Sunday, May 19, 2013

My toughest interview

In the minor leagues I had to do a pre-game interview every day.  Most of the players were happy to talk to me, but not all.  This is me interviewing Syracuse Chief, Lou Thornton in 1988.   By the way -- still easier than interviewing Barry Bonds. 


Cap'n Bob said...

Why does every jock start his answer to a question with, "I mean..."?

John said...

I remember the neighborhood around MacArthur Stadium back in the 1980s -- are you sure he wasn't robbed and tied up before you got down to the dressing room?

RG said...

My comments:

I had no idea interviewers Tebowed. Thanking Moses, I presume.

Ken: "Your safety word is 'tape-recorder."

Ballplayer: "I said I could hit a fastball with both hands tied BEHIND my back."

Maggie said...

Hi Ken! As an aspiring comedy writer, I am a big fan of your work. Thanks for it, and for your blog. And, as a baseball fan and Syracuse native, I love that the community and the Chiefs got the benefit of your time, even if it did present you with your toughest interview!

XJill said...

Love the pic, Ken!

mdv1959 said...

Years ago when Barry Bonds was at the height of his fame I was wandering the halls of a high priced law firm in Beverly Hills with a friend who specialized in doing tech support for attorneys.

A lawyer approached us with Barry Bonds at his side and proceeded to introduce us to him. My friend, who wouldn't know a baseball player from Benny Hill, politely shook his hand with absolutely know recognition of who he was.

We continued walking and once we got out of range he said "who was that?" I remember thinking I'll bet that's not a reaction Barry Bonds gets very often.

Moral of the story; don't try to impress a nerd by introducing him to an star athlete.

K4 said...

Boy does this bring back memories..Good year for me..Was wondering if you got a package from an ex Chief in Florida? Sent to the stadium in Seattle..