Thursday, July 10, 2014

Coming soon!

Or at least later this morning.   The Emmy nominations have been announced and since I had no plans to get up at 5:00 AM for the presentation, I will take my car to the shop as planned, and then later this morning will compose my thoughts on the nominations.   So if you're interested, check back later. 


404 said...

Been mentioned before, and I'm sure you'll mention it in your thoughts, but it's telling that very few of the nominations are from the big networks. In fact, most of these are from subscriptions services or premium channels like HBO. I know the networks are tied, to an extant, with a different set of standards and can't get away with as much--when are the networks going to demand an equal playing field?

And when are the execs going to realize that all of their busy-bodying doesn't do anything but bring the quality of a show down?

Wendy M. Grossman said...

Well, not just a different set of standards but completely different production pressures. It seems to me highly unfair to group THE GOOD WIFE, doing 22 episodes a year, with DOWNTON ABBEY, doing *8*. (Quite apart from thinking that this season of THE GOOD WIFE was better than last year, and finding DOWNTON ABBEY unwatchable.)


Larry V said...

Best Drama is between Breaking Bad and Good Wife this year. At least in my book. Flabbergasting that Good Wife did not get a series nomination. Just flabbergasting.

Larry V

404 said...

An excellent point, Wendy.

Dent said...

They snubbed Tatiana Maslany, that says all there is to know about this state.