Friday, June 19, 2009

Radio that you can see

Usually when my partner, Josh Suchon and I host Dodger Talk on 790 KABC we're locked away in a secluded studio. But Thursday night we took our show on the road, to the Baseline Club Box lounge at Dodger Stadium. It was great fun. We had a big turnout. Lots of real valuable Dodger chazerei to give away, and what's more exciting than watching two guys talking into microphones? Hopefully, these remotes will become a regular feature. Thanks to everyone for coming out. I pray you all had designated drivers. Here's a glimpse of what went on.

Listeners were invited to come up and ask their questions live on the air. Not sure the table was enough protection for us.
How insane was this? People asking for my autograph. I signed them Manny Ramirez.
I'm not sure. I think this is when the crowd turned ugly.
What picture collection would be complete without one where you look like an idiot. That's a wolf hat I'm wearing? Fans wear these when Randy Wolf pitches or they want to get out of jury duty. In the middle there is Linda Eav who provided the photos.
Hope to see you the next time we do this, assuming they ever let us NEAR the public again.


Unknown said...

Next time tell us beforehand and I'll fly the 9000 miles just to annoy you with zilly tscherman kwestschns ;-)

Mike Bell said...

I LOVE the Base Line Club! The best seats Denise and I ever had, and I still have my LED blinky Dodger beer glass. (note: Not really that dishwasher friendly) You're almost tempted to spend the game in the lounge. But our seats were five rows back to the left of the Dodger dugout, so no way were we going to pass that up.

Sadly, the guy that gave us the tickets didn't renew his season tix this year. Something about an "economic downturn" or some other nonsense.

Michael Green said...

I'd like to see Vin Scully in that wolf hat.

He used to get silly. He and Jerry Doggett once did an ad for bat day and starting hitting each other with the bats--which, I'm happy to say, were plastic, not wood or, heaven help us, aluminum.

Joe said...

It would have been especially touching had your eyeglass lenses darkened up when you put on your wolf hat.

("Wolf Hat"? Isn't that what Himmler called his summer beach house?)

Johhn said...

They used to have a radio booth in the right field restaurant (the Rawlings Sports Bar) down in Arlington for the local pre/post-game chatters. Saw it in action a few years ago when my friend's daughter was confined to a wheelchair while recovering from a car crash and we sat in one of the booths at the window (I suppose it worked for the background restaurant noise buzz, but you can't see the right- or center-fielder due to the overhang, and the back part of the sports bar could barely see anything at all but a sliver of the field, so they had to watch the game on TV -- with a 7-second delay. Weird to watch something happen on the field and then hear have the bar react to it seven second later).

Anonymous said...

This is a good show. Hilarious.I enjoy watching Frasier.The cast is brilliant and the writing is absolutely top-notch.Frasier TV Show is one of the funniest shows on tv.

christopher said...

you guys took our manny, but we got Jason Bay and he can play'em off the monster too.

playfull said...

I was just wondering...Which do you think of as the 'day job', writing or radio? Which one pays the bills?

Falling LEAVes said...

Hey Michael, I (the owner of that Wolf hat) would be more than willing to lend the hat personally to Vin Scully! And I have proof of what Ken may or may not have signed ... ;-)