Wednesday, November 25, 2020

EP202: The Annual Turkey Show

Ken plays some of the worst (and most amusing) songs you will ever hear.  A Thanksgiving tradition.

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Ere I Saw Elba said...

I'll tell you what I'm thankful for this year-- That I've been lucky enough to have the best quarantine partner I could ask for over the past eight months, my wonderful wife.

And let's see, anything else? Oh yes, and that the current occupant of the White House will spend eternity in the dumpster of American history.

Going to make some sweet potatoes now.

Mike Doran said...

Back from a bit of time travel: I've been checking out your previous turkey collections, and it occurred to me that you ought to include a particular favorite of mine.

For 2021, I place in nomination for the podcast:

Bridge Over Troubled Water, as performed by Senator Sam Ervin (on his LP, Senator Sam At Home).

I believe that America deserves to hear this - and as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

1. Fun proof- as if needed- that it’s harder to ruin a good tune than it is to ruin a good script.
2. Hearing today’s podcast number- 202 - made me think of the series Room 222 - which co-starred Karen Valentine, who’d make an unlikely - you probably don’t know her- but interesting podcast guest: 222 was created by James L Brooks and produced by Gene Reynolds, and her subsequent series was created by Reynolds and Larry Gelbart

Roger Owen Green said...

Seriously, I have the single by Little ROGER and the Goosebumps. It's in the attic, somewhere...

Mike Barer said...

Musicals that were made into movies, Marnie Nixon was a stunt voice (I don't know the actual term) for movies like West Side Story, My Fair Lady, and the King And I. She is also the mother of Andrew Gold, who had a few pop hits. I did not think Liz was that bad.
Stairway To Gilligan, did anyone laugh? That was bizarre to say the least.

Craig Gustafson said...

When I was cast Wilbur Turnblad in "Hairspray," I didn't know the show, so I researched Wilbur's song on the internet. And I found something horrible. In the West End production, Micky Dolenz killed with it. Late in the original Broadway run, they resorted to stunt casting. I found a clip of Wilbur being played by... Jerry Mathers. The Beaver. I felt so bad for him; but they were paying him to humiliate himself, so whatever. He still couldn't act. But he also couldn't sing or dance. It was like watching a tinseled car wreck. Bright. Shiny. You couldn't look away.

Brian said...

To me, the funny thing about the Little Roger mashup is the fact that Led Zeppelin sued the group to have the record pulled.

Stairway to Heaven is, in part, lifted from a song by Spirit, "Taurus". There are two YouTube videos that show how Led Zeppelin lifted several songs and claiming ownership. I recalled this while listening to that and to me, that is PLENTY funny. Even their BAND name was suggested by Keith Moon and he never even played with LZ.