Wednesday, March 03, 2021

EP214: Meet SIMPSONS writer Mike Scully

Go inside The Simpsons writing room with Mike Scully and hear how the show has evolved over the last 175 years. Mike has also been with other shows including Everybody Loves Raymond and Parks & Rec.

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Mike Doran said...

About non-Asian actors in Asian roles:

When you were doing MASH, did you ever consider using Khigh Dhiegh?

He was the guy who was playing Wo Fat, the Red Chinese master spy on Hawaii Five-0, roughly contemporaneously with your show.
He'd become well-known years before as Dr. Yen Lo, the jovial brainwasher in The Manchurian Candidate (the Sinatra version - you know, the good one).
Khigh Dhiegh even had a (very) short-lived detective series of his own, Khan!, during this same time frame.

The reason I'm bringing this up:
After his passing in the '80s (I think - correction welcomed if needed), it turned out that 'Khigh Dhiegh' was in fact Kenneth Dickerson, from New Jersey, of Anglo-Egyptian-Sudanese descent - all of which he didn't publicize during his lifetime, while maintaining an Asiatic facade for his whole career.

Just askin', is all ...