Wednesday, September 18, 2019

EP141: Taking Meetings in Hollywood

Ken discusses the various and wacky movie meetings he and his partner, David Isaacs have “taken” over the years. 

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Phil said...

I liked this episode. Just like the blogs are available on the side, can you please arrange all the podcast episodes? At present only a few are available at the top - till Ep. 135, which we can scroll down and play. The rest we need to search out of the daily blogs.

So a separate archive for the podcasts would be better.

I wish there was podcast where you would tell us what you were paid for the TV shows as well as re-writes. All writers do in their interviews or autobiographies. Otherwise it's always "we were paid well" "We were paid a bunch of money" etc....

This was a long time ago, so telling that is no longer a secret.

Susan said...

A Friday Question on this : You are a good writer, you had scripts and also the directing experience. With your money and maybe some raised from outside, why didn't you make your own independent movie, than be dependent on these horrible studios?

Jeff Boice said...

Thanks. I think most of the world agrees with your son concerning Donald Duck/Mickey Mouse.

Anonymous said...

This- an anecdote I can not forget- is from a book I can no longer otherwise remember:

Alan King- featured in one of today's stories- was considered
classy by the other comedians because he'd get out of the shower to pee.

While we're in the shower room, as witnessed by my brother:

Rodney Dangerfield would tell jokes there, totally nude,
while, reflexively, clutching at his non-existent tie.

Look for these same anecdotes repeated in my future comments

Jahn Ghalt said...

I haven't been three years old for a long time, but I still prefer Donald Duck.

When I try to think of other memorable cartoon characters - I think of Bugs, wait, Foghorn, oh darn - Pepe.... Never mind.

The Alan King movie - still sounds like a great premise. The TV-writer-turns-baseball announcer, too.

Most of all a REAL screwball comdedy. Do an outright remake of His Girl Friday - and try like hell to keep it witty - and not try for "clever" (like those studid self-aware Disney cartoon characters).

HMMM - wonder if Pixar could remake "Friday"??