Thursday, September 06, 2012

My Good Day LA appearance

From this morning. On with Steve Edwards and Lauren Sanchez. I was somewhat thrown by the fact that the people interviewing me actually read my book, but hopefully I hid it well. Thanks to everyone at Good Day LA!   Here's where you can go to actually get the book and hear what I really think of Neil Young.
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Paul Duca said...

Perfect timing...I found this clip that shows that even in the 60's, people looked upon you as a marketing demographic:

Roger Owen Green said...

182 games? (At 2:00) 162+1 wild card game+5+7+7=182. OK COULD happen...

Unknown said...

What a great segment. Thanks for putting the videos up. It's great to see that there are people out there who actually take their job seriously and read the book their guest is about to plug. Or have a PA read it and then at least read the cliff notes.

Great appearance. Hope this will boost your sales.

Speaking of which, how about you ask Chris Hardwick if you can come on the Nerdist Podcast? I mean Chris Matt and Jonah are all comedians and Chris started the podcast because he couldn't get the dozens of pilots he was on to make it to series. And all of them LOVE comedy and TV. Jonah just recently did a perfect Milhouse.

They are up to 250+ episodes now, there must be a way for you got get on there. Just drop Ben Blacker an email, remind him that "the guy from MASH" was wondering if Chris wants the guy who co-wrote the Dancin Homer episode on his show and maybe it will happen. You are in LA and if you drive yourself to the E! building with about two hours of time they might do it.

Just a thought. Pretend it's baseball and that it's a chance for you to do it.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I am going to say it again. You look so good for your age! Julie

Bob Johnson said...

Having just finished the book, it was a treat for me to see you on this segment and to see that Steve Edwards — who I believe used to do Sports Talk or maybe even Dodger Talk on KABC for a few years — is still going strong and still has a babe for a co-host.

He has outlived or outlasted Ralph Story, Regis Philbin, Geoff Edwards, Sarah Purcell and a hundred other morning TV hosts in L.A. Whenever I'm in SoCal, I always flip around the channels to see if I recognize anybody. To paraphrase The Real Don Steele, "Steve Edwards is alive! Alive!"

Ken, I'm just a little bit younger than you, but close enough that I'd be interested to know if you ever watched any of the kids' programs on L.A. TV when you were growing up? Engineer Bill? Sheriff John? Hobo Kelly? Your book (wisely) began a little later in your life.

Bob Johnson

By Ken Levine said...

Thanks everybody.

Sebastian, is the Nerdist podcast different from a podcast of a Nerdist panel discussion? I did one of the latter in February and it's posted if you want to seek it out. But is the podcast different? I'd be happy to go on that too. Thanks.

By Ken Levine said...


I watched all those shows... along with Skipper Frank, Tom Hatten, and Jimmy Weldon & Webster Webfoot.

LOVED 'em.

jcs said...

Easily the best interviewers so far. The staff clearly did their homework.

Unknown said...

Oh my god, Steve Edwards respects you! (I live in NY so I only see angry clips of him on The Soup.)

By Ken Levine said...


182 games -- I'm figuring it spring training broadcasts. And if we make the playoffs it could be close to 200 games. But if you truly love baseball it doesn't matter. I could watch a game a day all year. I know. I'm nuts.

RCP said...

Nice engaging interview.

It would be funny if in Neil Young's upcoming autobiography he writes of being thrown out of a record store by a bespectacled young man..."The last time it happened, something clicked and that's when I began to grow up," writes Neil. "I've always wanted to thank that kid, whoever he was." More likely he doesn't remember the years 1966-1976!