Friday, October 05, 2012

Only one opening remains

... for this year's SITCOM ROOM seminar - November 10 & 11 in Los Angeles.  I only hold these seminars once a year and we're sold out, that's it.

Here's where you go for information and to register.  

But why take it from me that this is an amazing experience when you can hear it from one of last year's attendees, Steve Murray?

To anyone who is still debating whether or not Ken's Sitcom Room is worth the investment, let me tell you that after years of pretending to be serious about writing for TV, my experience last November changed my attitude, approach and appreciation of the process completely. I have since devoted myself full-time to writing, based on what I learned during that wonderful weekend, and now know that a career as a television writer doesn't have to remain simply a dream. Live in a different state? I came from the other side of the world. Prefer to save up your hard earned for 'next time'? You're only delaying your potential life changing experience by 12 months. And who knows what excuses you might have in another year's time?

So  there you go.  Hope to see you in November.  Remember -- only one slot left.  So space is sorta... y'know... limited.



Paul Duca said...

Ken, don't be so rude....

playfull said...

Anyone filled Ken's opening yet?

Ken Levine said...

We actually had a cancellation so if you'd like it, jump on NOW. Thanks.