Monday, December 04, 2006

The great quotes TV LAND missed

In TV LAND’S 100 great quotes and catchphrases (see the last post) they missed a few of my favorites.

“Ooooh Oooh Ooooh.” (Joe E. Ross as Tooty, “Car 54 Where Are You?)

“Gggggggggggggggggg!” (Gale Storm as Margie, “My Little Margie”)

“Hummina, Hummina, Hummina.” (Ralph Kramden, “The Honeymooners”)

“Fuck!” (everyone from “Deadwood”)

“AAAAAAAAAAAAA!” (the one armed man falling from the roller coaster in “the Fugitive”.)

“Boing boing” (Gerald McBoing Boing from his own show)

“Don’t take the car, you’ll kill yourse – “ (line from old Anacin commercial. In the interest of time they cut off the “elf”.)

“Hiyaaaaaah!” (Phil Silvers as Ernie Bilko, “The Phil Silvers Show”.)

“Hey-ohhhh!” (“The Tonight Show)

“Eeep eep!” (Flipper from “Flipper”)

“Uh-ruh-uh-ruh” (White Fang from “the Soupy Sales Show)

“Ooooba-oooba-oooba” (Black Tooth from “the Soupy Sales Show)

“Woof” (Rin Tin Tin from “Rin Tin Tin”)

“Woof…which means Timmy, Grandpa is caught in a bear trap by the stream near that old oak tree – no, not that old oak tree, the other one – and you have to come quick and bring the first aid kit, but put on some pants first.” (Lassie in “Lassie”)

“Waaaaaaa!” (Lucy Ricardo on “I Love Lucy”)

“ “ (Kathy Lee Gifford on “Regis & Kathy)

“Hey, some guy’s scoring from third!” (Harry Carey during a Cubs-Dodger broadcast, WGN)

“And now the boys will play a medley of songs from World War Eye” (Lawrence Welk reading off a cue card from “The Lawrence Welk Show”)

“Okay” (Matt Albie on “Studio 60”)

"Okay" (Danny Tripp on "Studio 60")

"Okay" (Harriett on "Studio 60")

“I don’t think it’s a secret to you that I want Wilson White’s job. I’m gonna be CEO of Atlantic Media and to do that I’ve gotta show White I can delegate when it comes to NBS and particularly the entertainment division. But you saw how fast I fired Wes Mendell? Screw this up and I’ll fire you faster. I’m not like every other heterosexual man in show business, Jordan. I don’t find you charming. And you’ve earned the loyalty of absolutely no one. So you go ahead and take your first steps toward making us all classy again. We’ve been waiting for you.” (Jack Rudolph to Jordan McDeere, the catchphrase of Studio 60”)


Anonymous said...

As Artie Johnson said, "Vedy Interesting" ...

As Maynard G Crebs said, "Work!"

Anonymous said...

It's a dog-eat-dog world Sam, and I'm wearing Milkbone underwear."

Anonymous said...

Phil Silvers? Soupy Sales? Gale Storm? Huh huh. You're old.

Anonymous said...

I have to ask this: Why do you hate Studio 60 so much?

Yes, it is over-hyped but theres's a lot of worst thing on tv.

Robert "kebernet" Cooper said...

“Hey-ohhhh!” (“The Tonight Show)

Funny, that strikes me as more of the memorable one from the Tonight Show than even "Here's Johnny".

And in a similar note;

"Hi-yo, this is Kermit the Frog Reporting."

Anonymous said...


How 'bout "Albania, Albania, You border on the Adriatic..." Is that yours? STILL makes me laugh out loud. Also love Coach's response to, I think it was Norm, when he talks about seeing Circus with Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis: "Really Norm? Did you sit between them?"

Oh, and while "Live long and prosper" is a good phrase, I'd argue that "Beam me up" is better...

Russell Walks

Mapeel said...

We. Were on. A Break.
(And it's so useful in real life.)

Oh my stars.
(A sentimental favorite.)

And of course, "Mrs.Peel, we're needed."

Anonymous said...

What about "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

VP81955 said...

Brain (as in "Pinky & The"): "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

Anonymous said...

I agree that "Ooooh Oooh Ooooh” by Joe E. Ross is one of the great TV quotes of all time, but it's first from the Phil Silvers Show and was only reprised on Car 54 Where Are You.

Anonymous said...

Phil Silvers, Soupy Sales, Gale Storm. I'm old too. I even still have that Soupy Sales LP in the picture, though mine is signed by the Soupman, Listening to my Soupy Sales DVDs, I'd have to say that Black Tooth's lines sound more "Eh eh eh eh eh eeeeeh.", but maybe that's just my ears.
When I was a kid, my grandmother used to complain about Soupy's dog White Fang. She said he always sounded like someone barfing over and over.

But my older sister had the really priviledged moment. Gale Storm hired her to babysit her kids. In the words of Chester A. Riley (William Bendix): "What a revoltin' development this is."

Anonymous said...

Yes, "oooh oooh oooh". Back to when actors-comedians played the same character in each show or movie they were in. Things sure have changed.

Gleason#s "hummina, hummina", or any version of it as "repetitive stammer" still gets called up as a reference once in a while on TV shows too young to know it.

As for Studio60, good call for a catchparagraph (as it is Sorkin, there are more chance for catchspeeches then catchphrases), it encapsulate the first season episodes most interesting tension, which is whenever Jack and Jordan are in the scene together, or for that matter, whenever Jack is in the scene.

Maybe Sorkin has to set up something to give scenes between Jack and the new writer now... So Jordan has to quit, and once Jack realizes the new writer is good, Matt and Danny get fired, Harriet is offered a contract at dinner theater somewhere, and the combination of Jack + new writer takes off for an even better, new improved show, and the catchphrase that would take the country by storm.

Stephen Gallagher said...

I had a clicker that I pressed to count every time a scene in LOST started with the line, "You okay?" but it broke.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about Ken, but there are several reasons why people in the industry have problems with "Studio 60."

1. It was overhyped. People were expecting it to be as good as "The West Wing" or even "Sportsnight." So far, it hasn't been.

2. Familarity with subject manner. Most people in Hollywood don't know what happens in the White House. But, they do know what happens during the production of a TV show. So, when Sorkin hits a false note it stands out. That's why experenced writers tell new writers to never write about Hollywood.

3. Overeducated characters for the situation. Ken has touched on this. Jordan and Jack are both lawyers. Simon graduated from Yale Drama School. Sorkin himself referenced this when Ricky accused Matt of shutting him and Ron out because he wasn't one of the "cool guys." This has been a Sorkin trademark since "The West Wing" at least.

4. Sorkin's insistance of "Studio 60" being "a drama about a comedy show." This has caused the most problems for "Studio 60." Someone I know that is a fan of the show complained that the last few episodes weren't as funny. Of course not. It's a drama. But, because it's about a sketch comedy show viewers expect some humor. I don't think Sorkin saw this problem when he created "Studio 60." He thought he could get away with only writing bits of sketches and then have characters say they were funny. Tina Fey realizes this problem. On "30 Rock" she almost never features a sketch.

Fitz said...

You forgot "Mahatmamahatmamahatma" by Apu when he was sedduced by the Slurpee girl (the one who could tie the stirrer in knots with her tongue).

Fitz said...

and yes, my brain knows how to spell "seduced" but my fingers do not.

Barry Wallace said...

"Sit on it!" and "Up your nose wid a rubber hose!" were actually fairly popular catchphrases from Happy Days and Welcome Back Kotter in their day...

Here's one I'm surprised wasn't included:

"As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly..."
--Mr. Carlson, "WKRP in Cincinnati"

And another:

"Jane! Stop this crazy thing! Help, J-a-a-a-a-n-e!"
--George Jetson, "The Jetsons"

Ger Apeldoorn said...

"Ooh ooh ooh" from Niles in Frasier.

How did you write that?

Anonymous said...

"Look,up in the sky,it's a bird..."
-Superman intro
"I'm having the big one,Elizabeth"
-Fred Sanford
-Ricky Ricardo
"I'm Chevy Chase,and you're not"
"What's up,doc?"
-Bugs Bunny
"And now,for something completely different"
-Monty Python's Flying Circus
-Sybil Fawlty
"Cooo-co-co-co-co co-co-cooooo"
-Bob and Doug Mckenzie

Anonymous said...

For my writer friends:

"C'mon in guys..."

Jeff Probst

Rays profile said...

What.... does.... the.... yellow.... light.... mean?



Anonymous said...

At first, I thought it was annoying, but now incredibly amusing that people who dislike Studio 60 are still commenting on the most recent episodes letting us all know that on Monday nights they are watching a show they hate.

Oh, and favorite catchphrase:
"Oh, Rob!" (Laura Petrie, "The Dick Van Dyke Show)

Anonymous said...

"... and away we go!" (Jackie Gleason, again)

Ryan said...

How about..

"Who are you working for?!?"-Jack Bauer,24

Anonymous said...

"Don't take the car, you'll kill yourse---" was the final line for some alcohol rehab center in the 70s. (I don't think Anacin would have mentioned suicide, even accidental suicide, in their ads).

Charlie Kennedy said...

Excuse me, but didn't the one-armed man in "The Fugitive" meet his death by falling off a water tower?

And Joe E. Ross' character in "Car 54, Where Are You" was Gunther Toody (not Tooty).

Too bad no one adapted "Full Metal Jacket" as a sitcom. "Jesus H. Christ!" would have been the ULTIMATE catch phrase.

Anonymous said...

ahomer - you commented on "first season" of Studio60. There hasn't been any official word on a second season yet. You know something we don't?

Anonymous said...

"Look, up in the sky..." and the rest of the Superman spiel came first from the Superman radio show. And "What's Up, Doc?" came from theatrical cartoons long before TV.

Anonymous said...

"The Meathead"- All in the Family

"Hi,Bob" - The Bob Newhart Show (I think there was a drinking game around that)

"Well!!!!" Samantha on Bewitched

"Little Buddy" - Gilligan's Island

"My Baloney has a first name, it's O S C A R..." Oscar Meyer commercial

"Shazam! Shazam Shazam" - Gomer Pyle, USMC.

Not sure how to quote it, but the nasal sound Felix Unger made when he was stressed - The Odd Couple

"Goodnight, Chet. Goodnight, David" - Chet Huntley and David Brinkley NBC News.

"Survey says!!!!....." Family Feud

"Circle gets the square" - Hollywood Squares

Anonymous said...

"AHHH!"-Jazz(Fresh Prince of Bel Air)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Anacin, how about the Excedrin (headache # X) classic...

"...mother, PLEASE! I'd rather do it myself!!!"

Dwacon said...

"Eeep Opp Ork Ah Ahh" (Jet Screamer)

Anonymous said...

John Belushi on SNL: "But nooooo...'
Ralph Kramden: "a mere bag of shells"
Mary Richards: crying, "Mr. Graaaant"

Anonymous said...

I think you have the "Don't take the car, you'll kill yourself!" quote mixed up with the wrong commercial?

As I remember it was a drug and alcohol treatment center commercial, not Anacin. The woman comes running and screaming out the house as her husband goes to the car, obviously drunk. My parents used to think it was funny to re-enact this commercial every morning as my father was going to work.

Anonymous said...

Certainly something from "Mork and Mindy"--surely someone remembers something!

-"Here come da judge"-Laugh-in
-"Go to your bunker"-Laugh-in
-"Want a walnetto!"-Laugh-in
-(the untypable Swedish chef)-Muppets
-"Coookeees!"-Oscar, Sesame Street
-"Ees no' my chob!"-Chico and the Man
-"It's the di-lithium crystals, Cap'n..."-Scotty, Star Trek

Anonymous said...

"Okay" (from anyone and everyone on West Wing)
"Okay" (from anyone and everyone on SportsNight)

And to those bloggers that still think we are watching a show we hate, Studio 60, ... we're not.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, it is easier to write every episode yourself, when you are really only writing a third of it, then repeating...
"So, that's what you're saying?"
"That's what I'm saying."
"That's what you're saying?"
"That's what I'm saying."
"That's it."
"That's it."

Anonymous said...

How about "Aw, the little woman." from the drunk guy getting home commercial in the late 70's?

Anonymous said...

Don't take the car yo;ll kill yourself was from an ALCOHOL publuc service announcement, not for a treatment center that aired. Lady stands at the front door yelling at her husband (or her husbandls friend :) ) saying that phrase. Would like to find the original ad.