Wednesday, July 01, 2020

EP181: Part 2 with JEOPARDY champion, Jennifer Quail

More with Jennifer Quail who won $228,000 in eight days on JEOPARDY and will likely be in this year’s Tournament of Champions.  We get into the pressure, strategy, Alex Trebek’s condition, advice, and more juicy behind-the-scenes stories.

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Tom Galloway said...

They at least used to have professions that were a disadvantage to do. After around pass six, so back in the early 90s, I hung back after, explained this was my sixth pass, and asked if they could tell me if I was doing anything horribly wrong. They told me one problem was that I qualified for three of the five profession areas that blew the curve on passing the test.

Said five were lawyer, librarian (the two I didn't fall under), writing, education, and computers. And since they don't want to do writer weeks, it meant I was effectively competing against a larger number of passers to get on than, say, a chef (i.e. 500 writers pass, they're only going to use 40 of the 400 possible slots in a season for them. 5 chefs pass, they're really up for all 400 slots. These numbers are all made up by me save for the roughly 400 contestant slots per season)

Going on other shows also depends on their rules. Not uncommon used to be rules saying you can't have appeared on another show aired within the last year or more than three in the last five years.

sanford said...

Mamie Van Doren posted this. No Blue Check Mark so not sure if it is really her. She is 89 after all. This unsold pilot was tweeted under her name.

Ben Scripps said...

I'm so glad Jennifer said that about not getting the "Swiss Family Robinson" Final Jeopardy; that was one of my episodes, and even Alex told us afterward in the chat that when he read it, he didn't think anyone would be able to get it.

Mike Bloodworth said...

I remember one episode of "Jeopardy" where a guy lost because of spelling. In final Jeopardy he gave the correct 'question,' but misspelled a word within it. He should have won, but instead got screwed. I felt so sorry for that guy.
I guess that means I could never be "Jeopardy"champion.

Roger Owen Green said...

You only get punished for misspelling if it changes the way you'd pronounce it. For instance, if you wrote Annie Liebovitz for Annie Leibovitz, no penalty. But if you wrote Lieibowitz, that's another thing entirely. (A common error)

I remember someone wrote Crosby, Still, Nash and Young. Well, Still isn't Stills. (Sally Fields is often a wrong answer.)

Roger Owen Green said...

Sports fans: you might want to look at Jennifer Quail's batting average .474 for all questions, .871 for the questions she answered.

Compared to a piker like me: .237/.857.

James Holzhauer .556/.915
Ken Jennings .547/.865
Brad Rutter .351/.853

Mike Barer said...

Well done interview! I play the home version of Jeopardy on Alexa.