Saturday, October 23, 2010

notes from the campaign trail

The President of the United States managed to come to Los Angeles yesterday without crippling the entire southland. The last time was ridiculous. It would have caused less inconvenience if we were all just ordered to evacuate the city. Thirteen million people spending two days sleeping on cots in the Lancaster High School gym. That way the security detail would be satisfied that President Obama could get to Steven Spielberg’s house in time for cocktails.

After the huge public outcry, and by that I mean a rant in this blog, the city basically said to the President what the Viper Room said to Amy Winehouse – if you’re going to cause that much of a disturbance we don’t want you.

So this time the Prez took a helicopter from LAX to the USC campus. (He flew in Marine 1, which is not nearly as tricked out as the chopper Kobe Bryant uses to fly to the Staples Center before games.)

After Mr. Obama’s stirring speech to the students – not realizing that USC could not be more Republican if it were in Wyoming – he moved on to Glendale, thankfully not closing Santa Monica and Mission Viejo in the process.

He was joined at USC by other Democratic candidates fighting for their political lives. And this brings up this question – why is it we only see our elected officials when they’re up for re-election or fundraising? Jerry Brown I can understand. Linda Rondstadt is no longer touring. But how come Senator Barbara Boxer can’t swing by the Rose Bowl swap meet just one Sunday or the Museum of Broadcastings’ salute to Tyra Banks? Wouldn’t you Californians have loved to see Governor Schwarzenegger at the Barnes & Noble at the Grove answering questions and signing DVD copies of ERASER? I mean, I assume the governor and congressmen of California have residences here. And you’ve been there enough that you have a ballpark idea of where they are. Check in with us once in a while.   Even when you don’t want something from us.

But either come by helicopter or real late at night. I’d like to meet you and express my concerns for California, but not if means missing a signal because of a goddamn motorcade.


Justin Vestal said...

I feel your pain. I too have had my city thrown into chaos by the commander in chief and his giant green helicopter. I live in Chicago so I'm considering egging his house this Halloween as payback.

DJ said...

Hope that's not your real name, "Justin." You wouldn't want the Secret Service paying you a visit.

Roger Owen Green said...

Or your real picture on your profile, Justin. they know who you are, you may end up in some gulag. Wait, that was the Soviet Union. Wasn't it?

YEKIMI said...

Nowadays you may end up on a Googlelog.

te said...

If the president (any president) didn't come by every once in a while, some people would use that as proof that he (or she) is ignoring us.

Chris Anton said...

I live in northern California. My local newspaper, the Appeal-Democrat, just ran a headline, "Boxer returns after 6-year absence". She made a pro-rice speech to rice farmers.