Wednesday, August 14, 2019

EP136: Howard Michael Gould Part 2

Ken and Howard discuss their writing process and how it applies to teleplays, features, stage plays, and novels.  And probably whatever task you’re undertaking.

Listen to the Hollywood & Levine podcast!


VincentS said...

Another great podcast, Ken. Thanks.

Scottmc said...

I really enjoyed both parts of the interview. After Part One I bought the first novel, Last Looks. Detective mysteries are not my favorite genre. The book was very well plotted and I agree that the movie Harper is a good comparison,and maybe the Robert Altman/Eliot Gould version of The Long Goodbye. This was one of the few detective novels where I guessed correctly who the killer was. That's not to say I figured out how/why they did it but early one I focused on who the eventual killer was. It was a fun page turner that I finished it in a couple of days. My only reservation is that I can't see Mel Gibson as Alister. If this were years ago I could imagine Orson Welles or an old time character actor like Thayer David. Or maybe current stars like Patrick Stewart or Mark Rylance. All in all a wonderful interview which lead to the reading of a wonderful book.

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