Wednesday, June 16, 2021

EP229: Meet ESPN/NBC’s Jason Benetti

Jason Benetti is a rising sportscasting star. He calls baseball, football, and basketball for ESPN, is the TV voice of the Chicago White Sox, and will be calling Olympic baseball this summer for NBC. But more than that, he announced Korean League Baseball last summer on ESPN — from his apartment… during a riot. He and Ken swap crazy stories.

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Liggie said...

Chicago baseball fans have it great with their announcers. Benetti for the White Sox, Boog Schiambi now with the Cubs, and Len Kasper and Pat Hughes have stayed in town. Benetti is also a huge improvement on Hawk Harrelson, too much of a homer in my opinion.

Jeff Boice said...

I did hear a police siren in the background at 11:00- not sure if that's L.A. or Chicago.

Tom said...

As a Sox fan, Benetti is the best announcer I've ever heard, but holy cow (to borrow from Harry Caray) is Len Kasper great, too.