Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sweep suggestions

With May sweeps about to begin, here are a few things I'd like to see:

PRISON BREAK -- break out already for Chrissakes.

24 -- Let Chloe become head of CTU.

WILL & GRACE -- It's your last chance to get in every bad penis joke there is.

GREY'S ANATOMY -- Now that everyone has slept with everyone else, start sleeping with all the patients.

MY NAME IS EARL -- Transgression #18 Solve the Middle East problem.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES -- Go back to the first year when it was better.

LAW & ORDER -- replace Dennis Farina with Gallagher.

GILMORE GIRLS -- Since it's the last episode series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino will run, move the characters to Macon, Ga. and let the new show runner have to make that work.

The AMAZING RACE -- For the final challenge make both teams have to get through security at LAX in less than an hour.

HOUSE -- Let him get laid already. Have him guest on GREY'S ANATOMY.

LOST -- Find out that the missing characters were just in jail for DUI's in Hawaii.

AMERICAN IDOL -- Make the final original song that both finalists must sing even worse than the last few, if that's humanly possible.


Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with the post (sorry, funny HOUSE one though)... but seriously, can we get a behind-the-scenes look at Mannequin 2?

I just saw that you wrote it and I'm curious....

By Ken Levine said...

Good idea. I will do that soon.

Anonymous said...

American Idol. They have to wear clothes that fit.

Anonymous said...

If you have Gallagher replace Farina, will we be seeing more investigations that require the use of large fruit and sledgehammers?

Suspects are advised to wear a rain slicker.

Anonymous said...

.... and 4 years later, Chloe does become head of CTU !!