Tuesday, March 03, 2009

It's coming

My review of tonight's AMERICAN IDOL will appear in a few hours. I'd rather go out to dinner and watch and review it later. Can you blame me?


YEKIMI said...

Nope, eating first beats eating & watching AI at the same time...reduces the chance of violently vomiting.

Ben Scripps said...

Remember the advice of the fighter pilot, who, prior to a flight, told Sports Illustrated's Rick Reilly to eat bananas. Reilly asked if it was because of the potassium, to which the pilot replied "No, because they taste the same going down as they do coming back up."

Anonymous said...

Going out for a good meal when you can is great. However I have noticed several places in town that I frequent (or have as the case may be) have continuously raised their prices, just to keep ahead I suppose. Unfortunately I have had to stop going to them as the price of a meal out is becoming quite expensive. I feel for the owners in these times but when meals almost double in price at mid range places it is a bit more than I can afford.