Saturday, July 23, 2016

A stupid photo is worth a thousand laughs

Some taken by me, some taken by others.
This is a real place.  Taken by Jon Emerson
I dunno.  Somehow I think there's a better title for that show.  Thanks again to Jon Emerson.
I took this picture in Beverly Hills.
I always wondered where he ended up.  This is in Philadelphia.
Art gallery in Maui.  Ronnie Wood is in big letters and then in smaller font -- Picasso.
Also in Maui.
Concession stand at the Tokyo Dome when the Mariners were there.  Thanks to Shannon Drayer for these next few pictures.
Good advice in any ballpark.
In America you can't find bookstores anywhere.  In Japan they're in baseball stadiums.
No, this was not taken in Japan,  This was the LAX Hilton during one of my Sitcom Room seminars.  These were not my students.
Same with this one.  
This wasn't taken in Japan either.  It comes from the far more civilized Anaheim, Ca. 
For all the Jews who worried that there was bacon in ice cream.
No, this is not me.  Or anyone I know.  But just a typical patron of the Tilted Kilts in Peoria, Az. 
And finally, the ultimate spring training picture.


Glenn said...

Not true, Ken. I attended your seminar last year and remember that girl. Her jokes were no good, but loved the hair.

B.A. said...

I looked up Minor League Guy on Youtube and he seems to be a sensation, or a meme, whatever.

Oliver said...

The Museum of Broken Relationships is in Zagreb, Croatia, and it actually is really heartbreaking, seeing the things people associated with lost loves and reading their stories about them - toys, of course, clothes, but also things like axes. Really extraordinary.

Oliver said...

Mitchell McLean said...

To be fair, the sign doesn't say that it's PABLO Picasso. How large of a font should Bobby Picasso expect?

Wally said...

Happy birthday, Woody Boyd.

H Johnson said...

Hey 'Mitchell McLean said...',

That's funny.


Joseph Scarbrough said...

Oh my gosh. That is just unbelievable. A Dunkin Donuts and Baskin-Robbins still sharing the same building in this day and age?!

BluePedal said...

I guess you didn't notice the Lumpy Rutherford Karate School just across the street from the hair studio?

I know that masked man. That's the Angels mysterious new TV play-by-play guy Krusher Levine.

mike said...

Plenty of excellent independent bookstores in America. Support yours today!

iamr4man said...

As you may already know, the guy who played Eddie Haskell, Ken Osmond, became a police officer on the LAPD. He survived being shot 3 times. His vest stopped two shots and his belt buckle stopped one.

bruce said...

Taken in Seville in 2004; look at item 37:

I am told that in Spanish, green beans are called "Jewish beans".

Breadbaker said...

The stop sign across the street from my house reads, "STOP DEFACING SIGNS".

Anonymous said...

This post is so hilarious, as are the comments. Julie, Burlington Iowa

Diane D. said...

This is absolutely true. A sign I saw on a watermelon stand in Alabama a couple of years ago:

R Baugh said...

"Minor League Guy" was very highly rated Cardinals Prospect Oscar Taveras whose career was looking very bright after the 2014 season. Unfortunately, the invisibility of youth or whatever, led to him making a terrible decision to drink while intoxicated in October of 2014 and he was killed along with his girlfriend in an automobile accident.

So while it maybe funny without context the photo is a tough reminder of the dangers of irresponsible behavior and a sad reminder of unfulfilled promise.

On a side note, news of his death broke on twitter during the broadcast of the World Series. Do you remember how they covered it, and how would you have covered that?