Friday, April 02, 2010

My new Twitter policy

A number of you have complained I don't Tweet enough. Others think I'm a toxic unfunny leftist tool. The tweets I can do something about. So as a reward for those who follow me on Twitter I've begun tweeting more -- snide comments, pithy observations, updates on my cholesterol. etc.

Recent tweets have dealt with John Forsythe, Charlie Sheen, wax chocolate Easter bunnies, Kobe Bryant, the Cleveland Indians, that piece-of-shit countdown clock in LOST, and People magazine naming me the "Sexiest Man Alive".

See what you're missing?


oreotookie said...

I'm not missing a thing. You are on my small list of people I am following.

Loveless Linda said...

And they say writers are shy and insecure.

RolloSuplex said...

I think you are a toxic FUNNY leftist tool. But what do I know?

gwangung said...

OK. Maybe NOW I'll follow.

Charles H. Bryan said...

What's "Twitter"?

(Thanks, Ken. You're awfully good to us folks -- but that's characteristic of leftist tools.)

wv - hypopher - a lethargic gopher?