Wednesday, July 06, 2022

EP282: Double JEOPARDY

More with Suzanne Stone who spent 38 years working at JEOPARDY. This week we center on the contestant process, audience reaction to the various hosts, and miscellaneous categories. It’s the episode to hear if you want to get on the show and win $1.2 million (and who couldn’t use a spare $1.2 million?)

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James Van Hise said...

I don't think I've watched a game show in at least 40 years. They just stopped being interesting to me. Whoever the host is never mattered to me.

Roger Owen Green said...

ending the 5-day champ has been a double-edged sword. on one hand, it gives fans better rooting interests. on the other hand, the interviews are more difficult to keep fresh. and players like James H who destroyed the opponents must be devastating to the players who waited their whole lives to get on.

Brian said...

Really enjoyed last week's and looking forward to more Jeopardy stories from this week. Thanks for the show, Ken

Jeff Boice said...

Thanks. I'm one of those who try to play along to see how many questions I get correct, so I pay no attention to any alleged personality quirks of the host. I get more upset with games that are so one-sided they're over early in Double Jeopardy.

My viewing goes back to the Art Fleming days. Back then, I don't recall many rounds when the contestants cleared the board. It did happen, just not very often.

Breadbaker said...

It was interesting to learn that the contestants now just have to bring three outfits. It makes sense given the unlimited potential number of episodes and the fact that they're paying their own way at least the first time to LA; with luggage fees these days, it would be a lot to ask to bring more. I was on before the five-game limit was lifted, and we were required to bring five complete outfits. I brought five suits, five shirts, five ties. I got to wear one and carry the rest home after I finished second.

Most of the rest of what she described is how I remember it. My taping day was the second from last of the 1998 season, and they called up all the out-of-town contestants that day. I think the idea was that if you had to come back for the next season, it was a lot easier for the Angelenos.

Roger Owen Green said...

Breadbaker - you brought five suits? I didn't OWN five suits when I was on in 1998. I brought my 3, plus 5 shirts and 5 ties. Got to wear two.