Saturday, October 23, 2010

Here's the team that should win DANCING WITH THE STARS

On DANCING WITH THE HOPE-TO-STARS Monday night, "teen activist" Bristol Palin attempted to show personality and humor in her dance.  She even went to Clown School.   (I could do a joke here about them offering a mother-daughter discount but of course I'm way above that.)  Anyway, the results were as expected.  There's a reason the nickname for dancing is hoofing.

But for an example of great comic dancing -- here are Laurel & Hardy doing a production number to their favorite song -- their signature song actually -- Oy Yey Como Va by Santana.  Hit it, boys!!


D. McEwan said...

One of my favorite clips (I've posted it a couple times myself, because I love it so deeply) from their second-greatest film, Way Out West. They are really showing their music hall roots.

The bass voice in the singers is Chill Wills.

And in the film, only a few minutes later, they sing The Trail of the Lonesome Pine with equal charm. (And again, the voice of Chill Wills is heard, overdubbing Stan as a gag towards the end.

D. McEwan said...

Oops. I hadn't click on it yet, knowing it so well. Why use the Santana music, instead of the much-more enjoyable actual soundtrack?

Jeff said...

There are a bunch of YouTube clips of this scene set to different songs. A couple of the best: Stan and Ollie dance to '60s pop ("Sugar Sugar" by the Archies) and '80s funk ("Party Train" by the Gap Band).

scottmc said...

Top 10 Reasons to love Vladimir Guerrero:

10) His name sounds like he's a hockey player.
9) He'll enter the Hall of Fame wearing a Montreal Expos cap.
8) His Game 6 double eliminated the Yankees on Friday night.
7) His strike zone is from the dirt up. (Once hit a single on a ball that bounced first in front of the plate.)
6) I saw him crush a home run in Olympic Stadium that was the hardest ball I'd ever seen hit.
5) In his prime he had the best right field arm since Roberto Clemente.
4) His Game 6 double eliminated the Yankees on Friday night.
3) When a free agent he picked the Angels over the Yankees.
2) Sarah Palin thinks he's the President of Russia.
1) His Game 6 double eliminated the Yankees on Friday night.

DaveMB said...

Dear scottmc -- thanks for that. As a Red Sox fan, I'm obligated to root for a team once owned by G. W. Bush. Your post helps me feel better about that, along with the fact that in their last year in Washington and first year in Texas, they were managed by Ted Williams.

WV: ingsoli -- almost, but not quite, the ideology of Oceania in Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Anonymous said...

This makes me smile. I love the Santana - ha!

Roger Owen Green said...

Nice mashup.

Ian said...

"Oy Yey" Como Va? That must be from the Yiddish version of the song.

Mister Charlie said...

Love the dance! LOL

Kirk said...

I love Laurel and Hardy, with or without Santana.