Sunday, June 10, 2012

My new book is now available in paperback

Okay, all of you who said you'd wait for the paperback when the Kindle came out, now's your chance to make good. Please go here to order. Many thanks. And of course the Kindle version is still available right here.

Seriously, it would make a great Father's Day gift and if you order now you'll have it in plenty of time.  Trust me, Dad doesn't want a brunch.  He wants THIS. 

Here are two reviews -- one from someone I don't even know.  Tomorrow I review the Tonys (not that anyone will watch them). 

Fun and funny entertaining look back at the 60's through the eyes of a normal L.A. valley boy... insightful and dead-on. The Claudine Longet chapter was worth the price of the book by itself! Jam-packed with hilarious morsels, this book is nice because it's not some cheap 120 page double spaced nothing like one often seems to find in books attempting comedy. Anyone who grew up during or around this decade is sure to love it. ...Amusing and enjoyable read!


Ken Levine is a true pro and gentleman who writes with amazing charm, candor, insight and self-deprecation. The man's humanity comes shining through on every page. It's the story of a real guy telling a real story about a genuine slice of American life, not another navel-gazing treatise on the tumult we've heard a million times before. You emerge from this quick and exhilarating read feeling like this a guy you want to know better. He isn't afraid to show his nerdy warts or to admit he loves his parents. Indeed, something emerges in the prose that's uplifting and unexpected: We see a side of the '60s we haven't experienced before -- the real side featuring ordinary people leading ordinary lives. There's a sublime grace in that. Bravo to Ken for a book that's as honest as it is entertaining.

-Ray Richmond -- Contributor, Deadline Hollywood

You'll be supporting this ad-free blog (hint hint), alleviating yourself of any guilt, and enjoying a look back at a happier time when no one knew how to dress. 


Betsy said...

Now that you're on those kindle thingys and paper, when can an Apple geek gal purchase and download this from her iPad? It doesn't seem to be currently available in their iTunes/iBook store. If it's not out before my vacation, sadly I may be forced to download and read "Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang" instead. Do you want to be responsible for that?

Mike Barer said...

Congrats on your book!

Johnny Walker said...

Betsy, I believe you can buy Ken's book for your iPad through the Kindle App.

I'll be finding out myself, soon enough!

RCP said...

I'm happy to have just placed my order, Ken.

(NOW can I have my cats back? Charlie needs his medicine)

Johnny Walker said...

Here's a link to the free Kindle App for iPad. You can buy everything from the Kindle store with it and read it on your iPad -- no Kindle required!

Amazon Kindle iPad App

Johnny Walker said...

Ooh, it also works with iPhones and iPod touches.

Gary said...

Good stuff, Ken, I am enjoying it throughout the day. At $7., a real bargain.

Mike said...

My wife has the eBook, but I'd like my own paperback copy.

alan0825 said...

Just finished reading 'It's Gone'.
What a great book. I also own the travelogue book and have it on my Nook. So, chances are very good that I'll be getting the new book eventually. Love your writing and read the blog every day.

Pat Reeder said...

Okay, Ken, I just bought your book in paperback, even though as an Amazon Prime member, I could've read it for free. But that would be like going to Barnes & Noble, taking a chair, reading all afternoon and leaving without buying anything. I used to do that at Borders and look what happened.

Fair is fair, though. I expect you to check out my wife's project at Amazon now:

BTW, I'm one of the few straight men who actually watched the Tonys, so I'm looking forward to your review. What does it say, though, about the current state of Broadway musical writing that several actual musicals were passed over for Best Score in favor of two plays that had a little incidental music? And that after watching three hours of the best today's Broadway composers have to offer today, the tune that was stuck in my head at the end was "Sweet And Lowdown," a song written by George and Ira Gershwin in 1925?

Paul Duca said...

I just ordered a dead tree copy for a friend's birthday gift. He was born in 1959, bur remembers a lot growing up...a real 60's fanatic, although he runs toward the tailored suits/martinis/MOR pop side of things. He was MAD MEN long before Matthew Weiner thought of it.