Monday, September 03, 2012

The Berlin Wall, bikini waxes, princesses in butter and MORE!

Happy Labor Day!  How are things shaking?  Tomorrow I'm posting my travelogue from my recent road trip with the Mariners. But first, some photos -- to get you in the mood. 
Sunset in Seattle.  See?  It doesn't always rain.  And there are rarely earthquakes.
The Berlin Wall is now in Seattle.  Why didn't people just walk around it?
Nice touch having a beaver hold the sign

The first start for King Felix Hernandez after his Perfect Game.    The world's largest beehive.
The King and I
Meeting fans at my book signing.  Santa came down from the North Pole.
U.S. Cellular Field, Chicago.  Taken by my son, Matt.
At WGN-TV.  While hawking my book I bumped into old friend/Bond Girl, Jane Seymour.  She gave me a ride back to the hotel.  If only some ballplayers were around when I got out of the car.
After four hours of rain delays in Chicago there were still some idiot fans in the ballpark.  
The Minnesota State Fair Dairy Princess with her likeness in butter.
This is when you know you're at a State Fair.
Jen Mueller & Shannon Drayer from the M's broadcast crew ready to get in line at Big Fat Bacon.  Try the ice cream, girls!
One of the many great things you can do at the Fair.
Target Field, Minnesota.  Picture from my cellphone.  I got that nifty panorama ap. 
CenturyLink Field, Seattle.  A Seahawks game.  I took this and the Target Field photo the same day.  
And finally, either the Seahawks game or the Republican National Convention.


Pamela Jaye said...

This is when you know you're at a State Fair.

Reminds me of Downtown Crossing, Boston, in the 80s (the *19*80s, yes)

Unknown said...

No empty chairs in the last picture so it can't be the RNC...

RCP said...

I'm looking forward to your travelogue, Ken. Nice photos - lucky you with Jane Seymour.

Hope no one tries to palm one of those hand casts off on me.

unkystan said...

Hey Ken. I have a Friday question for you. When there is a spin-off of a continuing series, is the spin-off cast contractually obligated to do it? I read somewhere that Norman Fell and Audra Lindley were very upset when "The Ropers" was quickly cancelled and they couldn't go back to "Three's Company". Same with Polly Holliday ("Flo"). What if they refuse to do it?

John said...

A massage 'spa' with an open beaver. Shouldn't the vice squad be investigating that?

Breadbaker said...

Your Supreme Court picture missed where we were, which was the middle of the usual King's Court. Where the turkey legs were.

jbryant said...

So that's the only beauty pageant i which "butterface" is a compliment?

Nixon said... urinal photo?

chuckcd said...

Wow, Jane Seymour still looks great!