Sunday, March 15, 2015

Foto Fun

Happy Ides of March.  Tomorrow I begin posting my Far East travelogue.  To whet your appetite here are some photos.   These were taken on my iPhone so don't be fooled by their amazing professional quality. 
The stunning skyline of Shanghai.
The dazzling skyline of Hong Kong.
A jazz combo in Beijing.  The singer was so bored that during the other musicians' solos she was texting.   That's what you call stage presence
China's version of the Hollywood sign.   Only really stupid people or people with horrible depth perception try to end it all by jumping off this sign. 
Since the sign was not in English I have no idea what they served at this restaurant.
I can't believe this suit was marked down. 
This is what Hannibal Lector wears while watching NFL games.
What you really want to see on a ship.   Hopefully, it was a drill.
Okay, a real one.  Tokyo at sunset.   More photos during the week. 


AlaskaRay said...

>>>Since the sign was not in English I have no idea what they served at this restaurant.<<<

That's not what they served, it's what's you got from the hookers in the back room.

Oat Willie said...

It wouldn't be my place to suggest more back room hooker pix.[hint]

Buttermilk Sky said...

It looks like you went to China to conduct a comparative smog study with LA. (Possible tax write-off here?)

Hank said...

Why would anyone ever want to go to Asia? Drug addicts and sex tourists.

Phil In Phoenix said...

So how much did the suit set you back, Ken?

Barry Traylor said...

I sincerely hope you took along an oxygen mask with you to China.

tb said...

Texting during the solos! She's cruisin for bruisin, daddio

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,
I am a mother (and an aspiring screenwriter) and need some info. My son who just finished University, but right now I found out all he wants is to focus and marry Asian woman. I talked to him and he said has been dating Asian women for 5 years and now all he wants is a "Hong Kong princess ". He is always using the word "Hong Kong Princess", who is that? how difficult to get a date or go steady with them. He is stressing and annoying. What is a "hong kong princess" ??? Are they that good looking and difficult to date?

Sum Yung Slant Slit said...
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