Wednesday, November 11, 2015


In my post about UNDATEABLE I mentioned how I would love to actually attend a broadcast, for both the east and west coasts.   The show has graciously extended an invitation so I will be there for this Friday night's episode.   A report will follow soon after.  Stay tuned.   And thanks much to the producers of UNDATEABLE.   I promise I will have no notes.  


The Bumble Bee Pendant said...

I had forwarded your review to them earlier in the week. So I'll take credit.

The West Coast shows are wilder, and takes more chances with ad-libs. The East Coast show is better acted.

Howard Hoffman said...

Wave to...oh, wait. You're like 7'4". We'll see you.

Michael said...

Hi Ken,

I came across the following which reminded me about Carrie Fisher's script doctor career. Her comments on how the business has changed in terms of hiring are very interesting. How much uncredited doctoring did you and David do? Also, can a script doctor turn a dog into a hit, or just put a band aid on a bad project?


Mike I.

mmryan314 said...

Congratulations Ken- A reputation for consistent and honest opinions is always respected.Have fun.

Anth said...

Bumble Bee Pendant...can you please forward my request for a date with Bridgit Mendler?

Wendy M. Grossman said...

A Friday question: you have reviewed many shows, but one I think you haven't touched on is YOU'RE THE WORST, which I think is the freshest take on romantic comedy I've seen in years. Every episode seems to me a well-crafted (if hidden on FXX, I think) gem. I'd be interested to see what you think of it.


blinky said...

Never seen Undateable but in my head I hear it to the tune of the theme for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

They Alive, Damnit!
It's a miracle
They Alive, Damnit!
But Females are strong as Hell.
That's gonna be uhhh you know uhhhh fascinating transition

Mike Barer said...

It's interesting, I thought that the concept was Justin's inability to find a date. Yet, in the first season and in this one, he is always with a beautiful woman. My guess is the concept is loosely based on the odd couple. I also see a little "Two And A Half Men" thrown in,

Andrew said...

Friday Q: I'm sure on Cheers and Frasier you had a lot of great dignitaries requesting tickets to tapings. Who was the audience member you were most looking forward to?

Myles said...

Went to an episode about a month or so ago and LOVED IT. The environment is very upbeat and energetic. It's extremely quick compared to regular non live tapings obviously and I think as a result the audience is on board for the whole fast ride. You really feel like part of the show.

Howard Hoffman said...

I wondered about that, Myles. There's no endless retakes...just SHOW. I spent an eternity (almost four hours) in the audience for a shooting of SOAP. They seriously wanted eleven versions of every scene to pick and choose from. The audience began to groan at every reset an hour in. Two hours in, every milligram of energy was sapped, and it just plain became unpleasant.

Compared to that, UNDATEABLE looks like a freaking party and a half.

The Bumble Bee Pendant said...

Anth said...
Bumble Bee Pendant...can you please forward my request for a date with Bridgit Mendler?

Sure thing. I'll just hit her tweeter feed and presto.
Instant Date.