Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hawaii so far

Happy President's Day. Thought I'd share some exotic photos I took with my iPhone. Here's Maui at night. There are so many artists and craftsmen on the island. Here's a jewelry stand featuring the best of local talent.

I forget. This is either a pig for tonight's luau or a glass blower.

A limbo contest. There were six of us taking pictures -- only of this girl.

This is from the Wailea Marriott. Maybe the worst room in Hawaii. It's right on the corridor leading from the lobby to all the rooms and the pool.

Makawao -- a charming cowboy town. It's where you can find western wear and of course, sushi.

The U.S. Synchronized Swimming Team. A lock for the gold.

More nature... the caverns and lagoons on Maui are breathtaking.

And even though this last picture doesn't give you a good sense of Hawaii I thought I'd include it anyway.


Unknown said...

Great. Before I always had the slim chance that Hawaii is horribly overcrowded, too expensive and overall unpleasant.

Now you have proof of the contrary. Shame on your for making me jealous, never was before reading your travelogues. *sigh*

Reminds me of the woman who sat next to me on my flight to San Francisco who had a layover to Hawaii and was going to stay for 6 months.

Ah well. Only solace is that I have no friends and alone on Hawaii wouldn't be that much better than here in the snow *sob*

Anonymous said...

I'll be your friend if you take me to Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

I'll be your friend if you take me to Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Lots of fat old people in Hawaii.

Gridlock said...

Wow. Lots of fat old people in America.

There, fixed it for you.

Unknown said...

I thought of you, Beev, whenever we played A WHITER SHADE OF PALE.

The lolo malihini haole eating ultraviolet rays of paradise. Happy days in OGG. Next time you can show me around.

And, auwe, your snapshots are so REVEALING of what is never seen by those who leave their suite scene. GET DOWN, BRUDDAH!

flatolka: Lawrence Welk off key

Aloha kakahiaka,
#5 in Kahala,
with a mullet

Anonymous said...

Could you please go to Little Beach, which is a short walk from.....Big Beach (aka Makenna) and take some people pictures?

Howzit Ron? Shaka Brah!

Anonymous said...

I kid you not - computer froze up on limbo girl.....

Anonymous said...

NOW there 's a reason to go to Hawaii that I didn't have before. WAL-MART!

What is with the palm trees, don't you have them in ElLay?

Funny beginning to the week!

blogward said...

That was almost as good a picture of Hawaii as an episode of 'Dog the Bounty Hunter'.

WV: slomme - Jewish drinks toast, like 'Skol', or 'Cheers' (no reference intended).

Tom Quigley said...


The Travel Channel just called. They want to talk to you about a development deal....

Ray Sanford said...

Stick to writing.

Anonymous said...

I'll take over for you in March when we're there on the Big Island.

VP81955 said...

Gee -- Hawaii is just like Dumfries, Va., only with nicer sunsets. Who knew?

wv: "coschy" -- a feeling unknown to me, since I've never met anyone named Cosch.

Anonymous said...

A few pertinent questions need to be answered:

Did you get lei'd more at the airport or the hotel?

Did you spend any lonely nights on on the island of Lakuhnuki?

Did you see any Hos walking the streets (Don's family)?

Anonymous said...

What? No pics of our illustrious Costco or Krispy Kreme? :) If you happen to find yourself far down the other end of Kula Road I recommend continuing on to Ulapalakua Ranch around lunchtime for a grilled Elk burger.

Coincidental timing for me too, I had no idea you were on-island as I've been rewatching the MASH DVD set and hit season 6 yesterday and noticed your name on each episode so far. :)

Enjoy your stay and aloha!

Anonymous said...

Great pics of Maui. We were just there two weeks ago. Glass blowing looks like Hot Island Glass in Makawao. Stayed at the Fairmont Kea Lani. Recognize Marriot and Grand Wailea. Hope you had a great time

By Ken Levine said...

Ron Jacobs is one of my favorite people in the entire world. If you haven't got your copy of his book on Obama's growing up on Hawaii -- OBAMALAND, treat yourself. It's GREAT.

Aloha Whodaguy.

Ken (or Beev)

Anonymous said...

WV: bungspa (i shit you not!) Ex-Senator Larry Craig's favorite Carribean hideaway

Too slow on the first comment so I got a second one...

WV: mateniag- Two characteristics that describe my first wife

PALGOLAK said...

Rub it in, cocksuker.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to hit Chang's Beach and the one outside Maui Prince Hotel. Both have great snorkeling.

Check Da Kitchen for great cheap eats.

Learn about No one stays in hotels anymore.