Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tweets worth Re-Tweeting

I was going to post this yesterday as a birthday toast, but then Annie built the Ikea cabinet and I had to go with that instead.  So here it is today -- a few of her Tweets. Tomorrow, the story of how she solves crimes (no, just kidding).

How long do you think it will be before Victoria Secret starts marketing itself as "The Halloween Costume Superstore"?

Apparently my twitter account was hacked into. I don't have a way for anyone to make money. If I did, I'd be doing that rather than tweeting

National Geographic recreated the floating house from UP! Next step: An adorable robot that cleans up waste and loves Hello Dolly!

It's National Grammar Day! I think I'll celebrate by putting a preposition at the end of every sentence it's in.

Charlie Sheen wants another Major League movie? The way things are going with him & Willie Mays Hayes it better be a Prison Baseball League

What is everyone so bitter about Valentine's Day? It's a national excuse to eat chocolate. And I plan to celebrate for weeks and weeks.

I love MOMA, but out of curiosity at what point is something made in 1880 no longer considered "modern"?

What would be the difference between a TRUE BLOOD spec and creepy fan fiction? Because I bet it would be pretty minimal at this point...

After watching the trailer for the new "Arthur," I find it incredibly ironic that a lot of the movie is about wasting money.

Once again Santa didn't bring me anything. I even baked him cookies. Sure they were in the shape of menorahs, but that still counts...

I'm semi-relieved that most of these new shows are terrible; I didn't have the time for any more serious TV commitments.

Why do I still watch True Blood? Did Sookie just check Bill's pulse? Why would a vampire have a pulse?

I still love Blossom. Even if she can't dress herself.

@ dodger stadium for "viva Los dodgers" and "Jewish Community Day." always a winning combination.

Is it just me or do Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester look super similar? PS. Please don't judge my taste in TV shows entirely on this tweet.
I got a ticket for parking on my own street. It was definitely because my car isn't nearly as nice as everyone elses. Automotive profiling?

Hey INCEPTION, thanks for these crazy meta dreams.

The new Health Care Bill will impose a 10% tax on Tanning Salon Customers? My heart bleeds for the cast of Jersey Shore.

Gym. Tan. Laundry. (minus Gym and Tan)

"Look they have a trivia night. You should go; you're trivial." -My Mother


benson said...

The kid is funny. Has her dad's sense of of servation and humor. Heredity vs. Environment. Thanks for sharing.

Richard Y said...

Oh and I forgot to mention in yesterdays post a Happy Birthday to Annie. Many many more

SkippyMom said...

Glad to see she got one of your most wonderful qualities. Very funny.

She does look like her Mom tho', right? She is too cute.

LouOCNY said...

Why is this girl not working????

An a belated Happy Birthday!

purplejilly said...

This is my fav. Annie tweet, because it's soooo true..

What would be the difference between a TRUE BLOOD spec and creepy fan fiction? Because I bet it would be pretty minimal at this point...

Ian said...

Finally - proof that the "schtick" gene can be passed from father to daughter.

Jeff said...

We need a Twitter ID so that we can start following Annie. Too Funny.

RCP said...

Witty and funny - and as Elmer Fudd would say, a "weal tweat"

Happy Belated Birthday, Annie!

David O'Hara said...

'A" for effort. Did pass on some genes.

Bob Summers said...

Annie, is that a Windows computer in that photo? There is one thing your dad didn't pass down to you.

You so have everything going for you. (except the Windows machine). It makes me sad to be an older guy, gainfully employed, who owns his own home and car.

Frank said...

Why do the mothers always have to get in the last line?

ps- funny stuff eh!

Johnny Walker said...

Well damn, if she isn't one smart and funny lady. I feel positively bland by comparison. Also: No Twitter account details? I think I'd like this voice in my timeline. Oh well.

Lisa Hunter said...

Trivia about MoMA: The original plan was to show only new art. When art got to be 50 years old, it would be sent to the Met (sort of like Logan's Run for paintings.) But when they realized that meant giving up their Picassos, they changed their minds.

Scott said...

Even weirder, Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester starred in a movie together, too. Not sure if that was mentioned or not.