Sunday, September 26, 2010

MAD MEN factoids. Why???

MAD MEN has been exceptional this year! But what is with those “factoids” they introduced this week leading into commercials and promos? What’s next? Pop Up Videos?

Joan: I can go alone.
Roger: You sure you don’t want me to drive you?
Joan: No, I’m fine.

BLIP! This appears:

“Colorado was the first state to legalize abortions”.

Don: Sally, I have two tickets to see the Beatles.
Sally screams.


“The Beatles performed at Shea Stadium in August 1965 and Mets players complained about the resulting condition of the outfield.”

These are the kinds of extras I guess you can expect on the DVD.


YEKIMI said...

one day you'll be watching and *blip* "Ken Levine bitches about these factoids."

DJ said...

Some are disguised commercials, or lead-ins to commercials. For example, telling you what "BMW" stands for or that Chase has used their logo since 1960. Got to squeeze every little bit of revenue out of this thing while they can...

Pat Reeder said...

I agree that all such pop-ups, crawls and other on-screen distractions are a major irritant and whoever invented them should be hauled outside and guillotined. But I have nothing really to add to the conversation. I just couldn't let this verification word go to waste:


If that isn't a real word, then it deserves to be.

Paul Duca said...

Still I am impressed the the willingness of Unilever to take the time and expense to create commercials that can only be used on MAD MEN--the ones set in its own 60's era ad agency, selling many of its vast line (Hellmann's, Breyer's, Klondie, Suave).

MikeN said...

I never noticed any of these popups. Is this when they cut to commercial?

I also don't get the Don desertion line. How is he at risk?
If he is guilty of desertion, doesn't that mean that Don Draper is guilty of desertion?

KB said...

solution to the pop-ups. get MM on iTunes.

it's a solution to the commercials also.

AND a solution to having to deal with Time Warner Cable.

DaveMB said...

Dick Whitman is guilty of desertion because he switched dog tags with the real Don, whose term in Korea was almost finished while Dick's had just started. Had he not switched the tags, he would have had to stay in Korea after healing from his injuries. I've seen some good speculation on Alan Sepinwall's blog as to whether a good lawyer could get Dick off were he to confess, but it wouldn't be easy and would certainly end his career as Don Draper. Dick/Don thinks they would shoot him, which is probably wrong but not completely crazy, it being a wartime desertion.

Anonymous said...

this wasn't on the version of the episode I watched

*blip* Pirated episodes TV shows are often better than the broadcast version.

cpreynolds said...

I re-watch it "on demand" and they have those types of factoids before the commercials.

Kaleberg said...

They don't have those factoids on the downloads. Instead, they have a teaser up front reminding us that the show is available broadcast (and probably cable). Is that the opposite of an advertisement, convincing me not to buy the download?

Kaleberg said...

DaveMB - Whitman might stand a better chance if he plays the PTSD card right. Remember, he had a head injury. I'll bet Henry knows a good lawyer or two, and he doesn't want Dick Whittington in his closet.