Sunday, August 03, 2014

My book for only $0.99

Starting tomorrow I'm running a promotion on the Kindle version of my comic novel, MUST KILL TV.  For a very limited time, only $0.99!  It starts tonight at midnight PDT.   Here's where you go.  89 reviews 4.6 stars out of 5.  Dave Barry doesn't get that.

These are a few of the actual reviews:

Think Elmore Leonard meets Stephen J Cannell. This delightful, fun read is peppered throughout with television references.

Just when you think it can't get any more preposterous, just wait! This is pure entertainment and/or a very wry commentary on the utter desperation and ridiculousness behind 'the business.' An addictive read and great fun. Ken Levine delivers.

Ken Levine's slick little satirical comedy-thriller is a gem. Imagine if James M. Cain set one of his walk-in-the-killer's-shoes murder thrillers in the 2014 TV industry, and then let Woody Allen write the polish. The basic premise is genius:

Just finished "Must Kill TV" - Ken Levine's new novel. As always, Ken is hip, witty, edgy and gives you just enough to want more - and, here - you get it. It's classic Ken - mixing the best non-fiction with fiction to tell a great story. And, this one has an interesting twist - so, don't miss it. And, I have a feeling I know a whole lot more about the TV business.

Ken has written an absurd yet totally believable satire of the TV industry - pitch perfect to make you wonder if a network genius would really go this far to keep his network and his job on top. Ken's got a knack for writing scenes that you can actually see - as you plow through this story, you can visualize it all on that movie screen in your brain. You'll laugh, get thrown off, get right back on, laugh some more, and you'll wonder…

You'll seriously wonder if it can and will happen. Yeah. It can.

Seriously.  $0.99.  I'm crazier than Crazy Eddie.  Hope you'll take advantage of this offer.  It begins at midnight.  Thanks much. 


Anonymous said...

Who is that prima-donna star character based on? I kept picturing Russel Brand for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read it.

Brian said...

I'm honored you quoted my review

Mark P. said...

Cool. It's not often I can buy a novel for under a buck that still has its front cover!