Saturday, September 13, 2008


Getting a lot of email questions on THE SITCOM ROOM. Registration continues to go well. Only a few spots remain. In the interest of saving myself having to write the answers a whole bunch of times:

Do I need any particular type of experience to register to be a part of this?

No, just the strong desire to take part in the exercise. With the SITCOM ROOM you'll gain the experience, which will give you a big head in breaking in start since there are no other programs like this. The concept has been so successful that I'm expanding. My next venture: PRESIDENTIAL WAR ROOM.

I really want to do this, but that is too much money. Is there a way I could come and just watch, for half of the price or something?

I'm afraid not. A real sitcom writing room doesn't allow visitors. "What happens in the room stays in the room", which is good because otherwise every writer in there would be sued on any number of charges. The most exciting part of this entire weekend will be working as part of a team. Everyone contributes, and they need to be able to pitch jokes and ideas freely, without worrying about how it might look to some "outsider."

Your site will not allow me to register. There is nowhere to 'click' and input my registration information. How do I register?

Oops, you jumped the gun. You tried to register before we began accepting registrations. If you go there now, you'll see exactly where to click.

When does the actual course start? Where? Or is it an online course?

It's a live, 2-day event, in Los Angeles, November 15 - 16, 2008. 9 AM Saturday until 5 PM Sunday, with maybe a couple of hours to sleep (you think I'm kidding).

Thanks to everyone for their questions. Please pick up your lovely parting gift before you leave.

Hope to see you in November....


P.S. Remember, registration closes either when 20 people have registered OR on Tuesday, September 16, at 8:59 PM (PDT)...whichever comes first.


Dan O’Day said...

I don't recall his last name, but the third guy from the left was named Shecky.

charlotte said...

This sounds like an amazing educational opportunity. Wish it had been a class in filmschool! I sure hope some of you 20 lucky folks who attend blog afterwards about your experience. (Jealous=me ;)

Graham Powell said...

Love the graphic. "You can't laugh in here! This is the Sitcom Room!"