Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Episode 21: Crazy People I've Hired & Other Tomfoolery

Not everyone in Hollywood is crazy. Just the people who worked for Ken. Laughs are the theme this week as he introduces you to some of the nuttiest writers’ assistants in Tinsel Town. Then he’ll relive some classic radio pranks and you'll meet one of America’s funniest disc jockeys.

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Mike Barer said...

Radio Prank: The audience was annoyed because they disliked the song enough to change the station. I remember driving to work in Seattle one time and they played Phil Collins "Against All Odds" I changed the station and they were playing the same song so I changed to a third station and they were playing that song. So I kept going to each station to see if there were really three stations playing the same song at the same time.
PS Nothing against Phil Collins, it was just a little slow for the morning.

YEKIMI said...

And what's so wrong with "The Unicorn Song"?

While The Burbank bit was great, I still think Don Imus was the best at these type of calls. When he spent time in Cleveland back in 1970 & 1978 he pulled these phone call pranks a lot. I have a whole album of him doing these and his "1200 Hamburgers to go" is a classic. His undoing at WHK [if I remember correctly] was his bit having the traffic copter "crash" live while giving a report. Police & Fire departments in the Cleveland area were scrambling like mad trying to find this "downed" copter. Once he admitted it was a prank he was shown the door by station management, probably just to appease the powers that be in the Cleveland area. Nowadays no one would be scrambling to find anything because who listens to AM radio anymore? [Besides me, that is]

Frederick Herman "Freddy" Jones said...

Just as a general rule, it's a good idea to announce at the start of a podcast that there may be strong language in the episode.

Many people download podcasts and play them while taking their children to school or on trips. Or, we may be sitting still at a gas station and the podcast is playing while others overhear.

I'm not suggesting you tone it down or anything else, but a warning would be appreciated.

I enjoyed this episode, and I hope you get to bring in some guests as well.

By Ken Levine said...

If you go to the iTunes page there's a little E to warn of elicit material. But as a rule I try not to be too profane.

Mitchell Hundred said...

If you're concerned about strong language, maybe take it up with the Blue Apron people. They're the ones who wrote ad copy about eating somebody out.

Steve Bailey said...

You're my favorite podcaster because you think just like I do. It's like we're two MP3s in an iPod!