Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Happy Birthday, Annie!

First off I want to wish the happiest of Happy Birthdays to my fabulous, funny, phenomenal daughter, Annie.  You make me proud everyday.  And you make me laugh everyday.  Could a father ever ask for more?  I love you, kiddo. 

Okay, the rest of you can now scroll down to today's post.  Thanks. 


Doug said...
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DrBOP said...

First, Annie, HAPPY HAPPY, JOY JOY, and a Snoopy dance to you and yours!

Second, woman you MUST have alot of chutzpah, to go into your old man's game.

My pop worked at FoMoCo for 37 years as a metal stamper engineer (I'll always remember the lead-in period for the brand new Mustang.....swear words I didn't know existed because he/they couldn't get the front quarter-panels and hood to stamp correctly). The point is EVERY time he came around while I was fixing up my cars (Chevy, of course), things would go wrong. Metal would assume properties previously unknown to humankind, tools would uselessly shrivel in my hand, and god was definitely laughing at any plans I had......whenEVER he came around. (And he wasn't overly-critical at all.) It was ME!

So the Friday question for Annie (if I may be so presumptive) is : HOW did you keep your pop's voice out of your head? Geez, I would have been thinking about Ken's viewpoint on the project: would he laugh at this?; did I set this up correctly?; did I cast this well?; will he laugh.....at what I'm getting paid? he's COMING TO THE SET?

And this is not a facetious question.....I simply can't IMAGINE doing what you have done. I might have gotten into writing if I was you.....technical writing for something like Metal Stamping International, but NOT comedy!

Kosmo13 said...

Pretty cool sharing a birthday with Mary Shelley.

May your writing be enjoyed as long as hers!

Shrill1 said...

Happy birthday to her, Ken. Obviously a lovely young woman.

LouOCNY said...

a little late, but Happy Birthday Diana/Annie/Porntrip! :P (I asked here a long time ago, why in Ken's IT'S GONE.., why his little girl was 'Diana', not 'Annie', and she wrote a guest column explaining how the name she gets called by in the family is 'Porntrip'!)

Mike said...

And, on this special day, a special message from Ken, sung by Kid Creole & the Coconuts.