Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gadget Goes Hawaiian

Thanks to my trusty iPhone I am never without a camera or the GreatBigRadio app.  Yesterday I filed my travelogue.  Thought for today I'd share some of my best and weirdest photos.
The Kahala resort with no Hollywood types in view. 

How many divorced couples have their picture in front of this waterfall?
This is a month when the waves are the highest and most dangerous at the North Shore.   Above is an action shot of some of the brave surfers attempting to defy death. 

Sunrise in Hawaii.  Yes, I was up that early.
This house probably sells for $4,000,000. And the inside isn't as nice.

Who says no man is an island?  SURVIVOR will come here for a season when their budget has been severely cut.
Just your simple amazing coconut dessert at Alan Wong's.
There are beauty shots like this everywhere you look. Notice how beautiful the lounge chairs are stacked.  Only in Hawaii.

My wife's Meth Lab.
You'd be happy too if the Kahala Resort pampered you for 25 years.
Even parking lots are gorgeous. 
The Wicked Witch of the West now has a place on Oahu.
The recent cold snap has hit everywhere.  Here's a delightful scene of kids in Hawaii frolicking in the snow.
He's alive and living on Oahu.  You'd think he'd drive a better car.

One can not go to Hawaii and not pay respect to the "Lord."   Jack Lord's statue in the Kahala Mall parking lot.
If Monet lived in Hawaii...

I'm really proud of this shot.  Notice how the light reflects off several lounge chair covers.

There are famous golfers in this shot.  I don't recognize any of them.  Do you?  Who are these guys?

I never knew how much the Emperor looked like Jerry Stiller.

As the sun sets on another blog post...


I'mBradman said...

Great photos, Ken! Jack Lord's hair looks more natural than I remember on TV.

Scooter Schechtman said...

I was hoping for shots of local "fauna". All I see is a bunch of khaki-assed haoles. Let's see a girl in a 1971 bikini, even if you use a stock photo.

Mike Barer said...

Let the readers rant! Your there.

Mike Barer said...

Also, didn't know there was a big radio ap. I'll download right away.

Pearl E. Shores said...

I see Earl trying to steal some beach chairs!

Johnny Walker said...

All these wonderful pictures, and I have a question about the tiniest one: Your favicon.

What's going on there? Is it a teeny representation of the Must Kill TV cover?

RCP said...

Nice - especially the ocean shots.

Anonymous said...

Today in NJ I woke up to 9 inches of snow & 6 degree temps. I hate you.

Chris said...

Sorry to be so dense, but I don't get the wicked witch reference. Is it a Roseanne Barr joke?

Howard Hoffman said...

Johnny Walker…that's exactly what it is! 15x15 really lets the detail shine, doesn't it?

Charles H. Bryan said...

Walt Disney in Hawaii? Wouldn't it be too difficult to keep him from thawing out? I don't think he'd want to come back all melty looking. Mickey would never stop screaming.

I thought Uncle Walt was in Colorado, inside that NORAD mountain, inside a really big avocado green 1968 Frigidaire.

benson said...

OT, Ken,

Re: Your feelings about Zach Braff's Kickstarter. There's an article on right now about pissed off "backers" now that the movie has a financial future.

Fred said...

The image is of Natsume Soseki, a famous Japanese novelist. Pretty cool that the Japanese have novelists on their money. We have politicians.

Kate said...

Not sure if this is a Friday question, but regarding JoeBobFrank's question about his son's Good Wife pitch, I wanted to suggest Mr. BobFrank drop me a note via Linked In (there are many Kate Powers on Linked In, but it should be pretty obvious which one he's looking for.)

I can't make any promises, but I can at least make some inquires.

Marco said...

Awesome! And the "Magnum P.I." beach bar exterior set was most of the time filmed at the Waialae Beach Park (with that nice bridge you mentioned) as well as (for season 5) the Kahala Hilton itself (there's a plague about that somewhere). Enjoy and Mahalo for the pictures & stories!

Pete Grossman said...

That's gotta be Walt's wheels. It's so Mickey Mouse.