Monday, September 01, 2008

Good news for PRISON BREAK fans!

prison reak tv showDr. Sara Tancredi is back!

Dwindling fans of the show will remember that she was killed and decapitated last season. But the resulting outcry prompted the producers to reconsider. The only slight complication: how to bring her back? Producers of PRISON BREAK have often been accused of absurd storytelling but this time I think they’ve devised an ingenious and completely plausible explanation.

Once Michael & Lincoln escape from the Panamanian prison (they morphed into birds and flew out – another story turn easy to buy), they enter a cantina to have a brew and discover Senor Wences is alive and still performing. He would now be 130 (but I don’t have a problem believing that). In his act he converses with the head in the box and sure enough it’s Dr. Sara!

Michael is overjoyed but now must face his toughest break-out yet. He and his brother must spring Sara from Senor Wences’ ironclad stage trunk. This becomes the 22 episode story arc for season four.

They enlist the inside help of “Johnny” (Wences’s hand) but is he a true friend or foe (two-handed)?

A further complication: “T-Bag” Bagwell suddenly falls in love with Sara, now that she’s just a severed head, his stated preference for women.

And still another thorny problem that will be addressed realistically: Sara hears her biological clock ticking and wants to conceive children.

This season promises to be action-packed with twists and turns even Chekhov would marvel at.

PRISON BREAK premiered Monday night. If you missed it I’m sure it’s available on line. Or you could always just rent BOXING HELENA.


Ollie said...

Geez. I hope that they don't try to bring Toby back to The Office the same way...

Anonymous said...

I missed tonight's show.....How do I see it on line?'s one of my faves.......

Anonymous said...

Well, as long as you're snarking on shows that used to be good, allow me to remind people that there's a good way to deal with network television and its b.s. - turn it off. As my ex-boss Steven Bochco said in an interview in the West Coast Class A Litterbox Liner formerly known as the Los Angeles Times, basic cable is the only place a guy like him can do the kind of shows he does.

Just caught "Raising The Bar." I love shows that show the system is as totally corrupt as it actually is (I speak from the experience of 12 years in professional politics to tell you that's the truth - all we can hope for come November is Less Shitheadedness by not voting for the professional shitheads, er, I mean the Republicans.) - and I really liked the show. For me, it's another LA Law/NYPD Blue, with room to "expand" those network shows couldn't, and no network show ever will.

Also, "The Shield" is back tomorrow night for its final season, and Sean promises that the final scene of the final episode will not "fade to black."

"Sonos of Anarchy" on Wednesday night looks good and has "good buzz."

And there's always "Burn Notice" on Thursday.

Obviously not the comedies Ken is renowned for, but also shows that are "about something," like the best of what he used to be able to do (not that he couldn't do so now - it's just the morons won't let him).

Ken - ever thought of pitching an edgy comedy "about something" to FX or TNT?????

Anonymous said...

That anonymous post coems from TCinLA because my "bloggeraccount" doesn't want to recognize me.

Rays profile said...

The only problem is, her lines are limited to "s'all right" and "s'okay."

Anonymous said...

The democrats don't have any professional shit heads????? Where has anonymous been all these years? There is not one honest person serving in Congress on either side. An honest person can't get elected because they will never get enough anyonymie votes. They have to tell the anyonymie what the anyonymie want to hear: "What will you give me - free?" We have shithead politicians because we allow them. Clinton didn't the even have balls to admit to a blow job - as a dishonorable coward, he chose to lie. We have crappy TV and movies because we watch them. We have criminal athletes because we want to win - we are drawn to cheap hero's because we are cheap. We can't put our names on our postings because we might piss someone off and that could cost us something - Wow, does that sound like a bit like shithead politics?

Anonymous said...

david: the anonymous post was by tcinla. He took credit for it in the post directly beneath. Say what you want about the guy, but you gotta admit he's never been one to worry about pissing someone off.

Anonymous said...

'Ken - ever thought of pitching an edgy comedy "about something" to FX or TNT?????'

He already had one of those on FX.

Anonymous said...

"TCinLA said...
That anonymous post coems from TCinLA because my "bloggeraccount" doesn't want to recognize me.

9/01/2008 11:39 PM"

The HUMAN RACE does not even recognize you Cleaver. You are a total waste of $4 worth of chemicals.