Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Join me on the radio

This morning I will be doing a virtual book tour, shamelessly plugging WHERE THE HELL AM I? TRIPS I HAVE SURVIVED on radio shows all across the country (and hopefully being entertaining, too).  Here's the schedule, subject to change.  All times, Eastern.   Hope you can tune in if you're in one of those towns.  A new post follows at 10:30 AM Eastern.

8:00 WTKW Syracuse
8:10 KQRS Minneapolis/St.Paul
8:20 WNDB Orlando
8:30 KTOE Mankato, MN
8:40 WBAL Baltimore
8:50 WEGE Lima, OH
9:00 KRWK Fargo, ND
9:10 WHAM Rochester
9:20 WWMX Baltimore
9:30 WIMT Lima, OH
9:40 WFON Green Bay, WI
9:50 KLPX Tucson
10:00 WXKR Toledo

10:20 WZRR Birmingham


Natty Bo Joe said...

Welcome back (virtually) to WBAL, hon!

Mary Stella said...

The travelogs are hilarious. I hope the radio tour motivates lots of sales!

Rory said...

Wow, I didn't know that Lima had two radio stations.

Actually, you could probably listen to every interview with Ken over the web or using a smartphone app like TuneIn Radio. All Ken, all the time.

iain said...

You're the biggest thing to hit Lima Ohio since Paul Lynde left. Hopefully, we'll hear you in NE OH soon. Or, could you possibly line something up on the Mitch Albom show? Good afternoon drivetime slot, plus WJR booms all across the Great Lakes region.

Michael Hagerty said...

Wow. Suddenly this list looks a lot better, doesn't it, Ken?

KERN, Bakersfield

WDRQ, Detroit

KYA, San Francisco

KSEA, San Diego

KIQQ, Los Angeles

KFMB, San Diego

KTNQ, Los Angeles

YEKIMI said...

Doesn't look that good, he still isn't on WMJI's Lanigan & Malone show, the top rated morning show in NE Ohio....a station that literate people that actually KNOW how to read listen to!

iain said...

I'll second Yekimi's recommendation of Lannigan & Malone. John Lannigan is one of the few remaining radio pros in the CLE market & actually seems to (gasp!) read the books by the authors he interviews.

Avoid at all costs the warmed over Stern wanna-be named Rover, the morning host on the once peerless, but now pathetic, WMMS.

D. McEwan said...

A virtual book tour. I like it.

Enjoying the book. It's on the little table just outside the bathroom door, where I pick it up as I enter the bathroom, and where I replace it as I leave, having read one to three entries while - ah - relaxing. Perfect bathroom-visit-length reading.

Jeff said...

If they told you WFON was in Green Bay, well, now you have another travel story to tell. It's in Fond du Lac, 60 miles to the south. Now I'll have to wrap more aluminum foil around the antenna to hear you.

chuckcd said...

Ken, ordered the book today. Can't wait to read it!