Saturday, May 07, 2011

Just in time for Mother's Day -- the latest MILF survey!

Compliments of Yahoo, here is the latest survey on who is the hottest celebrity mom (MILF), hottest Celebrity Baby Bump (MILF), Celebrity Mom Most Men would like to uh... date (MILF, who we kidding?), etc.

How do their answers stack up to yours?  Personally I think Angelina Jolie is a skank she's not on any of my lists at all.  Nor is Jewel, Madonna, or Snooki.  

Some of these are categories and nominees are just absurd.  Why bother to create comedy when I can just report it?  

So the results are in.  What do you think? 

Hottest Celebrity Mom:
Angelina Jolie (26%)
Halle Berry (25%)
Jennifer Lopez (21%)
Heidi Klum (12%)
Sofia Vergara (7%)
Gisele Bundchen (5%)
Kendra Wilkinson (4%)

Hottest Celebrity Baby Bump:
Jessica Alba (37%)
Natalie Portman (22%)
Kate Hudson (19%)
Victoria Beckham (9%)
Pink (9%)
Jewel (4%)

Celebrity Mom Men Would Most Want To Date:
Sandra Bullock (33%)
Halle Berry (27%)
Denise Richards (12%)
Kate Winslet (12%)
Ashlee Simpson (11%)
Michelle Williams (4%)

Celebrity Mom You’d Most Want To Be Your Mom:
Sandra Bullock (43%)
Michelle Obama (18%)
Angelina Jolie (16%)
Gwyneth Paltrow (12%)
Madonna (8%)
Kris Jenner (3%)

*Where's Debbie Reynolds?

Celebrity Mom You’d Turn To For Advice:
Hillary Clinton (28%)
Reese Witherspoon (18%)
Jada Pinkett Smith (16%)
Catherine Zeta-Jones (13%)
Jennifer Garner (12%)
Courteney Cox (6%)
Angie Harmon (6%)
Kris Jenner (2%)

*I notice Sarah Palin didn't make this list

Celebrity Mom With The Best Style
Halle Berry (26%)
Jennifer Lopez (25%)
Gwen Stefani (13%)
Michelle Obama (12%)
Katie Holmes (8%)
Kourtney Kardashian (7%)
Jennifer Hudson (5%)
Kate Moss (4%)

*Only survey where Michelle Obama  will ever be in the same category as Kourtney Kardashian.

Celebrity Mom With Best Post-Baby Body:
Penelope Cruz (52%)
Kourtney Kardashian (21%)
Kendra Wilkinson (19%)
Miranda Kerr (8%)

Celebrity Mom You’d Most Want To Hit The Town With:
Gwen Stefani (28%)
Christina Aguilera (28%)
Madonna (21%)
Kendra Wilkinson (17%)
Kris Jenner (6%)

*For those who like their MILFs inebriated.  

Celebrity Non-Mom You Wouldn’t Want To See With Your Children:
Lindsay Lohan (39%)
Snooki (29%)
Paris Hilton (20%)
Miley Cyrus (7%)
Kim Kardashian (5%)

*In either PEOPLE magazine or on TMZ.

Celebrity Mom You Would Never Let Babysit Your Children:
Britney Spears (31%)
Courtney Love (26%)
Octomom (24%)
Dina Lohan (7%)
Kate Gosselin (7%)
Christina Aguilera (3%)
Ashlee Simpson (2%)

*This is a trick question prepared by the Child Protective Services".

Celebrity Mom You Would Most Want A Play Date With You And Your Children:
Jennifer Garner (29%)
Angelina Jolie (26%)
Jennifer Lopez (24%)
Gwen Stefani (9%)
Nicole Richie (5%)
Madonna (4%)
Kourtney Kardashian (4%)

*In another words, "MILF with the most reliable housekeeper"


Mary Stella said...

None of them are on my list either.

Do we get a FILF list in June? I'm sure other women who read your blog would be happy to help me provide input.

estiv said...

Hottest Celebrity Baby Bump

So let me see if I've got this straight: Who is the famous woman I would most want to have sex with, who is currently pregnant by another man?

How about, eew.

Debby G said...

Sixteen percent would most like advice from Jada Pinkett Smith? Do they realize E-meter readings don't come free?

MikeBo said...

I'm comparing my MILF survey with yours, and you don't list Salma Hayek! What's up with that?

The Milner Coupe said...

Where's Tina Fey, you wad???

i could be a bob said...

Who is Kris Jenner? Should I actually know that name?

Sid Friedman said...

The only list that Kendra Wilkinson should be on is "dumbest mom".

jbryant said...

I've never seen a baby bump I considered "hot," but I suppose there are many fetishists who disagree.

I'm trying to imagine what kind of problems I could have that might best be solved via the wisdom of Kris Jenner.

Cap'n Bob said...

What a total waste of time and energy.

Ron R said...

Right on the nailhead concerning Angelina Jolie; it seems as if you and I are the only two males in America who feel that way!

DW said...

Make that three.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone take advice from Hillary Clinton?

Anonymous said...


It was a toss-up between that category and "Celebrity Moms You'd Most Want To Give You A Spanking."

Anonymous said...

Where's the Kate Beckinsale...hottest mom ever...dan