Thursday, November 29, 2007

Erin or Bonnie???

A raging controversy erupted last week in the comments section. Who was hotter – Bailey (Jan Smithers) or Jennifer (Loni Anderson) on WKRP? Commenter Mike Barer expanded the debate, adding a few more names. I can spot a blog topic when I see one! So to divide this country of ours even further, who do you think was hotter…?

Ginger or Marianne (GILLIGAN’S ISLAND)?

Kate Jackson or Farah Fawcett or Jackie Smith (CHARLIE’S ANGELS)?

Farah Fawcett or Cheryl Ladd (also CHARLIE’S ANGELS)?

Dick York or Dick Sargent (BEWITCHED)?

Diane or Rebecca ( CHEERS)?

Marcia Brady or Laurie Partridge?

Betty (ARCHIE) or Betty (FLINTSTONES)?

Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert?

Patty or Cathy (PATTY DUKE SHOW)?

Christian or Sean (NIP/TUCK)?

Cutthroat Bitch or 13 (HOUSE)?

Erin Andrews or Bonnie Bernstein (ESPN -- pictured above)?

Daniel Craig or Sean Connery?

Lindsay Wagner or Michelle Ryan (BIONIC WOMAN)?

Melissa Stark (NBC news) or Kiran Chetry (CNN)?

Suzanne Pleshette or Mary Frann as Bob Newhart’s wife?

Tom Brady (PATRIOTS) or Peyton Manning (COLTS)?

Susan or Lynette or Bree or Gabrielle or Edie (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES)?

Kristen or Summer or Julie or Marissa on THE OC?

Napoleon Solo or Illya Kuryakin (THE MAN FROM UNCLE)?

Bea Arthur or Betty White on GOLDEN GIRLS?

Ariel or Princess Jasmine?

Dylan or Kelly on BEVERLY HILLS 90210?

And finally….

Marcus Carl Franklin or Ben Whishaw or Heath Ledger or Christian Bale or Richard Gere or Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan in I’M NOT HERE?


Anonymous said...

I'll take Ginger over Mary Ann, just because so many people vote for Mary Ann.

Jaclyn Smith over the other two Angels (I liked them both, but you know that they were both really high maintenance).

Dick York acted like he loved Samantha. Sargent just seemed annoyed by her.

Diane was funnier and better for the show. Rebecca probably would have been more fun to hang out with.

Marcia Brady all the way. Laurie was not nearly as attractive, and was kind of a sourpuss know-it-all.

Lindsay Wagner.

Tom Brady (Peyton Manning does too many commercials and has a speech impediment).

Gaby on Desperate Housewives is the funniest. Susan would probably be the least grating to live with, though.

Bill said...

Bailey, Mary Ann, Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd, Diane, Laure Partridge, Betty Rubble, 13, Erin Andrews, Michelle Ryan, Ariel, which Desperate Housewife is Eva Longoria?

Every other question is either before my time, not my gender preference, or the Melissa Stark/Kieran Chetry (who is now on CNN, btw) one. I think Erica Hill is my personal favorite anchorlady, but you can't go wrong with any of them. It counts as education to ogle them!

Anonymous said...

Even though Ginger was more attractive, I'd rather be with Mary Ann. She was always more anxious to please and had that girl-next-door vibe I prefer.

DEFINITELY Laurie Partridge. I was 10 when that show was big. Marcia was pretty, but Laurie was sexy. To this day I still have a crush on Susan Dey.

ARIEL. Long red hair. Clamshell bikini. Wow.

Bea Arthur??? Yikes. It's not hard to close your eyes and envision her as a man.

Warren Fleece said...

God will get you for that bw.

Anonymous said...

Ken Levine or David Isaacs?

Anonymous said...

Two words: Tom Brady.

Anonymous said...

Did someone say hottest news woman? She's French. For all I know she's less articulate than George Bush strung out on heroin, but I don't care.

Anonymous said...

Let's see...

"Ginger or Marianne?"

Actually, the Professor was pretty smokin'.

"Kate Jackson or Farah Fawcett or Jackie Smith?"

Depends. If we've been drinking, then, Jackson. If not? Then, obviously, Farrah.

"Dick York or Dick Sargent?"

You mean...there was two of them?

"Diane or Rebecca?"


"Marcia Brady or Laurie Partridge?"

Marcia, with AND without her broken nose.

"Betty (ARCHIE) or Betty (FLINTSTONES)?"


"Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert?"

Stewart. (How do you spell "hottie"? J-E-W.)

"Patty or Cathy?"

Well, Cathy adores the Minuet, the Ballet Russe and crepes suzette. But, OTOH, Patty likes to rock 'n' roll, and hot dogs? Girl goes apeshit for 'em!

"Christian or Sean?"

Whichever loses control over weiners.

"Cutthroat Bitch or 13?"

Come on, as long as Hugh Laurie's still on the show, no others need apply.

"Erin Andrews or Bonnie Bernstein?"

Suzy Kolber. I want to kiss her, I couldn't care less about the other two.

"Daniel Craig or Sean Connery?"

Who cares? They're both wrong for Bond.

"Lindsay Wagner or Michelle Ryan?"

Ryan might be younger, but Wagner comes with her own Sleep-Number bed.

"Melissa Stark or Kiran Chetry?"

Frankly, I'm much too blinded by the hunk of sunshine that is Sean Hannity to notice.

"Suzanne Pleshette or Mary Frann?"

Frann. No offense, Ms. Pleshette, but Frann knew how to fill out a sweater, know what I mean?

"Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?"

Brady - and if you don't believe me, just ask the six women who all claim he's their baby's daddy.

"Susan or Lynette or Bree or Gabrielle or Edie?"

What, no Mary Alice?

"Kirsten or Summer or Julie or Marissa?"

Marissa, but only if she shuts up and quit whin -- oops, too late.

"Napoleon Solo or Illya Kuryakin?"

Which one did Robert Conrad play again?

"Bea Arthur or Betty White?"

Betty. Low intelligence? Great knockers? What's not to like?

"Ariel or Princess Jasmine?"

I think the priest who got, um, "excited" over Ariel at her wedding settled that question.

"Dylan or Kelly?"

Normally, it'd be Dylan; but Brenda hates Dylan this week, so it's Kelly.

"And finally...

Marcus Carl Franklin or Ben Whishaw or Heath Ledger or Christian Bale or Richard Gere or Cate Blanchett"

You mean...there was six of them?

Grubber said...

okay, la guy wins hands down.

Noah said...

I'm gonna be lame and only do the ladies ...


Jackie Smith

Cheryl Ladd


Marcia Brady

Betty (ARCHIE)



Erin Andrews

Michelle Ryan

Mary Frann



Betty White

Princess Jasmine


Anonymous said...

Ginger or Mary Ann?
I'd have to go with Mrs. Howell!

Ashton Kutcher

brian t said...

Oh man, have I missed a lot - too young, too un-American, I recognised maybe 2 of those. I could add a few more:

Pam or Sue Ellen? (DALLAS)
Reggie or Chris? (BECKER)
Jackie or Donna? (THAT 70'S SHOW)
Roz or Daphne? (FRASIER)
Kate or Allie? (UM...)

Anonymous said...

Kate Smith or Janet Reno?

Rob said...

Ginger or Marianne -- Duh..... Mary Ann, but only because Mary Ann never pretended she was better than Gilligan's island.

Kate Jackson or Farah Fawcett or Jackie Smith (CHARLIE’S ANGELS)? -- I always coveted that silver speakerphone.

Farah Fawcett or Cheryl Ladd (also CHARLIE’S ANGELS)? -- Cheryl Ladd

Dick York or Dick Sargent (BEWITCHED)? Let's face it, they were both dicks.

Diane or Rebecca ( CHEERS)? -- Diane of course, but only because I couldn't fathom finding a $cientologist hot.

Marcia Brady or Laurie Partridge? -- Marcia Brady, because I know that when I bought her dinner, she'd actually eat it and keep it down.

Betty (ARCHIE) or Betty (FLINTSTONES)? Betty from the Flintstones, because Betty from Archie never made her way to a vitamin.

Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert? -- Okay, this is a REAL tough one. Jon would get my vote up until Stephen Colbert's destruction of Bush to his face.

Patty or Cathy (PATTY DUKE SHOW)? -- Both. THEY'RE COUSINS! IDENTICAL COUSINS! And I'm from Kentucky, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Christian or Sean (NIP/TUCK)? -- Which one is Nip, and which one is Tuck?

Cutthroat Bitch or 13 (HOUSE)? 13, but only because I go for the lazy symbolism of her number.

Erin Andrews or Bonnie Bernstein (ESPN -- pictured above)? -- Joe Namath

Daniel Craig or Sean Connery? -- Daniel Craig, because I really dug Casino Royale. But maybe I shouldn't admit to that until after the writer's strike is over.

Lindsay Wagner or Michelle Ryan (BIONIC WOMAN)? Lindsay Wagner, but only if she brings the Select Comfort bed.

Melissa Stark (NBC news) or Kiran Chetry (CNN)? -- Melissa, but only because it would be easier to remember her name for birthday cards.

Suzanne Pleshette or Mary Frann as Bob Newhart’s wife? -- Suzanne, because she'd be much more fun.

Tom Brady (PATRIOTS) or Peyton Manning (COLTS)? -- Tom Brady, because my parents are Baltimore Colts fans, and there is no such thing as the Indianapolis Colts.

Susan or Lynette or Bree or Gabrielle or Edie (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES)? -- Mary Alice young

Kristen or Summer or Julie or Marissa on THE OC? -- Huh?

Napoleon Solo or Illya Kuryakin (THE MAN FROM UNCLE)? -- Elvis Costello

Bea Arthur or Betty White on GOLDEN GIRLS? -- Betty White, because I'm straight.

Ariel or Princess Jasmine? -- Princess Jasmine, but only because my daughter went as Ariel this halloween.

Dylan or Kelly on BEVERLY HILLS 90210? -- Kelly

And finally….

Marcus Carl Franklin or Ben Whishaw or Heath Ledger or Christian Bale or Richard Gere or Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan in I’M NOT HERE? -- Bruce Springsteen

Rob said...

David Issacs, because he's the Maris of the relationship. Someone we've heard about, but never seen.

Rays profile said...

Jackie Smith
Cheryl Ladd
Dick York or Dick Sargent NO VOTE
Laurie Partridge
Betty (ARCHIE)
Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert? NO VOTE
Patty or Cathy (I always liked the mom)
Christian or Sean (NIP/TUCK) NO VOTE
Bonnie Bernstein
Sean Connery
Lindsay Wagner
Melissa Stark (NBC news) or Kiran Chetry (CNN) GOING OFF THE BOARD - Robin Meade.
Suzanne Pleshette (there is NO debate here!)
Tom Brady (PATRIOTS) or Peyton Manning (COLTS) GOING OFF THE BOARD - Still Brett Favre.
Susan or Lynette or Bree or Gabrielle or Edie (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES) Wait, they have NAMES?
Illya Kuryakin
Betty White

Now one in return ---
Britney Spears or Nick Nolte?

Brent McKee said...

Are we talking easy sex or "long term commitment." Makes a difference you know; Ginger would have been great for a one night stand but for permanence go with Mary Ann. With that in mind:

Mary Ann (for permanence)
Jackie Smith
Cheryl Ladd (never could stand Fawcett)
Rebecca (but reluctantly - can't stand Shelley Long to be honest)
Marcia for Marriage but I always though Laurie Partridge would have been a goer (nudge nudge, wink wink)
Betty Rubble
Both Patty & Cathy!!!
Cutthroat Bitch for one night 13 long term
Erin or Bonnie - sorry don't know either (Canadian here)
Lindsay Wagner
Bree (I love redheads!)

Newscoma said...

Maynard J. Krebs

Wait, you didn't ask that one but that's my final answer, Alex.

Anonymous said...

Suzanne Pleshette...but you know, she really ought to wear more sweaters!

Anonymous said...

You forgot:

Honey West or Emma Peel or April Dancer or Agent 99

Audry Horne or Laura Palmer

Judy Jetson or Judy Robinson

Mary Stella said...

Jon Stewart

Whichever of the two Nip/Tuck guys was on Charmed

I'm two young to have thought either one of the Bewitched Darrens was hot. *g*

Tom Brady

Tie between Daniel Craig and Sean Connery. They're equally hot in different ways.

Napoleon Solo

Since someone brought up Robert Conrad, although in the wrong show, I'll pick him as the hotter man from The Wild Wild West. Okay, I was probably too young to be thinking of him as hot, but hands down he's hotter than either Darren.

For equal time, let's consider the men of Desperate Housewives -- I'll pick Carlos and Nathan Fillion's character over the other guys.

McDreamy or McSteamy? (McSteamy!)

Anonymous said...

I'd take Elly May Clampet over any of them.


Anonymous said...

Peyton Manning

(Huba Huba)

Anonymous said...

Pam or Lucy: The Office(s) (Pam!)

Tiny Fey or Sarah Paulson: Studio Rock 30 Strip (Tina!)

Lionel 1 or Lionel 2: The Jeffersons (Lionel 1!)

Finally, Kari or Buster: Mythbusters (Kari!!)

Anonymous said...

I think it's Maynard G. Krebs.

Dwacon said...

Ken Levine or Thad Mumford?

The Minstrel Boy said...

ginger all the way
kate jackson (sucker for a husky voice)
susan dey ruled
cathy (sucker for accents too)
don't know
13 (you can shout her name like the guys in the gladiator arena in ROME at the appropriate time)
connery was and remains the only REAL bond
lindsay wagner
suzanne (that voice thing again)
brady, brady, brady (he wants to win so bad he'd cheat his grandkids)
cate blanchett, always.

Jim Endecott said...

Marianne because the farm girls are naughty.

Kate Jackson
Dick York

Diane by a wide margin.

Laurie Patridge because years later we get to see her nakid!

Betty Rubble

Stephen Colbert. Gotta love the truthyness.

Didn't watch the Patty Duke show.

Don't watch nip/tuck.

Don't watch House.

Neither. I think they should ban women reporters from football sidelines or force them to wear the home cheerleading outfit.

Tuff one but I have to go with Daniel Craig cause he dangled his boys and got them worked over in one of the most excriating PG-13 scenes I have ever seen.

Lindsay Wagner!

I don't watch news.

Suzane Pleshette.

Fuck them both. Matt Hasselbeck. Go Seahawks. Bonus points for the hot and fiesty sister-in-law.

All of them. Just imagine how hot Desperate Housewives would have been on HBO or Showtime... wow.

Didn't watch the OC.

I watched man from UNCLE when I was young but don't remember it.

Betty White. Her portrayal of what all old people will eventually deteriorate to was... inspired.

Princess Jasmine... Not a big fan of fish.


Haven't seen it yet but Christian Bale always does a fine job so the nod goes to him.

Good stuff Ken thanks man!

And for the bonus round...

Ken Levine, Rick Rizz, Ron Fairly or Dave Niehaus?


Anonymous said...

Hans Solo or Luke Skywalker?

Rollie Fingers said...

Oh, man. Erin vs. Bonnie. Good one. I love Bonnie, both because she's a fellow Terp and because I really think she's a good journalist. Erin is closer to my age, and hotter. But I'll say this: Usually, sideline reporters are only moderately attractive - i.e. "attractive...for a sideline reporter". Erin and Bonnie are legitimately beautiful women.

Rollie Fingers said...

"Tom Brady, because my parents are Baltimore Colts fans, and there is no such thing as the Indianapolis Colts."


VP81955 said...

Don't forget Hilda (Caroline Rhea) or Zelda (Beth Broderick), the aunts on "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch." (BTW, I'm in Zelda's camp.)

Anonymous said...

Man, is Illya Kuryakin the best TV name ever or what? Decades later I still love saying it.

Anonymous said...

Having had steamy personal affairs with 11 of them, I'm afraid I'll have to recuse myself from voting.

Oh wait, those didn't really
happen. Oh cripe!

Anonymous said...

Bea Arthur AND Betty White at the same time.

Anonymous said...

"Ariel or Princess Jasmine?"

Ariel, because she's half-fish. I imagine her as always smelling like really good, fresh sushi.

- Jeff Vogel

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Just discovered it today.

Hands down Stewart over Colbert, and Holy hot-tastic, definately Craig over Connery!

Anonymous said...

Since I'm a woman and don't like to compare who the hotter woman is, I'll put who I like better.

Mary Ann


Dick York

Diane by far! I could never stand Rebecca.

Marcia Brady

Betty (Flintstones)




Daniel Craig

Lindsay Wagner

Suzanne Pleshette

Payton Manning


Betty White


Anonymous said...

Mary Ann.
Betty (archies)
Stewart/Colbert (tie)
Cutthroat Bitch.
Sean Connery
Lindsay Wagner (but Katie S. hotter than both)
Melissa Stark.
Mary Frann by a sweater.
Tom Brady
Lynette (of course, she's the only one I can stand...)
Illya Kuryakin
Betty White
Cate Blanchett

Anonymous said...

That all of life's choices were so simple. Cleary, Mary Ann, Kate and Betty.

Also: Tanya Memme barely over Kari Bryant as basic cable babe; Mrs. Dog the Bounty Hunter over Haystack Calhoun as enforcer of justice; Sasha Alexander over Cote de Pablo as Naval female sidekick; Barkley over Lohman and Gamble over Procter.

Jake Hollywood said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LouOCNY said...

Like all sensible guys, Mary Ann

tanya roberts

York was the better Dick...(which reminds one of his appearence on the Stern show, many years ago - they peppered him with EVERY 'Dick' joke imaginable...and he took it like a pro!

In the sack, Rebecca

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia - especially since we now know you might be able to get Jan to join in.

Betty Cooper from Archie - cute blonde teen as opposed to older cavewoman?


No brainer - Lindsey

thats all I am commenting on....

my sister was one of five million girls in love with ILLYA IN 1967

LouOCNY said...


Suzanne Pleshette....

Jake Hollywood said...

Ginger (it's those long legs and that mole)
Kate Jackson (love the smart girl)
Dick York (How can you not love a guy who could double for Dumbo?)
Carla (I know it wasn't a choice, but...)
Laurie Partridge
Veronica and Wilma (I mean, if we're picking Archie and Flintstone girls...)
Jon Stewart
Cathy (Oh, that fake British accent...)
Cutthroat Bitch (gotta love that name)
Bonnie Bernstein
Sean Connery (for my generation he is James Bond)
Michelle Ryan
Melissa Stark

Mary Frann (there's just something sexual about Mary...)
Peyton Manning (Tom is pretty, but Archie's boy, c'mon...)
Susan (aka Teri Hatcher. I mean she's kinda flaky in real life, but...)
Summer (I closed my eyes and picked one--aren't they all the same?)
Napoleon Solo (well, only because RV was in my favorite western of all time, The Magnificent Seven)
Betty White
(how can you resist a ditzy animal lover?)
Ariel (my first choice would've been Madison (aka Daryl Hannah), but I'll settle for any mermaid I can get)
Cate Blanchatte

and now mine:

Jason or Justin Bateman?

no question:

Justine (at least she's standing up for writers)

And how could you leave of those girls from Sex in the City (Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha)?

I'll take Samantha (at least I wouldn't have to work at it...)

Anonymous said...

What Rashad Khan said...

"Erin Andrews or Bonnie Bernstein?"

Suzy Kolber. I want to kiss her, I couldn't care less about the other two.

Anonymous said...

Another one for us old farts...

Beatles vs. Stones

I'll take the Fab 4...

And George (the quiet Beatle)

Here's another one for you on the left coast:

Magic vs. Bird

I'll take Michael just the same, thank you.

Anonymous said...

ohmigawd, I picked Janet Reno...

Someone please help me.

ajm said...

Laurie Partridge over Marcia Brady, but only because I saw Susan Dey naked in LOOKER.

And if it already hasn't been brought up, I (narrowly) prefer Joel to Mike on MST3K.

Anonymous said...

Bailey/Jennifer is one of the great non-debates in history. Virtually everyone agrees it was Bailey, so what's the problem?

Ginger over Marianne

Jackie Smith over the field, she's held up the best over the years too

Cheryl Ladd over Farrah

Diane and Rebecca were both hot in a woman-you'd-actually-know kind of way. I favour Diane.

Laurie Partridge by a country mile if we're talking TV versions, but I'm not sure if she tops movie-Brady Christine Taylor

Betty Cooper over Betty Rubble....Archie was a fool for even considering Veronica

Erin Andrews over Bonnie Bernstein. EA without the TV makeup would still look pretty normal, whereas I think Bonnie sans makeup is a big downgrade. I base this on nothing but my own dumbass opinion, by the way.

Michelle Ryan over Wagner, I'm probably the only person who will vote this way

Pleshette over Mary Frann in a rout

I call shenanigans in picking between the Housewives. Eva L. is younger, and Hatcher and Sheridan have had so much work done it's like trying to choose between baseball players in the steroid and non-steroid era. I vote for Marcia Cross circa 1994 or Teri Hatcher circa 1994.

Summer on the OC, no question

Betty White over Bea Arthur, Betty was actually a looker back in the day

Uh, I'll presume you meant Kelly over Valerie or Brenda on 90210....

Rob said...

I can't believe nobody has said...

Mary Kate or Ashley

The correct answer is Skeletor.

Anonymous said...

Generally speaking, brunettes win. I've only listed the shows I'm at least passingly familiar with. And I'm not that into men.



Farah Fawcett or Cheryl Ladd (also CHARLIE’S ANGELS)? Feh!

Rebecca (CHEERS). What, no love for Carla?

Cutthroat Bitch (HOUSE) Definitely more interesting

Lindsay Wagner (BIONIC WOMAN). Sigh

Mary Frann as Bob Newhart’s wife

Susan or Lynette or Bree or Gabrielle or Edie (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES) Haven't seen the show often enough to know who's whom. Besides, none of 'em is that desperate

Betty White on GOLDEN GIRLS. Betty White is one of the funniest people ever.

Princess Jasmine

And finally….

Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan in I’M NOT HERE

estiv said...

Okay, here goes:

Harpo was my favorite Marx brother.

Brian Jones was my favorite Stone. Plus, he's in I'm Not There (actually, it's an actor playing him--he's dead).

Jane Curtin was the sexiest female member of the original SNL cast.

Spock was, as conventional wisdom holds, the coolest member of the original Star Trek cast.

Bruce Willis was cooler than John Travolta in Pulp Fiction.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Teacher--I think I have the wrong version of this quiz.

Anonymous said...

Just checking the late returns from Dixville Notch (get it?) before calling it a night. Perhaps one more question for discussion:
What are we, TWELVE?

Stella Louise said...

Ginger or Marianne (GILLIGAN’S ISLAND)? - Mary Ann

Kate Jackson or Farah Fawcett or Jackie Smith (CHARLIE’S ANGELS)? - Jaclyn Smith (she's STILL the hottest one!)

Farah Fawcett or Cheryl Ladd (also CHARLIE’S ANGELS)? - Farrah

Dick York or Dick Sargent (BEWITCHED)? - I can't tell them apart...

Diane or Rebecca ( CHEERS)? - Rebecca, hands down.

Marcia Brady or Laurie Partridge? -

Betty (ARCHIE) or Betty (FLINTSTONES)? - Betty/Archie

Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert? -
Jon Stewart

Patty or Cathy (PATTY DUKE SHOW)? -
OK, that was before my time (wait, weren't they BOTH Patty Duke?)

Daniel Craig or Sean Connery? -
Daniel Craig

Lindsay Wagner or Michelle Ryan (BIONIC WOMAN)? -

Suzanne Pleshette or Mary Frann as Bob Newhart’s wife? -
Suzanne Pleshette (With that sexy, raspy voice? That one was easy!)

Tom Brady (PATRIOTS) or Peyton Manning (COLTS)?

Peyton--Tom Brady skeeves me out.

Susan or Lynette or Bree or Gabrielle or Edie (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES)?

Edie (Susan is the LEAST grating to live with? Does this person WATCH the show?)

Marcus Carl Franklin or Ben Whishaw or Heath Ledger or Christian Bale or Richard Gere or Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan in I’M NOT HERE?

Haven't seen it yet, but Cate Blanchett rocks!

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen the Dylan pic (which I believe is actually called "I'm Not THERE" isn't it?), but the correct answer is Adam Sandler in "Reign Over Me."

I concur with anonymous that it's generally brunettes over blondes (Mary Ann, Bailey, Jaclyn Smith, Pleshette), but I'll make exceptions for Archie's Betty and Bionic Lindsay.

I'm sure Cutthroat Bitch would deliver as only an evil crazy woman can, but 13 is a real beauty (and as a former O.C. cast member, she might win in that race, too, if not for Mindy Clarke's Julie, who's got it all over the young'uns on that show). And I'll write in Valerie for my 90210 vote (damn, why do I know these shows?).

When I was a kid, my cousin and I used to play "Man from UNCLE." I was Napoleon Solo, and I had that radio that folded out into a rifle. Imagine my thrill about a month ago when I spotted Ilya Kuryakin himself, David McCallum, browsing the aisles of a CVS Pharmacy with his (I presume) wife. We chatted for a moment; he was very pleasant and amusing. Quite a thrill for a Baby Boomer.

Brent McKee said...

Let's face it, the older you get the more sophisticated your tastes. The initial attraction when hormones start kicking in might be for Ginger or Jennifer because they've got "big boobs" or extreme curves, the sophisticated gentleman realizes that those things aren't everything, a warm and loving personality is a great aphrodisiac. (Though to be fair, Dawn Wells wasn't exactly lacking in the breast or curves department - she was Miss Nevada at one point).

And any man who says he wouldn't want to see just how "identical" those "cousins" really were is a lowdown dirty liar.

Jake Hollywood said...

Oh, how did these people get left off the list? So, let's add them now:

Nick Counter vs Patric Verrone


by a country mile.

Anonymous said...

Marcia Brady or Laurie Partridge?
Can I cast a write in vote for Penny Robinson and Linda Williams (Angela Cartwright)?

Erin Andrews or Bonnie Bernstein (ESPN -- pictured above)?

Suzanne Pleshette or Mary Frann as Bob Newhart’s wife?
Not too many votes for Carlene Watkins?

Napoleon Solo or Illya Kuryakin (THE MAN FROM UNCLE)?
I'm a Mr. Waverly fan.

Bea Arthur or Betty White on GOLDEN GIRLS?
Betty. She'll get a discount on flea medicine for my cats.

Ariel or Princess Jasmine?

Cap'n Bob said...

Someone told me that the reason Betty White and Allan Ludden got along so well is because they both liked young men. I don't know if it's true but it's funny.

Diane (Rebecca is uglier than sin)

Mike Barer said...

Tune in next week for SNL vs Laugh in.

Anonymous said...

OK, I can not comment on which women are hotter. You might as well ask a man born without eyes what his favorite color is, although, closing my eyes, I take Bea Arthur over Betty white, because she sounds like a man.

Now then. Dick Sergeant. 1. He was in color. 2. He's better looking. 3. I met him a couple of times, and even performed for him, and he was a charming, courageous man.

Jon Stewart is definately hotter. Colbert is very funny, but I've met both together, and Jon shines like the Sun.

Daniel Craig now or Sean Connery 1962 - Connery

Daniel Craig now or Sean Connery now - Craig.

Roger Moore or Bonzo the Chimp - Bonzo.

Napoleon Solo or Illya Kuryakin - Illya. No contest. Not even close. I always felt those poor women who had to smooch Vaughn should have gotten extra pay.

When Marcus Carl Franklin, Ben Whishaw, Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, Richard Gere, and Cate Blanchett all play Dylan Thomas ask me again.

Anonymous said...

#13 of course, although she might end up having some horrible genetic disease and you'd be stuck changing her diapers for ever...

Tim Dunleavy said...

And the toughest question this season: Charlotte (Chuck) Charles or Olive Snook?

emily said...

The only ones I feel qualified to comment on:

Jon Stewart over anyone
McDreamy over McSteamy (okay, it wasn't on the original list, but it spoke to me)

Mike Barer said...

Try this Jeannie vs Samantha?
Munsters vs Adams Family?
My Mother The Car Vs Mr. Ed?
Tom Brokaw vs Brian Williams?
(It's 2007 guys, we don't know about the scandal)
Chet and David vs Walter Cronkite?