Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What I'm thankful for...

Besides my family, here are some of the things I’m thankful for this year.

Claire Danes
Vin Scully
The Good Wife
Felix Hernandez
Hostess Cup Cakes (the ones that are left)
Jon Stewart
My daughter is not dating a vampire
Jennifer Lawrence
Raylen Givens
People who bought my book
Don Draper
Harold & Belle's
Stove Top stuffing
Louis C.K.
Ken Tremendous
The Avengers
Barbara Cook
New Yorker cartoons
Opening Day
Sinatra -- the Capitol years
the CHEERS reunion
The iPhone
Great Big Radio
Rachel Maddow
A one-cent residual for MASH
Martin McDonagh
Hula dancers
Hawaiian sunsets
Safeco Field
Dan Hoard
Jon Miller
electric blankets
Bob’s Big Boy
KABC's John Phillips
The L.A. Kings (too bad they'll never play again)
That yellow line in football
New Zealand
Rick Rizzs
Dave Sims
the Arts & Leisure section
The Gigi salad
Spam filters
Improv class
DVD screeners
Regent Voyager
Kevin & Bean
Mix CD’s
Pdf files
Marty Brennaman
Bonnie's Survival Cookies
Joanie Sommers
Steven Moffat
Stephen Sondheim
Stephen Colbert
Steve Martin
Target Field
Morena Baccarin
Sirius/XM now that Mel Karmizan is out
Joe Torre
Antonio Carlos Jobim
the Crab Cooker
The Beatles
The few remaining bookstores
The Onion
The Counter

The Writers Guild Foundation
Peter Luger's steak sauce
Manhattan Transfer
Dinah Washington
Denzel Washington
Patton Oswalt
The Bilko box set
Gates Brothers' BBQ
Aaron Sorkin
Coffee Bean Ice Blendeds
Tallulah Morehead

Brian Wilson
Paul Rudnick
Christina Applegate
Milk Duds
Earl Pomerantz

Cassell’s hamburgers (if they ever re-open)
The bcc. feature
Red carpet shows
Eric Nadel
Confederacy of Dunces
Amoeba Records
Martini shots
Mel’s Drive-In
Fellow bloggers
Our troops

Care to add your own?


Elf said...

Which Brian Wilson?

Kyle said...

Which Avengers? Marvel, or Steed & Mrs. Peel?

Mike Botula said...

On my list is: Ken Levine, the one who does the blog, not the other Ken Levines.

Michael said...

Putting Claire Danes ahead of The Vin? For shame.

But I'm thankful for you, Ken--for your blog in all its warmth and hilarity, and for the many hours of pleasure your writing online and on television has given me.

Jon J said...


You must be kidding.

Cap'n Bob said...

I had a moment of puzzlement when I saw Ohio, too, then I realized it signified Obama's win.

I'm with Ken on about 75% of those listed and I'd add my family, model kits, toy soldiers and playsets, El Toro, oldies, The Three Stooges, Roy/Hoppy/Gene, Fender guitars, books, and retirement.

cjdahl60 said...

You included "a one-cent residual for MASH" on your list. I think an explanation of residuals might make for an interesting Friday topic. When are residuals awarded? How are they allocated? Is there a formula for calculating residuals?

kent said...

What's left?

chuckcd said...

I agree with Amoeba Records!
Except that always puts a dent in my wallet!

And Ken Levine's blog!

SharoneRosen said...

in addition to many of yours, I'd add
life long friends
my dog Molly
Meredith Willson
the relatives that I actually do like
recorded music
live theatre and music
David Strathairn
pre-washed salad in a bag
my gardener
a really good, can't see it coming, joke
satellite communication
Stephen Sondheim (yeah, he was on your list, but it had to be said again!)
some Rogers & Hammerstein music
Cole Porter
George Gershwin
Vincent Van Gogh
Hollywood Bowl summer nights with fireworks
Warehouse 13
living less than an hour from the ocean
a perfect brisket
the delayed hair graying I inherited from my Dad's side (so far, so good)
being a healer (trust me, I'm a doctor)
Ken Levine's always amazing blog!

Johnny Walker said...

I see The Good Wife is on your list, Ken. Is it still worth watching? I've heard mixed things about the more recent seasons.

My list would include (aside from my family and friends):

Your blog, natch.
Breaking Bad
Having enough money in my bank account that I'm not too panicked about my current work drought
Re-establishing a friendship with my sister
Having the guts to finally do something I've wanted to since I was 11; Attend an improv class
A friendly, forgiving crowd at my first improv class
Los Angeles
Air New Zealand
Premium economy
Dan O'Shannon
Tar pits
The grand unifying theory of comedy
George RR Martin
Criterion Blurays sales
Paul Thomas Anderson
Ben Affleck
Wes Anderson
George Lucas
Steven Spielberg
David Lynch
Aaron Sorkin
David Fincher
Twin Peaks
Amoeba Records
The Sitcom Room
That really thick blanket my Mum insisted on buying me
My iPad
Joss Whedon
The LA County Fair
PDF files/ePub files
Martha's Vineyard
The guy who held the ferry on Martha's Vineyard
The Bull and Finch Pub
Quincy Market
The Boston TSA for being quick and friendly
Comfy beds
Umami Burger
The Counter
In N Out
Bob's Big Boy Burgers
Chinese Pork Rolls
My gym membership
Enterprise Car Rental
Golden Apple Comics
Orbital Comics
Gosh Comics
Alan Moore
The Venture Bros.
Jim Henson
The 2012 Olympics
The Olympic Volunteers
The Olympic Park
Pink Lady Apples
Red plums
Metal Gear Solid
SSD drives
Tristram Shandy
VI Editions
Double Fine Productions
The Humble Bundles
Windows 8
The End of the Road music festival
Beach House
Frank Fairfield
Led Zeppelin
The Artist's Way
Cineworld Cinemas
My Cineworld Unlimited Card
Marc Maron
Kevin Pollack
Ben Blacker
Felicia Day
Jeff Goldsmith
My health

Wow, there's a lot to be thankful for when you stop and think about it.

Corey said...


Harold X said...

There's a Bilko box set? Other than this counterfeit, which in any event isn't complete?

(Or maybe you mean the "best of" and individual season boxes)

Rob said...

332 electoral votes
The troops
Zingers (R.I.P.)
Having no interest in Black Friday
Never turning on TLC
Betty White
Connie Britton
Nancy Travis
Jami Gertz
The Middle
The Neighbors
The Walking Dead
All in the Family
Turner Classic Movies
Alison Krauss
The Blasters
J.D. McPherson
Old 97s
Google News Archive
Google Maps
This blog and 35-plus years of entertainment from Ken and David.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

benson said...

It's too bad you and I are only a few years apart in age. I was hoping, when you die, can I have your life?

Craig Edwards said...

Yay! I made the list!

Ron said...

Ohio, of course. The home of President William McKinley, leader in U S victory in Spanish-American War, believing in Manifest Destiny he acquired Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Guam and Wake Island as war booty and also annexed the Republic of Hawaii as a U S Territory. And of course he is the namesake of the highest mountain in North America, Mount Mckinley. As with JFK, he was also assassinated in service of the U.S.

I have no doubt this is why Ken included Ohio in the list. ��

Ron said...

Ken, your captchas are getting difficult for your contemporaries in age. Even with new prescriptions for spectacles! No problem with one for this post.

Rick said...

"That yellow line in football." Clearly the best sports broadcasting innovation of the century.

Mitchell Hundred said...

I love Stephen Sondheim (platonically).

Paul Duca said...

Would you be happy if Annie were dating a vampire hunter like Abraham Lincoln?

Cap'n Bob said...

Rob: I was at a Hostess Bakery Outlet today and there were tons of Zingers. No Ding Dongs or Susie Q's, but plenty of cupcakes, Ho Ho's, and Zingers. There were a few Twinkies, priced double what they normally are.

Lorimartian said...

A few off the top of my head at this late hour:

Just watched Planes, Trains, and Automobiles...again...reminding me that I'm thankful for John Hughes, John Candy, and Steve Martin.

John Denver - I've missed you SO much.

Sammy Davis, Jr.

Yes, Confederacy of Dunces...will they ever make that movie? Maybe it should be animated?

Victor Hugo, Alain Boublil, Claude-Michel Schonberg, and Herbert Kretzmer for Les Miserables, the most riveting, soaring, exciting, and profound musical theater creation I have experienced in my 60+ years on the planet. (I hope I will be as thankful for the film.)

Your consistently entertaining blog, Ken.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Phil In Phoenix said...

I can't believe you didn't have Nancy Travis on that list.

Breadbaker said...

I got to spend Thanksgiving afternoon with my in-laws and a cousin and his new wife and the Thanksgiving evening with my best friend from junior high and his extended family, whom I hadn't seen in nearly 40 years. A magical day for which I am very thankful.

carlae said...

Did I read that whole list and not see the Seattle Mariners? hmmm

I'm thankful that I never have to refer to him as "President Romney"

Eddie said...

Damn right, Ohio.

And for commenter Rick, as good as the yellow line is, the best sports broadcasting innovation is -- and always will be -- slow motion replay. We watched football without the yellow line for decades...but without slomo replay?

Anonymous said...

I played last year, and after reviewing my old list, I have these to add:

• the U.S. election outcome (for the most part)
• Medifast (& losing 50 pounds on it in 2012)
Jeff's sodas -- egg cream in a bottle (the diet one, of course)
Doc Martin on PBS
The West Wing on DVD
Max Raabe and the Palast Orchester
• The Food Network