a comment or two (actually I think I have written 3 comments total).

I am an Australian living in Idaho and a mouth janitor by day (dental hygienist) but have never lost my passion for writing - just for my own personal enjoyment though, not professionally. I am a big fan of The Office and found Mindy Kaling's blog and found yours accidentally by clicking through on profiles from people who had left comments on her posts - so I can't remember how I ended up here specifically, but I found myself returning to your blog as I found I enjoyed your writing style - relevant and humourous without being crass (my pet peeve - talented writers who are excessively blue for no apparent reason) so bookmarked your page and ended coming back here daily.

I guess the reason I return is because this is a non-threatening arena to gleen ideas on writing and related topics. Others might disagree, but I like how you are able to convey your opinion while remaining neutral enough to not deliberately exclude people - you're political without shoving your own agenda down your reader's throats. I also like the American Idol recaps and behind-the-scenes gossip on horrendous people you formerly worked with!

Best of luck for your next 1000 posts!

Anonymous said...

I found this through Raymond Chen, too. Other than that I'm not really that interested in the television industry. I guess I read it because I like to know what it's like to walk in other peoples' shoes. And for the baseball stories.

Cranston, RI

Bianca said...

and by writing "not deliberately exclude people" I meant with the exception of stage mothers, of course... ;-)

Anonymous said...


(Sorry about that, had the mic too close to the speaker.)

Found your blog through Denis McGrath, an excellent Canadian TV writer. Yup, we have our own shows. And they're a whole lot better than that lame "feedback" joke would suggest.

Anonymous said...

I found you on The Dimension Skipper's Blog (now deceased). It was during the Writer's Strike. I have been with you since and love it.
Thanks for coming up with new material, day after day. I am almost coming up on a year and I now know, it takes quite a bit to come up with a new subject each day. No wonder you post about American Idol. :-)

Thanks, Ken.

Sam Kim said...

I read about your Sitcom Room on last year, and upon learning that you wrote for most of my favorite TV shows, I felt I had to know everything about you. And so of course, I had to read your blog. (Btw, you keep your lights on way too late at night.)

I'm not a writer, and had never aspired to be one, but when I read about Fox's sitcom contest, I figured I'd give it a shot. Perhaps not even making it to the semi-finals of your Komedy Kontest really motivated me to try to prove I could be funny.

I'm looking for any bits of wisdom that will help me produce an excellent script. I'm also looking for any hint of an invitation to send you a pilot script - even if there's no commitment to provide feedback or help.

I really enjoy hearing anything you have to say about MASH, Cheers, Frasier, and pretty much anything else you've written for.

And I'd love to know if you plan to do any more writing for sitcoms in the future. Do you write scripts anymore, even for fun?


Anonymous said...

Hi Ken. I've written before, but just wanted to say I read rhe blog every night and enjoy all but the AI posts, but, that's not your fault. Writing a daily blog has to be really hard. I tried it about a year or so ago and didn't last long. Apparently I wasn't as clever or long-winded as I thought. Just another reason I admire your work and that of others who grind it out every day.
Alan Hinton

Jason Sanders said...

Congratulations on your millennial (actual word?), Ken!

I've been around since, well, not the beginning, but a couple weeks after you started pounding out words onto the Internet. It's been great to read your blog over the past few years and I've really gotten to know you and your work because of it.

I know that ordinarily, writers are appear to just be a credit line at the beginning of an episode; but, because of you, I've learned about some of the hard work that goes into all shows (even the ones that suck!). This blog has definitely changed the way I view TV, since I can't just say, "Oh, they don't care" about a crappy show; because I know that they do.

I would love to hear more anecdotes of your episodes. Also, if you could host a Q&A every so often that would be great, since there never seems to be an end to questions, and the posts where you do answer some, are definitely some of my favorites.

Thanks again for the blogs, and the hours of laughing in front of the screen and the TV.

Anonymous said...

Great blog!! I've been a regular reader for about a year now. My favorite posts are the ones that give us insight (either through stories or advice) about how Hollywood works and/or how to write for comedy. My least favorite? The posts that have racy pictures. Kinda wish it was more family friendly. But overall you do a terrific job.

Annie said...

I had several different blog-connections mention your blog, saying in effect, 'you probably already read his stuff...' so I had to check you out. Now I'm all gaga over sitcoms again, durn you. But my kids have mastered the art of microwave cooking my book in nearly complete, and my sacred Yankees are mailing it in this year, so I'm ready to get back into the frayed fray. Thanks for the daily 'rushes.'
One question - do you find that if you don't write, you go nuts? Some days I nearly chew on the furniture. Then I post to my blog and I'm at peace for a few minutes.

C said...

I think I found your blog through an article about The Sitcom Room. I think TV and TV writing is fascinating and that's what keeps me coming back. I've got you on my RSS feed, so I never really "visit" your site, just read. Anyway, I really enjoy your perspective on writing. Hope you keep with the blogging.

maven said...

Ken, congratulations on such a great milestone! Keep them coming! I especially enjoy the TV reviews (like AI), and the insider Hollywood stuff.

Ken and I went to grade school through high school together, and just recently connected through a mutual friend (who told me about his blog).

My father was a TV comedy writer and Ken would come over to our house for advice from dad. Little did I know what a career he would have, and now he's a world-renowned blogger!

This Space Left Intentionally _________. said...

I read because 1). you're freaking Ken Levine for crying out loud, 2). you're almost a legend in this town, 3). and because we were introduced to one another by Garner Simmons at Radford (ahhhh those fun walks on the picket line...).

So, is there some sort of blogging hall a fame you can get voted into for hitting the 1000 mark?

Michael said...

I had to look at my Google Desktop cache to find the first time we met... it was your October 3rd 2007 post on "The Office". I'm pretty sure it was via a link on Office Tally. Then I got here and it was like "holy crap, it's Ken Freakin' Levine from M*A*S*H!"

I've been a regular ever since. That's one of the things I love about these intarwebs - the chance to hear from and "meet" people who I never would have otherwise.

DougJ said...

I just want to say your blog has been consistently entertaining and funny from the beginning, which is a huge achievement, especially considering your output.

I love all of it, from the show biz/radio/sport announcer stories to the ranting, I mean social commentary. I even enjoy the American Idol stuff, even though I don't watch the show.

As I read the first sentence of this post in my RSS reader, my heart sank for a second because I thought it was going to be a farewell message.

I know you will retire this blog someday. But, until then, thanks for the laughs (or at the least, cracking my poker face) and for the dedication.

Doug Jones
Mesa, AZ

Anonymous said...

Hey Ken! Congratulations!

I've been a lurker here since around your 35th post. In that time I've watched a suitably large amount of television to melt my brain's memory function, so I can't recall how I found it. Thought I suspect Jane Espenson had something to do with it.

I'm from rural Victoria, Australia.

Here's to 1,000 more!

Anonymous said...

I've been lurking about since the writers' strike. You did some great posting on that! I chuckle at the AI stuff, because it's made for chuckles--which I consider a good thing, by the way. Not nearly enough chuckles in this insane world.

I keep coming back, because you're just fun to read no matter what you write about, and like others have said . . . your' freakin' Ken Levine!

Congratulations on the 1000th

EC Sheedy

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,

Can't remember exactly, but I think I found your blog on TV Squad and I have come back just about every day since and it's been over a year. I find your writing funny on the blog and especially on the TV shows you've written. I'm a big fan of VOLUNTEERS.

I come back mostly for the writing advice, although I don't write comedy, I find your comments and suggestions insightful and useful in my own writing. The slice of life in the writers room, life on the set and staffing the shows are all very valuable as well.

I'm from Renton, Washington (GO MARINERS) living in Pakistan at the moment. I guess your blog is also a slice of home.

Congratulations on your 1,000th post. Keep it going!!!


Anonymous said...

I can't remember how exactly I found your blog, but it was during the writers' strike since then I check at least once a day.

I've got this whole love/hate relationship with M*A*S*H. and through reading your posts and finding out what you've written for realized I was a huge fan, I just didn't know your name.

Since then I've recommended this site to several friends and they are regular readers as well.

dangermandownunder said...

Not sure how I found you, maybe one of your posts was referred to in Boing Boing or something.
I read via Google reader.
I was a huge MASH fans as a kid, and I love the writer stories. Cheers, MASH, Frasier. great stuff.

Emily Blake said...

Wait - we were supposed to send you presents?

Nobody told me this.

Thanks for being funny.

Anonymous said...

Due to my curiosity of MASH scripts, I think I was looking for a particular line obviously espoused by Hawkeye, there was a link, I followed it and now I enjoy constantly being ignored as I meander vocally my opinions of everything that I think is wrong with television and movies, or at least from where I watch.

I enjoy reading about what you've done and what you're doing, as well as the "spoiler"-fication of American Idol (being located in Australia, the time difference helps), despite my comments that seem to be of the contrary position.

As far as suggestions for what to write, I think it's running at a fine pace as it is.

Brock said...

I heard about the blog from one "Annie Levine", but I'm not sure where she heard about it. I'll have to ask sometime.

Congrats on the big 1K!

iabanon said...

wow, lots of aussies. this includes me. (melbourne) i'm guessing those that don't give their location are americans.
i found your blog, about three month ago, through another screenwriter blog called 'complications ensue'. can't remember the writer. canadian. still visit there too, lol.
i'm an aspiring screenwriter myself and this is my first year putting scripts out. well soon i will. so obviously i enjoy anything pertaining to screenwriting. but i also love the AI reviews. very funny. actually i love anything funny and yes snarky. love snarky. a writer should always speak their mind and be brutal in their opinions. hehe. well that's my excuse.

Anonymous said...

I'm a long time lurker. Oh, I may have posted the occasional odd comment or two. Three at the most. I found this blog through Don Barrett's LA Radio People webpage.

Congratulations on reaching 1000 posts. I'm still hoping to reach 1000 hits on mine. (Well, Tallulah's, but I do most of the heavy-lifting.)

In any event, I should reach 1000 back-and-forths from Mom DeGarmo by Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Chalk one more up for "Raymond Chen". I'm a software developer (or "writer" for computer code ;) ) from Germany who just enjoys good humour.

I skip over all the Baseball stuff, but apart from that I'm fine, thank you :-)

Tallulah Morehead said...

Darling, you know I adore you. You're like good vodka, you make my day brighter, and you're made from potatoes. I can't believe we've never been married. If I were only 90 years younger...

Cheers darling

Willy B. Good said...

Congrats Ken
I have been here so long I can't remember how I got here but I read every day and thoroughly enjoy the variety of topics so hope you just keep riffing away on anything that tickles your fancy for many years to come and thanks for all the laughs.

Cheers from New Zealand

Tracy Helgeson said...

I have been lurking for a few months. I came across one of your American Idol recaps through the Huffington Post and was hooked. Love hearing the inside stories of many of the shows I have watched over the years too.

I am an artist and have a blog where mostly I just talk about me, me, me and my work, my chickens and life in the country. The blog has been a social lifesaver for me, since we live in the middle of nowhere-otherwise known as upstate NY.

Congrats and I look forward to reading more. Wish you'd give up a few names when you tell a catty story though:)

Unknown said...

I found your blog during the writer's strike and have been an avid reader ever since.

I too blog, and while I am hardly an airhead teen I will admit to posting random IPod playlists as a homework dodge while I was completing my Masters degree. In fact one of my two loyal readers busted me for doing six of those silly meme's in one month a year ago August to avoid reading Dead White Guy Philosophy Homework.

I have certainly enjoyed your posts. Especially the inside the Writier's Room stuff.

Eleanor said...

Hi Ken,

I'm from the UK. I've been lurking for a long time.
I can't remember exactly how I found you although I expect I linked in from Craig Mazin's blog before he redesigned it way back when, or possible DMc, or Alex Epstein, or Philip Morton, or even John Rogers...I give up, likely one of them though.
Why did I first look? MASH.
Why did I stay? I like your writing, gossip, words of wisdom, basically keep on doing what you're doing, Sir.

Congrats on 1,000!


Anonymous said...


Congratulations on your 1000th blog posting. I'm glad I am here to witness it.

I first learned about your blog from Ken Wilbur's sports blog on he wrote something about Cheers and referenced your blog. Being a big Cheers fan, I couldn't resist checking it out. Now you're a daily stop.

As a big Cheers fan, I guess I'd like to read more Cheers stuff. I'm especially fascinated by the supporting players: Al, Steve, Paul, Tom, etc... Those characters you see all the time, who get a line or two here or there. Who are these actors? What else have they done... if anything?

Thanks for the entertainment and the enlightenment.

Alan Sepinwall said...

Congrats, Ken.

I found the blog when somebody responded to one of my "Studio 60" rants by pointing me towards your "What if Aaron Sorkin wrote a show about baseball?" piece.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog via James Wolcott. I love the posts about the inside stories of your shows. I especially love the clips of Frasier (food in the bathroom?).

Congratulations on your 1000th.

Unknown said...

Although I am not a lurker...

Found you through TVSquad. Only good thing Bob Sassone has ever written (I still can't understand why he gets paid by AOL to put opinions into words that are so complete opposite from mine and not back them with any research whatsoever). Hate the guy. Love your blog.

If you run out of material you can always recycle old posts... hm... guess you did that already ;-)

I hate your Idol reviews for I find the format to be mindnumbingly stupid so in fact your idol reviews are the only good thing AI has sprouted for me.

I am german and having said that let's kick into gear one of our virtues (being an asinine pain in the ass - I mean being exact of course): I love the way people are committing atrocities towards the english language on this blog, especially with and without apostrophes. Can't get enough of the "DVD's" and "your stupid" *snicker*

Keep up the good work and please keep on providing the Sitcomroom audio conferences as MP3s. I love them.

Anonymous said...

More: Frasier, Mash, Almost Perfect, and suggestions for the best written shows and movies. It's all about the writing! We just saw Charlie Wilson's War and loved it.

Less: American Idol (that show is garbage, I don't care how many of the great unwashed watch it)

Found you through Raymond Chen - also you should add some of simple advertising, I'm sure it would cover one Frappacino a month

Mary Stella said...

Blog swag? There's blog swag? I've blogged almost daily for over three years and I never got blog swag. Ken, you're so connected!

I've been reading your blog for at least two years and am a total fangirl. My friend, Beth Ciotta, turned me on to your posts. I've recommended you to several others.

I enjoy the tales from the trenches -- your screenwriting experiences, how you approached scenes/characters/etc. Anytime you give tips on writing humor is a bonus. Even though I don't write for television, so much of what you say applies to my work writing humorous romances. Thanks for that, too!

You're positive proof that a truly funny person can be funny about anything.

Here's to the next 1000.

Toni said...

I've been lurking for a while; a colleague recommended your blog and I've been hooked ever since.

M*A*S*H was a favorite show growing up; I wanted to be a surgeon like Hawkeye Pierce (and make Frank Burns eat worms).

I love hearing stories about what it was like working on the shows you wrote for, like M*A*S*H and Cheers - two of the strongest ensemble comedies out there. It takes an awful lot to draw me into a sitcom, especially these days, and I think it's because, in part, shows like those really raised the bar.

I also enjoy hearing your insights about pitching TV shows, and would love to hear about how to submit a script for an existing show, too. I'm a freelancer but would love to write a Law & Order one of these days. I'm assuming it'll run another 18 years, of course.

Don't watch American Idol so I skip right past those posts.

Anonymous said...

Are you going after Cal Ripken's record?

Been here since the early days. (Mark Evanier's "News from ME" clued me in) We share an interest in quality sitcoms, baseball and radio. (Someday you'll come around on hockey. I would've thought the Ducks winning the Cup last year might have done it, but..someday)

It's still one of the first things I look at when I log on every morning.

As always, thanks for the entertainment.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog from something you wrote on Huffington Post. I've always been a fan of your work, so I put you in my RSS reader. My favorite posts are the inside stories of the classic sitcoms. Congrats on reaching 1,000!

rob! said...

congrats Ken!

personally, i'd love more BTS stories of Frasier, Cheers, and esp. M*A*S*H.

and if you never mentioned American Idol again--and somehow got the rest of the world to go along with you--that'd be great.

oh, and pictures of scarlett johannsen. lots of them.

Benton Harbor said...

I've been reading your blog for over a year and found it by reference of old Billboard columnist Claude Hall.

I'm a semi-retired industrial products salesman who worked in radio-TV during college and in summers while teaching high school. I've never lost my interest in broadcasting and have written two books chronicling the histories of local radio stations and their personalities.

Your posts on MASH, Cheers, and Frasier are the ones I enjoy the most, but find all but the American Idol posts worth reading (I can't stand that program).

Thanks for providing some great reading and insight into how shows are written/produced/staged, etc. And congrats on reaching 1,000.

webbie said...

Congratulations! I started reading you when you made BLOGS OF NOTE and have become a devotee.

I'm a huge fan of the shows with which you have been associated. I find a new appreciation for many thanks to TVLand. Speaking of which, I caught the 30th anniversary of Mash last night on TVLand and watched some of my favorite moments being particular those with Sidney Freidman.

Keep up the good work!

Tom Quigley said...


Congratulations on your 1000th post! As a fan of FRASIER and CHEERS, (and as someone who had also spent a bit of time on the Paramount lot) I knew of your and David's work, but I too originally found out about your blog through Claude Hall's website; and as I've mentioned to you before, your columns are my wake-up coffee in the morning...

I'll send you a cake when you reach your millionth!


Anonymous said...

Hi. Found you with google and I've checked in on your blog every day since just about the beginning.

I'm a regular columnist and freelance writer for a couple magazines and, after years in journalism and book and mag publishing in various capacities, I'm finally writing fiction. I'm in London, Ontario, Canada.

Anything you write about the business of writing, The Room or insider insights on shows you work are what I look for. BTW-caught you on Where are They Now? talking about Cheers. It's Frasier I MUST watch over and over...though I always thought it should be called Niles.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken! I found your blog through blogger Nancy Nall ( I'm a pop culture nerd, so I enjoy reading your views on the pop culture news of the day, your times working as a writer in Hollywood and anything else you end up writing about.

I've been lurking for around a year, and I've loved it! Congratulations on 1,000 posts!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading for what, two years now? I found you when John Rogers of Kung Fu Monkey pointed to you. I enjoy the behind the scenes sitcom stuff and am bored shitless by the American Idol neepery. Actually, now as soon as I see the works "American" and "Idol" in proximity to each other, I just skip that post and all is well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ken:

I found you through John Rogers "Kung Fu Monkey' blog. And although you rarely blog about politics and Forth Generation Media like Mr. Rogers, I do enjoy checking out your blog on a daily basis.
For the record, I'm in Ashland,Oregon. And an actor/filmmaker who works the youtube.
And also for the record, "MASH" was THE SHOW for me when I was a teenager. Watching Hawkeye Pierce week in and week out taught me that you could be fallible and still have a strong moral center.
Anyway, love the blog and keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

I found ur blog thru Alan Sepinwall's blog. I used to read his columns in Star Ledger, and he mentioned you. I'm in NJ, by way of Philly. Go Flyers(unfortunately, they were tossed out unceremoniously last nite.)

Congrats :) I always loved reading insider views of Entertainment industry, and yours is just it!

Anonymous said...

I learned on Maury that you may be my biological father. Actually, enjoyed your delightfully low key and modest yet amusing and informative delivery during a presentation in Dallas. That’s when I decided to write Maury, and I’m sticking with you until you help us figure out the difference between filing a blog e-v-e-r-y day and the joys of self-flagellation. BTW, thanks and best wishes.

Anonymous said...

I just started reading blogs the end of this last year. I found yours off of “saying yes…” I began my own blog February 2008 at and added a link to your page. (And yes, I am in Oklahoma.) I’m not a writer…I just play one on the internet.
I’m a complete TV junkie and have seen and loved all of your shows. They are a huge part of television history, American culture, and my life.
Just yesterday, I was trying to write an actual recipe for my delicious French Toast ( I normally just add what looks right) but I was telling my husband how I felt like Hawkeye Pierce in the mess hall trying to explain to cook what stir till frothy meant. Is this a correct reference? Have you blogged about that MASH episode yet? I love back stories…
Like, who decided to have Fraiser say, “I’m listening…”? That’s one of my favorite catch phrases. Wow, I guess I vote in the camp of more Q&A blogs.
Did you like that I subtly told you what I had for breakfast? Now, on my iPod….
I stop by every day to enjoy your humorous writing. I find it amusing when others can’t tell that something is tongue in cheek and take offense. Although I do appreciate when folks keep their blogs PG13.
I actually like the AI recaps; they amuse me. Maybe you can start a Think U Can Dance one this week. (joking) Mary Murphy is as wacky as Paula and Kat Deeley’s wardrobe is, um, interesting.
I don’t actually follow baseball, but I can appreciate good writing and people telling stories about things they are passionate about, so I read and enjoy them as well.
Congrats on your 1000 posts. Keep up the quality work.

Dimension Skipper said...

First, I'd just like to point out that it is my BLOG which is deceased (for the foreseeable future anyway), not me. LOL! Hi Angel! ;-)

Ken, I was pointed in the direction of your blog courtesy of a post by Nat Gertler on his "TV or not TV" blog, oh, maybe 2 years ago or so?... I really have a bad head for remembering such details. But I've been reading daily ever since.

As for suggestions, I usually most enjoy the fill-in-the-gaps and behind-the-scenes stories re your classic sitcom work, but I enjoy 98.371% of your posts in general.

Not being an American Idol fan in the least I could probably do without those, but I don't mind them really. They ARE more enjoyable than the show for me, so that's something.

Just keep on bloggin' and I'll keep on droppin' by...

Oh, and BTW thanks for turning me on to Earl Pomerantz's "Just Thinking" blog earlier this year. I've been a daily reader of his ever since as well.

Darth Weasel said...

I believe that, like Benson, I found you through Mark Evanier's excellent newsfromme efforts. Personally I enjoy the variety of subjects that leak out. Keeps it fresh and interesting.

Anonymous said...

Well I've been on board almost since the beginning, hearing about you from Mark Eviner's most excellant blog. I live in Utah and rely on you for information and reviews on media. I particularly like your behind-the-scenes stories on the classic sitcoms you've worked on.

Anonymous said...

I was directed from the blog of Jane Espenson and I've been lurking for several months from my desk in Minnesota.

I've stuck around because I enjoy when you post about the shows on which you've worked, specifically the behind-the-scenes stuff about how scenes were written, shot and just general info on how a show comes to be a show. I also really enjoy your opinion on current shows and the general state of TV today, since I have a very SERIOUSLY IN LOVE WITH/HATE relationship with series television.

Keep it up and congratulations on the 1,000th post!

Michele said...

Hi Ken--
Longtime lurker, first time commenter. I've been reading your blog for about a year, and enjoy everything, especially the baseball posts, the inside information on sitcoms, and the AI reviews. Thanks for all the entertaining words on and off this blog, and congratulations on your 1,000th post!

VP81955 said...

Congrats on the milestone, Ken, and to many more. I've always learned a lot here.

I'm trying to remember just how I learned of your blog (yep, it's been that long). Looking at my "favorite places" listing, which is chronological, I haven't a clue. It was probably from some sitcom-related link, although it could've been Top 40- or baseball-related, too.

Someone mentioned streaks; I've got one of my own with my classic movie blog "Carole & Co." It began last June 13, and at least one entry has been posted every day since (more than 400 entries in all). Still trying to decide whether I should follow Ryan Zimmerman's example and take a day off. Then again, I don't think I'm in a creative slump.

Gail Renard said...

You're the best work displacement activity I've ever had! I found you via a link on the Writers' Guild of Great Britain's website and have been with you probably from the start. I marvel at your talent and the variety of your blogs. Happy 1000th post and many more. You don't look a day over 999!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading you blog for a couple of months. I probably found it when I was searching for screenwriting resources. In fact, I think I saw a link to your blog through some other screenwriters' blog. I have to say, I wasn't able to read every entry during that span of time, but I enjoyed whatever I read there. Of course, some entries just became long ramblings, but there were others that really made me laugh, or at the very least, smile. So, reading your blog has become quite a treat for me.

Reading from Manila, congrats on your first 1000. :)


Anonymous said...

I don't remember how I found your site, but I've been visiting daily for about 8 months. MASH, Cheers and baseball are three of my favorite things, so your blog captured my interest immediately! As a biochemistry graduate student, I will probably never work in Hollywood, but I have enjoyed learning about the process of making a successful tv show.

Congratulations on your 1000th post!

The Minstrel Boy said...

i've been reading you for so long, i forget how i found you. glad i did though. thanks for the 1,000 entries.

you're the only other blogger besides myself who has ever mentioned El Centro, or KXO (where i did my only radio gig, thanks gordon!)

Anonymous said...

I found a link to you from this blog.
He said that you wrote both good and funny. And after two years of reading i would have to agree. My favorite posts are when you talk about M.A.S.H, Cheers and Becker.

I have one question. You said not to be upset if we were not recogniced from our reocurring role in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I later noticed that Terry Farrell from becker acted there. Am i reading to much into it?

Anonymous said...

I think I originally found your link from Ken Levine's "A Writer's Life," but I was reading a lot of writing blogs at the time, and yours was frequently linked.

I've since cut back my blog consumption, but yours is still part of my daily routine, much like Doonesbury (and like G.B. Trudeau, you can never quit, or it would create an inbalance in The Force).

I do a bi-weekly column on MJ Rose's 'Buzz, Balls, & Hype', and it's hard enough posting every two weeks -- can't imagine the pressure of doing it every day. Your fortitude is commendable. Keep it up for another 1,000!

Len said...

I found your blog because I was trying to revisit your book about broadcasting for the Orioles, which was a terrific read. I got more than semi-hooked on a daily basis when you started doing those Idol recaps, which are brilliant. Your blog inspired me to do my own as a way to write regularly on a daily basis: situps and pushups for the mind. But, mine can't hold a candle to yours.

Congrats on hitting 1,000.

By the way, your Dodger post game show is one of the best I ever heard. And that takes into account years of listening similar ones for the Mets on WFAN in NY.

Unknown said...

Jaime Weinman's blog links here.

I'd heard of you, from a mutual friend (think of two people you've worked with who have the same name; he's the handsome one), who told me there was a sit-com writer who also broadcasts baseball. I thought "What? That's TWO dream jobs."

I write musical comedies, the last of which was about people creating comedy for television. Go Mets!

A said...

My husband started reading you a few months back and kept dropping hysterical tidbits from your AI posts into my chat screen so I finally added you to my dailies.

I'm afraid that I only know you as a blogger, though. Only later did I realize that you've written for some of my favorite shows but by then you were already cemented in my head as a fellow blogger. And a good one. :)

I'm in Northern California and my real job is doing marketing and national sales for a small winery. I wish I could make money just blogging but don't we all? ;-P

I enjoy your AI posts the most; your perceptions are so funny, although I swear I'm not watching the show anymore after this season, it's all become so predictable. Of course, I say that every year then the pressure builds on me as an American to watch ("You're NOT WATCHING!? What's wrong with you?") so I cave.

I'm not interested in being a TV writer, although I appreciate TV writers, so your posts on that topic I tend to gloss over. Frankly, the idea of *having* to force out "da funnee" on a regular basis for money freaks me right out! And sitting in a room with other people, throwing out funny ideas? Insanity!

But I'm glad you enjoy it. :)

So, yeah, I like it when you're funny.

Go ahead. Be funny now. Hey, no pressure.

*stares and waits expectantly in a creepy, stalkerish way*


LouOCNY said...

so where's the party?

Anonymous said...

I want more posts with jokes about Mr. Peepers.

Anonymous said...

Ken, I'm a big fan of M*A*S*H and Cheers and found your blog in the midst of the strike as I was trying to wrap my brain around all that was going on there. I also used to listen to your Mariners broadcasts when frankly the team was NOT the reason to tune in. You know, like it is now.

I check back every week or so and really appreciate what you're doing so please don't change a thing. --John from DuPont, WA

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,

I've read you since the very start after a tip from Hoffmania.

Love the showbiz bts and clips from M*A*S*H*, Frasier, etc. Also, I'm a big Dodger fan (originally from L.A., Dad was from Brooklyn) though currently enjoying life in the S.F. Bay area.

Thanks for finding a way to entertain that doesn't require network approval.

Anonymous said...

I found you blog linked to from a radio guy who blogs from the deep south (kidding, Frank... mostly) over a year ago (that seems about right but I could be way off).

I used to work in broadcasting, but I retired in 1999. I would still love making tv -- all aspects but especially the ones I didn't get a chance to try my hand at -- if it were't for the micromanagers. I daydream of returning some day when I'm rich and can afford the time in therapy.

I love your insider stories and insights, Ken. You have a way of turning a phrase that I admire and appreciate. I never leave this blog thinking your posts stink or are retarded. If I'm not interested in the subject d'jour (IDOL), I know when I check back the next day, there will probably be something that I am interested in.

I have been blogging since 2000, and there aren't many blogs that have endured at the level of interesting posts your blog has for so long as it has. It's practically unheard of. The over-rated blogs (and you all know the ones I'm talking about *cough*boing boing*cough*, *cough*duece*cough*) lack the appeal for me. I love tv, you talk about tv, and that's why I keep coming back. Simple enough, no?

And you probably have all caught on at some point that I'm from Canada, but just in case you haven't, I'm from Canada. That's Canada, not canada or kanada or even Kanada - Canada.

And the last thing you should know about me is that I'm massivly lazy. I had a Blogger account years ago so sometimes my old screen name gets filled in in the comment section but I can't recall the password for it from back in 2000, so I post anon comments instead. I'm all about the path of least resistence. Hee.

Also, if I wern't such a slack-ass, I would post my blog url at the end of all my comments. Sorry about that. I know you've followed me back to my blog through your stats before, Ken, but for the purpose of this comment, and because you asked us kindly to use 'em if we've got 'em, I've included mine.

I blog mostly about food, technology and things that annoy me, as well as a bit about my personal life from time to time. I'm a slacker, so I don't post often - just so you know. :-)


stålar said...

Hi Ken. I remember ending up here sometime during the writer's strike and since then I kept coming back pretty much daily, and I don't even read blogs. As a 22 year old philosophy student from Sweden I find all the inside stories about how things gets done very interesting and surely of much use in my future career. I could do without the American Idol posts though but I guess they're hitmakers.

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

1000 unique posts? Or are you including all the reposts of past posts in that total?

Anonymous said...

I found this through a link from some buddy whose name escapes me. I'm in TX, a hopeful writer, and grateful for all the writing advice (which I would like to see more of since you're taking requests)

Also, when you rank things, it's generally hilarious and gets my own ranking wheels turning.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog after you had filled in for the Mariners and had to deal with that completely bizarre play all by yourself. I loved listening to you that night and Googled your name the next day when a co worker and I were discussing how much we enjoyed your coverage of the game. The first one I read was Traveloge: Seattle and I laughed so much I've kept reading every day.
I really appreciated the look at the writers strike from a writers point of view. I donated to a couple of funds because you helped me understand what was happening.
I love the stories about the business of writing as I know how indebted I am to the writers for hours of enjoyment. I am a bit of a TV junkie who hates reality (not real, anyway) TV and appreciates good dialogue.
And I love the baseball stories.
Just keep writing anything you feel passionate about. I know I'll keep reading.


Mark Murphy said...

I'm not sure, but I think I found out about your blog from Lee Goldberg's blog. I think I've been reading your blog for at least the better part of a year.

I live in Syracuse, one of your old stomping grounds. For many years I worked as a copy editor at The Post-Standard.

I especially enjoy your postings on writing and your insider stuff about the workings of television and movies.

Mark Murphy

Anonymous said...

Okay, I forget how I found your blog...doesn't matter, I am in the enjoyment zone, so I guess I will continue reading, and add you to my favorites in the computers I frequent in various places...
I DO want to share with you, another blogger whom you may know already, but if not, you may enjoy...
She has a couple books out so far in her writing career, and perhaps some more hidden goodies not shared with the readers yet.
I am going to give your link to her for similar reasons. I just think you both are naturally funny natured, and have the gift of gab.
Best, Denise T.

Anonymous said...

I came on-board when you posted the Sorkin/baseball bit (my favorite line: "Because there's always a Danny"). I think it was linked from Metafilter. I've been a daily visitor ever since.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I discovered your blog through a MASH newsgroup. I've been reading your blog for a couple of months, and thoroughly enjoy it!! (except for the American Idol wrap up-sorry). Keep up the behind-the-scenes stuff!!

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your 1,000th entry, ken!

i don't quite remember when i stumbled onto your blog. the only thing i do know is that it must have been related to something MASH. i had no idea that you are also the writer behind FRASIER. but reading all your little anecdotes about the shows you were and are involved in makes me appreciate them even more. thank you for giving us an insight into the production of telly shows.

me? mmh. there's not much to say. i am one of those iPod-kids which means i usually write and grumble on about my daily life of things i come across whilst lurking my way through the internet. i took up blogging some 2 years ago to have a daily writing exercise since my first language is german. based on the fact that i just finished my english studies, it seems the habit of typing a few lines every day or so must have paid off -- even if it isn't in bucks...

i wish you good luck for your future career -- and blogger. love to read more from you!

Joshua James said...

Hey Ken, congratulations!

I know I don't comment that often, but that's because I don't have much to add except the usual "atta boy, Skipper!" thing . . .

But I do have to say, I'm extremely jealous that you nabbed an Astroglide mug before I did.

Mister Charlie said...

My hip 24 year old daughter turned me onto it, knowing I was a hip 55 year old fart.

Plus I would see the column on occasion at HuffPo but I didn't actually connect the two until I became a regular reader and noticed I was reading something I'd already read.

Interesting stuff, especially the behind the television scene material...and of course a lot of good funny moments as well.

Congrats. As a relative newbie I salute you.

Anonymous said...

More contests...lots and lots of contests.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a picture of the Astroglide mug? Talk to Dan O'Day if you need someone with a digital camera.

BC said...

I've lurked for the better part of a year, and come back at least once a day because pretty much all the topics you cover are ones that interest me. I'd say, though, the top of the list would be your posts about the writers room experiences.

I'm a film nut in Boston with a serious TV addiction to boot, and found your site via Denis McGrath's Dead Things ON Sticks blog (and I found that blog thanks to my fondness for all things Canadian, particularly TV of late)

Anonymous said...

I linked here from Raymond Chen's blog some time ago...I forget exactly when. I love your sense of humor and I enjoy getting inside the head of someone who wrote/worked on some of my favorite tv shows. I ESPECIALLY love the Idol recaps! You are always so dead on. Please keep it up, I try to check in daily.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,

Congrats on your 1000th post! I um, well, I have no idea what to say exactly... I feel like the awkward kid at the 6th grade dance who stands around... awkwardly...probably eating like...nuts. And then the pretty (yet equally awkward) girl walks up to him (why am I a man in this story?...) and asks him to dance. And he nearly chokes on his nuts he's so excited.

Come to think of it, there was a lot more wrong with that analogy than me being a man. But moving onwards.

My name's Cyndi, and I found your blog all of about four days ago when I googled... "TV Writer blogs." I'm a senior undergraduate student and have been published quite a bit as a journalist. I worked at a camp the past couple of summers that was directed by a man who used to be in the TV Writing business. We talked about my writing and the possibility of me turning towards TV but it's only been in the past month or two that I've started thinking seriously about it. I'm taking TV Writing courses at UCLA this summer to learn things... the first one being: how not to ramble incessantly introducing yourself in a blog comment.

But anyway - I love the blog. And the best posts are where you really, truly dig in and make fun of people. I once saw a man paint caricatures of people with his penis, but doing it (smartly/well) with words? Now that takes talent.

Alicia said...

Let's see... I found you about a year ago... I was bored, and went on a blog hunt, and found yours through Bob Sassone's blog.

Yoru writing got me hooked, and I check in now every couple of days... and even have posted a comment or two...

Aso for what I would like to see... Who am I to tell you what to blog. Seriously! All joking aside, I love to hear (ahem read) about what it was like behind the scenes on Cheers, or Frasier, or Mash... But how many of those stories can you tell without repeating yourself... the writing 101 posts are interesting too.

But Ken... really... blog what you want to blog about. You usually can get me to crack a smile.

yoo hoo said...

I came across your blog when I hit the "next blog" button at the top of the screen. I stopped and read and wondered if indeed you were the same Ken that called games for the Mariners. Lo and inside, you were, so I stuck around. I even wrote you an email letting you know that I was here to stay.
I truly am an unlikely fan as I watch about as much TV as, well someone who doesn't watch alot of TV. So just one small question, how do you write comedy for people that don't watch TV?

Carla in Seattle

Anonymous said...

I've been a lurker for a few months now. I hail from Toronto, Canada and I found your blog through looking at Josh Wolk's blog-that funny writer from EW magazine. He linked to your blog and I was looking for some entertaining stuff to read and I found it. I love to hear about your writing days-especially after reading Phil Rosenthal's book, the name is escaping me right now but anything about Cheers, Frasier and Almost Perfect. I do enjoy your AI recaps even though I don't watch the show. Thanks for the entertaining read! Rebecca

Anonymous said...

Longtime lurker (>2 years) and occasional commenter. I like the current variety of topics just fine (although I skip the American Idol discussions). I'm not in show business but have always been interested in the behind-the-scenes aspects, starting when I was a music undergrad in center-city Philly, circa 1980; I would often buy the 75-cent weekly Variety (on newsprint in those days) at newsstands.

I'm especially glad that you include actual script excerpts as well as the occasional video clip; maybe someday you could use both together (or have you already?) to illustrate a sitcom episode director's decision-making processes, etc.

Anonymous said...

Mazel tov on your big 1-oh-oh-oh from the Philly 'burbs, Ken!

I stumbled upon the oasis of your blog more than two years ago, through the old iteration (pre-Bravo revamping) of Television Without Pity. I believe that someone on the CHEERS forum posted this link and some shining accolades, I haven't been able to quit you since.

I don't regularly follow a ton of blogs these days, but yours is one of the few I keep in my favorites and make a habit of visiting. As you likely know from your tracking programs, I read your blog just about every day ... sometimes coming back multiple times a day (I love reading comments almost as much as I enjoy reading the posts that inspire them!) Yes, I do have a life, why do you ask? ;-)

I enjoy most everything you post (you could do a diatribe on the Yellow Pages, and I'd probably think it was wonderful!). I find your recountings of writers room life riveting. In addition, I especially enjoy your "behind the scenes" tales from your days at Cheers, MTM, and M*A*S*H. (But give up some names with the "dirt", will ya??) Loved hearing about the development of and goings-on at ALMOST PERFECT since I was a devotee of that show as well. Your AI recaps are the best thing about that show, and I find myself quoting you to my husband on a regular basis during "AI season".

I'm not as much enamored of the baseball posts, and I run hot and cold on the seasonal movie reviews you do, but I'll take 'em all.

All in all - you inform, you entertain, you inspire, you challenge, and you don't talk down to your audience. You also attract a bevvy of mostly-literate, funny, passionate, diverse commenters. What could be bad??

Ken, thanks for bringing us your A Game virtually every day - for zero pay - and putting up with a lot of crap sometimes. You are truly an integral part of my days now (including my work days ... oh the sacrifices I make for you!), and I hope we're all here celebrating in another 1,000 posts!

cjdahl60 said...


I can't remember where I first got the hint to read your blog, but I've been very thankful over the last year or so. It's a daily fix.

And, I just want to remind you, that as a huge (Seattle Mariners) baseball fan, I tracked down and purchased a somewhat "used" copy of your book about being a Orioles broadcaster with Jon Miller. Loved it. And, it had a stamp on the inner cover saying that it belonged to a local library and was back in circulation. Ouch.

I also heard your guest broadcaster moment last season with the M's. How much fun is baseball, huh?

Where else am I going to get a combination baseball/Hollywood insider perspective?

"Is this heaven? - No, it's Iowa"

Chris Dahl
Bainbridge Island WA

Anonymous said...

Found you site via Ron Jacob's Whodaguy link last year. I enjoy most of your articles. Sometimes when you get mean, it's almost like someone else is writing it. you have worked on a lot of my favorite shows, and I certainly have a lot of respect for yor profession. I am not 'in the business' and have had a killer story in my head for about five years and couldn't write it down to save my life.
So keep up the good work. We live in Hawaii, but I travel to and work in Seattle quite a bit. Your blog is always food for thought. God bless Vin Scully.

Anonymous said...

I originally met you late '70's/early '80s at a UCLA seminar called "A Day in the Life of MASH." What? You don't remember me? I'm devastated.

From the MASH days forward, anytime I saw your (and David's) name on anything, I watched. You guys are the writers my friend Jill and I tried to be... and failed miserably.

I found your blog through Don Barrett's He mentioned it within days of your first post and I've been reading it everyday since. Someday, I must create of life of my own.

I love it all. Your travelogs are great fun! The TV BTS stuff is great. I don't even watch AMERICAN IDOL and I can't wait to read your reviews.

As for who your regular readers are: I've been in radio in and out of LA for many years. You and I have some acquaintances in common from your Beaver Cleaver days.

I still do some radio (if you call traffic reports radio), but spend most of my time as a chiropractor. Ten years ago, I decided to become the doctor I never married.

BTW, we don't exactly have baseball in common, but, I have sung the Star Spangled Banner for the Dodgers and the Angels... no, really... on the field, with a mic and everything.

Love the blog Ken! Love it love it love it!

Anonymous said...

oh yes, and I live atop the faultline that caused the Northridge Earthquake.

Stella Louise said...

Congratulations! I recently hit my 500th post with a blog that's less than a year old. Yes, I'm a little obsessive, although I wish I could say I was getting your traffic numbers!

I think I've been a faithful reader for over a year--maybe longer. I probably found you via the Artful Writer or Lee Goldberg's blog. Your blog is one of my favorites and it's even included on my list of favorite links.

I enjoy the behind the scenes stuff. And even though I've watched only one or two episodes of AI, I heartily enjoy your snarky recaps!

Here's to the next 1,000!

Noah said...

I was turned on to the blog by the weekly email sent out by The Comedy Studio, an excellent comedy club in Cambridge, MA.

I love behind the scenes stories and info about how shows are written and put together. As an aspiring writer I really enjoy how-to advice about writing and breaking in.

Anonymous said...

Can't remember how or when I found your blog. Glad I did. You make me laugh and think. I've been writing scripts for a couple of years - most of which are propping up my books but hey ho I still have hope, maybe not as much talent as I'd like to think, but there's always hope. Maybe I could get a part as Pollyanna if nothing else.

Marcus Bachan said...

I've been lurking here since there were about a half dozen or so posts on here. Can't remember for the life of me where I first heard about it.

Have always been too shy to comment, as I've been in arguments on pretty much every writers blog and site in the scribosphere and wanted to avoid doing that here. Now that I've broken my silence, though, you're going to be stuck with me.

There are a number of things I would like to know, specifically about running a writers room, so if it were up to me, I'd want more on that and less on AI. But I like it all.

You introduced me to Should've Asked Me, which is the best non writing blog I've read, so thanks for that.

I live in London. The one in England, not Ontario.

Wish you'd come and do your writers room course over here - there are plenty of us would take it and you'd be getting paid in £ rather than $ - gotta be worth it.

Anonymous said...

love the blog. But I have to see a photo of an Astroglide Mug!

Stevey Majors said...

I found your blog about a year ago after looking your name up in Wikipedia (I thought you were hilarious in the DVD commentary for The Simpsons episode "Saturdays of Thunder"). It turned out that you've done work on a lot of shows that I love. I've been hooked ever since. I love hearing your insider stories in particular - they're hilarious and without a hint of pretension - and your posts during the writers' strike were top-drawer. Keep up the great work, Ken!

~Stevey Majors

Roger Owen Green said...

At the suggestion of a blogger friend of mine, I started blogging three years ago. I looked on his list of comic book-related bloggers - I used to sell comics, years ago - and started reading their blogs. At some point, probably a couple years ago, one of them linked to your blog, and I started reading you. Ironically, I didn't actually to you to my blogroll until you had Peter Casey's three-part tale in December 2006. I'm particularly interested in the Cheers and M*A*S*H, but I like the idiots in Hollywood tales and the baseball stuff as well. Even like stories about 42-yearr old corpses.

Anonymous said...

If I recall correctly, I found out about your blog from Mark Evanier's blog,

Dan Hilton said...

I've been reading for about a year.

I would love to see more "inside" stories. Things that you are probably used to but that us outsiders wouldn't know anything about.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your longevity, Ken!

A great writer deserves a great big fan base.

Anonymous said...

I found you through the old Sal Calera blog and keep coming back? Why? You wrote and directed on my favorite shows (Frasier, Mash, Raymond) and you're funny. I still can't get your Barry White satnav voice out of my head...

Tom Brennan

Karen said...

I don't know anyone who knows you...I am completely not connected. I'm also not a writer, aspiring or otherwise. So my time spent reading your posts is completely a labor of like. You make me laugh, and your stories and observations are completely engaging and original. And I can count on you to be there....whether i am interested in the subject or not, you post regularly. I like that in a man.

AltSung said...

Ken, you're a funny guy. You make me laugh. I can't remember how I found your blog, but I'm glad I did.

I enjoy your insights into comedy, how it works. And to get a chance to be interactive with someone who's so high up on the ladder is priceless. Between you and John August on his blog, you guys give the Internet a good name.

Anonymous said...

John Rogers, maybe?

Joe Willy said...

I don't even remember how I heard about this blog but I check it about once every week or two and then find myself constantly referring to it in conversation. My favorite posts are the snarky takes on current TV shows and the behind the scenes ones that basically are you talking shop about comedy writing. Thanks for the laughs!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog by way of Alan Sepinwall. I'd read it more often if you syndicated full posts to RSS readers, not just the first sentence or two. If you could please switch that in your admin tool, I'd be most appreciative.

Thank you!

Jamie said...

Hmm, how did I find Ken's blog? Through the "AI" recaps on HuffPo, and then writing a response to them on HuffPo, which resulted in nine angry and humorless HuffPo commenters (redundant?) telling me I was a stupid painted bimbo for having tattoos. But one person said Ken had comedy credits that I "couldn't even dream of," or something, and that made me feel bad. So I wrote Ken an apology saying I wasn't questioning his credentials or trying to be mean, and that as an aspiring comedy writer, I was actually in awe of said credentials. And then he was kind enough to answer my nerdy fangirl questions about sitcom writing in another post.

And now I'm a fan!

If you'll excuse me, I'll be crying in a corner over the season finale of "Bones."

Anonymous said...

I found your blog during the writer's strike and have come back frequently (as my time permits - at least weekly) to read your posts and the comments others leave.

No, I'm not a TV writer or even a wanna-be, but I am someone who likes to watch shows that are well written and well acted. And this blog is fun to read because you give us a chance to see things from your perspective. Thanks!

John Eje Thelin said...

I can't for the life of me rememebr how I found your blog, but it was about 18 months ago, I think. It's been hovering near the top of my list of daily reads ever since then. I love reading the back stories, being a big fan of humor and comedy and a former tv writer and series creator myself (here in my native Sweden), alas without much success.

I still work in tv humor, though. I'm a subtitler these days, rendering primarily Letterman and The Simpsons into Swedish.

Congratulations on the centenary and thanks for some great reads (although I could do without the Idol stuff, but don't go changing on my account).

Martin_B said...

I'm from South Africa and I found your blog about two years ago while searching on "screenwriting." I check in once a week and catch up on all the posts and all the comments for that week (you have the best commenters.) Congrats on your millenium.

Anonymous said...


Not sure how I came across your blog, but I've been following it via RSS feed for a while now.

Always fun to read your posts, especially the ones relating to one of my favorites shows: FRASIER. :)