Wednesday, May 01, 2019

EP121: Another CHEERS commentary track w/ Writer Ken Levine

Ken provides a commentary track for the CHEERS episode “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before” from season 6, episode 17. Frasier and Lilith's wedding is nearing, and their best man and maid of honor, Sam and a very surprised Rebecca, are throwing them each a bachelor and  bachelorette party! You can watch along or just listen as Ken shares background info and nuggets on one of his favorite episodes.

Listen to the Hollywood & Levine podcast!


brian t said...

That line "I'll never be able to listen to Shock The Monkey without crying" has to be my personal favourite. Though I think Sledgehammer might have been a more suitable Peter Gabriel song for this!

Frank Beans said...

"You got decent set of ducks--maybe I could use you as a decoy!"

That's pretty good. Makes me wish CHEERS could have been rated NC-17.

While on the subject of smutty double-entendre--"Spank The Monkey" isn't the actual title of the Peter Gabriel song, but perhaps it's an improvement.

Barefoot Billy Aloha said...

Great fun! Thank you!

Cap'n Bob said...

I never watch an episode with Rebecca.

Anonymous said...

I actually happened to watch this episode on netflix sometime last year, and also found myself thinking about differences in sensibilities between then and now regarding certain topics. The moment that jumped out the most at me, however, was when Sam claimed his "first time" was in 6th grade with a crossing guard. In the show, the guys' reaction is that Sam is just bullshitting them (which would be in character), but I suspect that writers would think twice about that joke today, since there is more sensitivity around having men "brag" about underage sexual encounters with older women instead of considering it assault (and while I know crossing guards are sometimes only slightly older teens, I've never personally met one that was any younger than 65--they're the same people who run polling places in city elections); although if a 12 year old Sam actually lost his virginity to a woman old enough to be his grandmother that WOULD explain his later sexual compulsions and intimacy issues, so maybe you were all ahead of your time after all!