Monday, November 28, 2005

Turning to Baseball...

Hot Stove League musings:

Convict Milton Bradley for convict Urgeth Urbina.

Grady Little is a managerial candidate for the Dodgers. The man the Boston Globe said was “dumber than Jessica Simpson” might be GM Nick Colleti’s first hire. If Little had trouble deciding when to pull Pedro Martinez imagine his inner strife when Odalis Perez is on the mound.

Kim Ng would have gotten the Dodger GM job if anyone could pronounce her name.

Why hasn’t Boston gone out and hired the best GM still out there – Dan Evans?

A lot of big names have already changed teams. And the Yankees haven’t gotten any of them. Are they hoping that with enough “Red Bull” Bernie Williams could go another year?

If the Mets get closer Billy Wagner to go along with Carlos Degado they’ll have one of the best teams in baseball. And will finish second to the Braves.

And watch out for the Toronto Blue Jays. For only $47 million they got ace closer B.J. Ryan and are looking to land A.J. Burnett. Add a healthy Roy Halladay, and the rookie that all of Canada has taken to its bosom, Gustavo Chacin, and that’s some pitching staff. They’ll finish second to somebody. But a close second.

By signing Josh Beckett the Red Sox now have two World Series MVP’s…who beat the Yankees. Jesus, Boston, this obsession is bordering on Captain Ahab.

The Mets may also get Angels catcher Benjie Molina and Rafael Furcal (who’s either 19 or 28). They’ll still finish second. But even closer than the Blue Jay’s second.

Best acquisition so far: The Cardinals getting broadcaster John Rooney.

Remember when Bud (I can’t believe he’s Jewish) Selig promised a decision on the Nationals ownership would be made by last Labor Day? Now he says a decision isn’t close. Watch, after five years he’ll finally give it to some group headed by former FEMA director, Michael Brown.

Does anyone in the world care about the World Baseball Classic? It has that “Battle of the Network Superstars” feel to it, doesn’t it?

Instead of Frank Thomas breaking down in May, the White Sox now have Jim Thome to fill that role. And all it cost them was an All-Star centerfielder. Jim Thome will be the new “Big Hurt” but for a different reason.

Best name in baseball: Cocoa Crisp.

Only two more days to vote for Seattle broadcaster Dave Niehaus for the Hall of Fame.

How do you pronounce Ng???


Anonymous said...

The Dodgers' Assistant GM pronounces her first name "KIM"

ScriptWeaver said...

It's not often I hear anyone who can talk baseball in this day and age. Let alone a screenwriter who does. Now if only you were a girl, I'd be in love with you.

Anyway, Furcal to the Dodgers. Does Chipper go back to short?

I like Bernie as a Yankee. He's the only guy that gives them class.

The Astros don't need Clemens. Backe was a stud in the playoffs. Oswalt was a pimp. Pettitte still has enough mileage. Take that $21 million salary and get a Japanese dude or two. Too many white boys on that club.

Barry Bonds will break Aaron's record. But A-Rod will break his.

Anyway, great blog! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Well put!