Sunday, June 09, 2013

What to get Dad for Fathers Day

Dad's are always tough to shop for.  How many ties, and tools, and Tiger Woods commemorative plates can you buy him?   How many shirts, and socks, and lawn gnomes?  Well, this year I have the answer.  A handsome paperback (or Kindle or audio download) of my book, THE ME GENERATION... BY ME (GROWING UP IN THE '60s).  Yes, this is a shameless plug but you'll notice no Google Ads ever appear along the side.

Seriously, it's a fun, nostalgic trip back to a decade that Dad actually understands.   And the cover is real colorful.   If you order now you'll have it in plenty of time for the big day (next Sunday).  So tell your father you love him... or all is forgiven... or you still have issues but let's just get through the day by ordering your copy here.  And it's cheap!

As further incentive, I'm re-posting my book trailer (which I have no idea has helped me sell a single book but it's amusing).    Thanks, everybody! 


Frank Paradise said...

Funny trailer Ken as I can't wait for the movie to come out so guess I'll have to read the book.

Steven Jarrett said...

Ken, thought you might like this. Sent from my buddy David, whose Dad used to manage the Hamburger Hamlet (at :41 or so)

Love your blog.

Breadbaker said...

I was listening to the radio and they said "and special thanks to Ken Levine for coming by earlier this hour." Darn, I missed you!

I can't get your book for my dad since he died last year and my kid can't get it for me because, of course, I got it when it first came out (you signed it at Safeco with my son there, in fact).

Mac said...

Cool trailer Ken, and what are the chances of the cameraman catching you just as you were taking your Emmy for a walk around the garden? That is such a coincidence!

Anonymous said...

Is that Zach Braff?

Diane L. said...

As much as I enjoyed your book (and so did my sister), I cannot give it to my dad as a gift because my mom (his ex-wife) is featured prominently as one of your love interests. Awwwwkward! :)