Saturday, October 22, 2011

What I did last summer

With the World Series still in full swing, thought I'd make this a picture day with some photos I took while covering the Mariners this year. 
Most beautiful stadium in AL -- ours.  Safeco Field, Seattle
The great Bob Uecker
The statues in Comerica Park, Detroit
Comerica Park in beautiful downtown Motown
Any time I was in Cleveland it rained
Just before the monsoon
Fenway, home of the beer-drinking, fried chicken-eating Red Sox
Wrestler mask night in Anaheim
My perch
The Yankee museum at the impressive new Yankee Stadium.
Sunset at empty Dodger Stadium
I think this is Texas
The team bus breaking down in Texas
Stunning Target Field in Minnesota.  Where's the roof?


Rich Resse said...

Nice pics, Ken, post more any time! Must've been the April visit to Texas cuz the grass, the Big T and the photographer had not melted, yet.

Anonymous said...

The Safeco Field picture must have had the fans digitally implanted. I don't remember seeing that many people there...all season...combined!

Paul Duca said...

No pictures of those hot young female athletes who shared the hotel with you in Texas?

Anonymous said...

It was Ichiro, Chocolate figurine night #5, two pounds of Chocolate to the first 2,000 people.

SkippyMom said...

Fabulous pics Ken. Makes me miss baseball season already. [Nats fan here, so, no we aren't watching the World Series.]

You have a great [other] job! We are very jealous. :)

Breadbaker said...

The Safeco picture is actually a bit of an optical illusion. If you click on it to blow it up, you can see that the stands aren't that full at all.

Dan Tedson said...

You're living the life, my friend. Seattle's gotta play some interleague games with my Cubbies so you can get some Wrigley pix up there. Or maybe we'll just poach you like any frightened GM's that wander too close, sending Brenly and Kasper to Boston as compensation for Epstein and the slaw.

Anonymous said...

Nice! The fog in that Cleveland shot is cool!

tb said...

Looks like the mother ship from Independence Day is about to land in right field at Safeco!

Supervenient Man said...

Great pics - the more I see of Comerica Park, the better!

That said... seeing you between the words "ball" and "strike" makes me want to kick you in the crotch. Nothing personal; just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Juuuuust a bit outside!

Great pictures! We should have Seattle play St. Louis for inter-league play!

Pam aka SisterZip

Mike Barer said...

Could you see Texas in the World Series? I could, Jason Hamilton and Elvis Andrus were great.

PatGLex said...

And all I've ever gotten from my stadium visits is a pin; no cool pictures. (Well, maybe some cool pictures, but they're on other people's cameras.) At least I have some proof that I've been there.

Neumann said...

Nice pitures.. Glad to see you back for another year with Rizz and Blow.

Do you think you need an odd and perhaps vaguely obscene nickname for your broadcasts?