Saturday, December 10, 2011

In case you missed them...

A couple of posts from this week kinda got lost because of my Harry Morgan posts, so in case you missed either of 'em:

Notes on Giving Notes


How HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER should end

I spent at least fifteen minutes writing each of them so it's a pity to let them go to waste.  Thanks. 


xjill said...

Thanks for the heads up - I did miss the HIMYM one. People have been assuming we'll meet the mother long before the finale but I've always hoped the last words on the show are "and that's how I met your mother" i.e. we don't know who it is until the last ep.

CONGRATS on once again making Time's Best Of list! GO KEN!

p.s. Nancy Travis was sitting next to me at a play last weekend and I swear I almost spoke to her. Almost.

The Milner Coupe said...

What happened to the Bobby Valentine post?

R's Woman said...

Didn't miss them Ken! Catching up on all of them tonight, so no wastage here!

Re: giving feedback to writers (or on people's ideas/work whatever field they're in).... one of my favorites is: "I'm not feeeeeling this".

Have a great week!