Saturday, April 12, 2014

NBC is looking for new comedy writers

They've opened a competition searching for new comedy writers with fresh new ideas.  Best ones will result in pilots and maybe series on the network or their website.  Worth checking out.   Here's where you go.  

Again, I have no involvement in this.  I haven't checked out the fine print.  But who knows?  This could be YOUR lucky break.  If so, mention me when you win an Emmy. 


Hamid said...

Cool, thanks for the info.

Hamid said...

D'oh! Not open to entrants outside the US.

No matter. Good luck to anyone here who enters. Make Ken proud!

Unknown said...

Thanks Ken! Looking at their submission process, it looks like I'll have at the very least, a couple of months to edit my pilot scripts.

Ellen said...

Newsday just published a list of the Best TV Characters of all Time, and in my humble opinion there are notable omissions and the order is just nuts.

Here's a link:

And here are my top 12:
1. Tony Soprano
2. Walter White
3. Mary Richards
4. Lucy
5. Maxwell Smart
6. Michael Scott
7. House
8. Ralph & Alice Kramden
9. Don Draper
10. Hawkeye Pierce
11. Rob & Laura Petrie
12 Bill Bittinger (Buffalo Bill)

jbryant said...

If I'm reading the submission requirements correctly, you don't actually send them a script? You do a video pitching your project and yourself, and another video of your "previous work," whatever that means. Clips of produced material you did? Short films?

Makes me wonder if they want to get you on camera so that part of their decision can be based on your age or appearance or personality, rather than your writing.

katherine said...

jbryant, you don't have to appear in your pitch video. narrate a series of images (- even stick figure drawings!). If done with imagination, it could work.

Josh said...

Actually, you do have to appear in the pitch video. Per their FAQ:


No. Your show pitch must visually feature the creator of the show."

That makes sense. If you read the FAQ, this contest, while very cool, isn't for traditional writers. It's for writer/director/producers who would make their own show if they had the money.

Thus you must have already created a minimum of 5 minutes of original work, to be eligible for this. And because you're part of the package, you must also show that you can be interesting, funny, professional, and capable of pitching an idea.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know they're looking for new talent, however this doesn't sound like it will be very fruitful. In my humble opinion NBC stands for Nothing But Crap.

Unknown said...

This is a Friday question but it does tie in with this post. I'm curious as to how you and your writing partner David Isaacs pitch an idea or story. Do you decide beforehand who will do most of the talking or is it spontaneous?


Steven Tylor O'Connor said...

I think it's great that you're sharing this. I shared it as well with people I know. Though this would be the perfect opportunity for me, as a former worker of NBC's temp agency (over 5 years ago) I am not allowed to apply. Oh well. Next time.

Amazon also has a similar program out.

Dan Ball said...

I think I'll do this. Quite a number of friends and family have brought this to my attention, even though I haven't wanted to bother with it. If they don't want Star Trek, I don't have anything for them that I want to do.

Then I remembered I actually did have a sitcom idea based on my time working in local TV. It would go to the same places that WKRP and PARKS & REC have frequented (but not as sophisticated as MARY TYLER MOORE or 30 ROCK).

After I read through the rules, though, it looks like you need five minutes of sample material. All I've got is crappy college projects unless I do crappy table readings of my pilot.