Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I directed and my daughter co-wrote tonight's INSTANT MOM

Tonight on TV LAND they're showing a new episode of INSTANT MOM, starring Tia Mowry.  It was written by Annie Levine & Jonathan Emerson.  And directed by me.  This is such a special night of television that TV LAND decided to air it at 11:30 PM.   Hey, it's not like you've got Letterman anymore.  Hope you'll check it out.
And now for today's regular new post:


Hamid said...

Not being in the States, I won't be able to see it as it goes out but I think the official website has the episodes after they're aired, so will check it out once it's on there.

Will this have the Fellini touches you promised?

Friday question:

This is something I've always wondered about writers and directors. When you get into TV and film, you're very quickly in the situation of working closely with people who are already famous. I'm easily starstruck, so I've often wondered what it's like for a writer and director who finds himself working on a daily basis with big name stars? Are you initially starstruck or do you have to maintain a detached and cool exterior? I'm curious as to how long it takes for someone to get comfortable enough to disagree with a star or, if directing, tell them a take could be better. For example, when you and David were hired by Michael Douglas to do the rewrite on Jewel of the Nile, you'd already been in the business for a while, so was dealing with a star of his stature no big deal by that point?

Anonymous said...

Is there a Polish joke about the director trying to get ahead by sleeping with the writer's mother? There should be.


Anonymous said...

or a West Virginia joke about the director and ... nevermind.

Unknown said...
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