Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thanks Seattle!

... To my peeps who attended the meet-and-greet at F.X. McCrory's today. Could've been real embarrassing if no one showed up.

I have some photos but don't know how to re-size them with my iPad Blogger Ap. So photos to come when I get home. This is why I wish Steve Jobs was still alive.


Frank Abe said...

Of course we all showed up, don't be silly. Thanks for regaling us for nearly two hours with your hilarious stories and off-the-record asides. Thanks for signing my book.

I forgot to thank you for blogging in the past about our shared appreciation for Bond movies and not just The Beach Boys music but the genius of Brian Wilson in particular. I hope you'll write later this year about the 50th anniversary tour of the Boys, and Brian's reuniting for ths special purpose with cousin Mike Love.

Thanks for taking the time today, and hoping for more run production tonight from the mighty M's.

Liggie said...

Thanks for the visit and the coverage advice. Sorry I couldn't stay longer, but the Syracuse minor league story was worth it.

From the guy in the hat who talked too much. :)

Liggie said...

Thanks for meeting us! Sorry I couldn't stay longer, but that Syracuse-Borneo story was worth it!

P.S. Remember how you said soccer games are all 1-0 after an hour? That's exactly what happened with the Sounders: they won 1-0 with the goal coming an hour in.

Rebounding said...

I never know how to figure out your schedule when you travel with the team, so if you ever DO come to Kansas City, even if I'm the only one there, I'd love to take you to lunch if you're looking for a few hours to kill.

Paul Duca said...

Off topic, but I've got some hot poop about potential new shows. I got a survey asking me to rate possible programs, potential cast members, and the like. Thought I'd defy the confidentiality rule and share with you

WONDERFUL WORLD--average family moves into community where all the neighbors are space aliens, yet in many ways so much like us.

PRESSURE COOKER--female executive gets laid off, only to discover that her decision to be a stay-at-home mom isn't working out the way she planned it.

RED VAN MAN--lovable misfit returns home to take over his father's handyman business, and struggles to keep his head above water.

PENOZA--a woman realizes she is part of a family of criminals, and she finds herself entering that dark world to protect and avenge her loved ones.

ZERO HOUR--a professional skeptic finds himself in a mystery that crosses time and space, with dangerous ramifications, starting with finding his missing wife.

THE SMART ONE--two sisters with different temperments... one intellectual, the other popular. When the popular one gets elected mayor of their city, their mom gets her sibling to join with her to do the job.

DARK HORSE--a young man finds himself part of a mysterious group battling a terrifying political conspiracy.

SCRUPLES--a woman battles sex, scandal and struggle in founding a fashion empire in "early" Beverly Hills (I don't know if that means MAD MEN era or 30s/40s Golden Age of Hollywood).

You've heard it here first!

Breadbaker said...

Thanks, Ken, that was a heckuva lot of fun. And it clearly brought good luck to the Mariners tonight.

(in case you were wondering, I'm the guy in the cycling gear).

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ken. It was fun having lunch with you today. And then going to the Mariners game with my sis to watch them win made this an awesome day. You are an excellent storyteller and were so gracious in answering our questions. Very much appreciated.

GMJ said...


It was nice to finally meet the person I recognized in the show's credits. Take care.

GMJ (a.k.a. Gary)

Johnny Walker said...

Paul, no offence meant to you, of course, but what an idiotic survey! How can anyone possibly judge a show from its synopsis??

Here's a few more: Which of the following would you like to see produced?

MASH - The show follows a group of young surgeons during the Korean War as they deal with the unrelenting horrors of trying to do their job mere miles from the frontline. Comedy.

Cheers - A womanzing, recovering alcoholic runs a bar. He hires a waitress who considers herself a serious academic, and their personalities clash in funny ways. Other characters include a compulsive drinker who hates his wife, a rude waitress who hates her kids, and a brain-damaged barman. Comedy suitable for the whole family.

Frasier - A pretentious, self-absorbed, Psychiatrist hosts his own radio show in Seattle, while living with his down-to-earth, ex-cop father. Huge laughs will come from his brother who is even more pretentious, married to a horrible woman, and suffers from OCD. Will mostly deal with issues surrounding mid-life angst. (Expected to be a big hit.)

Johnny Walker said...

It's also (possibly) worth noting for British readers that "RED VAN MAN" is a remake of the British comedy show, "WHITE VAN MAN". I've no idea why they picked that particular show to remake for US audiences, though.

Paul Duca said...

Johnny...WHITE VAN MAN is one of the alternative titles they let you pick.