Thursday, August 08, 2013

Who's out there?

I try to do this once a year.  Today I want to hear from YOU. It’s nice for me to know who is out there and what you like or don’t like. So I’m asking you – especially you new readers and lurkers – if you wouldn’t mind going to the comments section, telling me where you’re from, how long you’ve been here, how you found it, and any thoughts on the content, yay or nay.

Which topics do you enjoy? Which turn you off? Based on your previous feedback I’ve made Friday Questions a regular feature, and you’ll notice I no longer bash George W. Bush.

In the past I’ve written about TV research. My problem is that networks use it as the gospel and make all key decisions on creative projects based solely on test results. You’d think after research said that 1600 PENN and PARTNERS would both be embraced by viewers the networks would get the message (but that’s another story). Still, if you use research for input it can be a very useful tool. In this case, it’s my blog. I don’t have to gear my content based exclusively on research. So there will still be some baseball-related posts. But as a source of feedback it’s very helpful.

When I started this blog, almost eight years ago, I had no idea what to write. So I decided to try a lot of different things and see what stuck. What stuck was writing a lot of different things. Quite honestly, I’m amazed I haven’t run out of ideas (unless I have and just don't realize it). And there’s the fear that someday I will (if I haven't already).  Thank God  there’s always a Zach Braff Kickstarter campaign or new reality show like PREGNANT AND DATING to address.

But I want to thank you for your readership. I’ve made a lot of great new friends and got a lot of shit off my chest as a result of this forum. For now I’ll continue to post something new every day and spare you banner ads. If you want to support this blog buy my book.

And keep coming back.  It's great to have you.  Okay, now it’s your turn.


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Erik said...

Been here about 3 months. Directed from Mark Evanier's blog. Love the behind the scenes stuff about writing/creating sitcoms.

Carol said...

Honestly can't remember how I found this blog - possibly a link from, that place is a linking black hole - but I don't really remember. I'm glad I did though.

I love the writing tips. I'm not a script writer, but I find the process fascinating, and as an aspiring novel writer, the tips help.

I also love getting the 'hey I sort of know that guy' thrill whenever your name pops up on M*A*S*H. (My husband and I watch it every night on ME TV)

I love the Friday questions, and aspire some day to ask a question that becomes an entire post. I will feel like I Arrived that day.

bassplyr5150 said...

I'm from East Peoria Il, and I started following you on Twitter after clicking a link on a RT that featured a "Behind the Scenes" story from M*A*S*H. Huge fan of the show, and enjoy hearing about the process of writing and production.

Edward Copeland said...

I've lost track of when I first was led to your blog, but I'm glad that did. It's one of the most entertaining ones out there. As a lifelong serious cultural enthusiasts who loves great movies and televisions, I thoroughly enjoys the stories from an insider about the inner workings of the industry as well as your opinions. Until recently, I lived in Oklahoma, but now I've been uprooted to Indiana against my will. I never minded you discussing George W. Bush, but I understand those who would and there are plenty of other political sites out there, so that's easy to sacrifice. I do have to admit though that I had no interest in sports.

Zappa the Unholy said...

I've been here about 2yrs. Found it while doing a google search about Cheers Bar Wars episodes. (Still curious how much the halloween hologram cost) :)
My faves are obviously behind the scenes tales of classics like cheers, mash, etc. I also like random thoughts and a great many of your reviews. Though quite possibly the most stand out blogs are when you give a heartfelt eulogy for someone recently passed.

Alison said...

Hello. I have been here a few years. I find the information about how tv shows are created very interesting. I enjoy finding out how things work and I find your opinions fun!

jb said...

From Madison, Wisconsin, I have been reading for five or six years and maybe longer. As an old radio guy myself, I'm a fan of your radio stories. But I'll read whatever you put here, and I frequently learn stuff. Thanks very much.

Jeff said...

I've been visiting for quite a few years, originally referred by Evanier's blog. I enjoy all your content (even baseball!), but Friday questions the most.

Jeff Elkins

Dro said...

Hey, Ken: I've been a fan since you did Chiefs baseball with my friend, Dan. I follow you on twitter and will click through to a blog post, if it looks interesting, and I have the time. They're usually sports rants, something about a TV show or genre I like or, as a previous comment said, a remembrance of someone.

Amy said...

I've been reading the blog for over a year now, maybe a year and a half. I'm an aspiring television writer, so all the writing advice and behind the scenes stuff is fascinating to me. I also love hearing your opinions about what's currently going on on TV.

One thing I wanted to note-- I'm a big fan of the Nerdist podcast, and last week I saw that Ken Levine was the guest on an episode and I was so excited! Then I started listening and found out it's a different Ken Levine, the creator of the video game BioShock. Definitely not the same.

Matthew E said...

Checking in from Ottawa: I've been reading regularly for, I don't know, maybe a year, maybe less. I probably found my way here via Mark Evanier's blog, but there are other ways it could have happened.

Write about whatever you want. If it doesn't interest me I'll skip it and try again tomorrow. I don't think I've skipped any so far. I wouldn't skip a baseball post, though; I'm a baseball fan.

Jaap said...

I'm from the Netherlands and I found about your blog through the 'TIME's 25 Best Blogs of 2011' article. I really enjoyed it and that very week I must've read through your entire archive.

I'd never really seen Mash or Cheers, but nevertheless I love hearing stories about the writer's room on that kind of shows. I also enjoy your blogs that deal with the movie and television industry. You magnificently reveal how silly most people are that work in it.

Furthermore I think it's very funny when you take on the Oscars, Emmys or Tonys.

Hollywoodaholic (A. Wayne Carter) said...

Worked as a screenwriter in L.A. for 16 years (12 unproduced studio features, 1 HBO series), moved to FL to be near ailing parents, taught screenwriting at local universities, wrote corporate videos, now back to writing independents that (hopefully) will be made.

Discovered your blog while at corporate gig five years ago. Am amazed at your output and consistency to provide funny, high quality entertainment on a daily basis. I have forwarded many of these columns to people writing pilots or trying to get into television. I have a link to it from my blog (which I'm lucky to get to every two weeks).

Not that you need the dough, but if Andrew Sullivan can charge $19 per year for his blog, yours is worth more. Keep up the great work, and making the rest of us look lazy.

Neil said...

From DC, and remember when you used to call the Orioles. Found the blog 2- 2 1/2 years ago.

As a fellow writer, I like the process discussions; but the real guilty pleasure is the anecdotes, both of the Cheers gang I watched in first run and the M*A*S*H world I'm gradually catching in reruns.

(No, I was old enough to watch it in first run, but my parents got turned off by the Henry Blake/Frank Burns era, and didn't go back when the show matured.)

Kelly said...

Hi Ken! I've been reading your blog for many years and thoroughly enjoy it! I often relate your stories to my family because they contain such interesting insights into television, movies and the stars you've worked with. I found your blogs through the old Hoffmania site long ago.
I enjoy the Friday questions, the inside-the-writers'-room stories and anecdotes about MASH, Cheers, Wings, Frasier, etc.
Thanks for keeping this blog! It's a fun diversion from all the political sites I read.

Anonymous said...

I'm a television documentary producer and been here for about 6 months after following a link from Google. Even though I don't do comedy in the kind of writing I do, I really learn a lot from your writing tips and the behind the scenes as well. I LOVE Fridays.

Stephen C. said...

I've been reading the blog about a year and a half now and really enjoy it. I'm a MASH lover, especially during the time you were a part of it. I still say the MASH years from when Winchester came aboard to when Radar left is the best TV ever. About the only thing I disagree with you on a consistent basis is Vin Scully. I find him boorish. think the Mets announcers are the best even though I'm a Phillies fan. Anyway, I look forward each day to your musings and hope you continue in good health and with good humor.

Steve said...

I'm a lawyer in Washington, DC. I'd describe myself as a child of the 1980s in every way, from TV habits (thus my love of Cheers and related sitcoms) to political persuasion (Reagan Republican).

Obviously I love the behind-the-scenes sitcom stuff, but I also really enjoy reading about the business side of the entertainment industry. I also appreciate excellent writing and clever humor on a more general scale, so I'm always interested in your posts on the art and craft of writing humor.

That said, if you always wrote on the entertainment industry, I think the blog could/would get a little monotonous, which is why I like the baseball posts you throw in every now and then. I am less of a fan of the excerpts from your book on the 1960s, but I get why you would want to do that, so I certainly don't begrudge you for it.

Finally, I am in awe of the fact that you post every day. Most sites that post once or multiple times a day do so because they have to generate page views in order to justify their existence to a parent company. You do it because you like it -- which, in the end, is probably the best feature of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Levine:
I have read your blog for years. I am not in (or ever wanted to be)in entertainment - I am a teacher in St. Louis who works with children with autism. Your blog is one of my daily "must" reads (NY Times, Huffington Post, /Film etc., etc.) I've NEVER posted a comment on your blog. I feel there are many, many people (like me) who have enjoyed and learned invaluable information about television, writing and working in your industry who have never felt the need to comment. Well, you asked for responses and here it is: I'm old enough to remember your (and Mr. Isaacs) work on "M.A.S.H., loved the writing on "Frasier" and even get a kick out of "Volunteers" (I loved how it occasionally breaks the fourth wall - like old "Road" films). The blog has been a constant amusement, fascination and learning experience (all these years) which I look forward to reading every day. You are, my friend, a national treasure. Keep it up. There are readers you don't hear from - we're here - and we wouldn't trade the experience for anything.
Best Wishes, Gene Bennett

P.S. More dirt about Mary Tyler Moore is always appreciated...

ThisGuyRightHere said...

Found you about two weeks ago from a link (I believe) in an Andy Greenwald piece. Will be here regularly, love the blog. Have always loved Hollywood inside baseball as a hobby, so this place is a perfect addition to by browsing habits. Thanks for cranking out the content.

McAlvie said...

I especially enjoy the anecdotes from your long and varied career, but I keep coming back because you write so well. It's such a rarity these days. Even when you are criticizing, it's done thoughtfully and literately. In a world where too many illiterate morons are obsessed with screaming the latest bumper sticker ideology, about which they haven't bothered to learn anything, it is refreshing.

So I don't mind the bashing, although bashing W is old, and way too easy. And the world doesn't need one more political blogger.

The Curmudgeon said...

I don’t have to gear my content based exclusively on research. So there will still be some baseball-related posts.

Don't sell the baseball stories short. I like the baseball stories.

My first mention of you on my blog was nearly seven years ago, in September 2006, but I'm pretty sure I was following you regularly before that.

I'm a lawyer in Chicago. I wish I could write comedy gold, broadcast baseball, win an Emmy, be a rock 'n' roll DJ....

Well, I might have been a DJ. I may not have the pipes, but I have a face made for radio.

Don't leave Internet humor to amateurs (or lawyers).

artships said...

Like so many of your memory-challenged fans I don't know how I got here, but I've lurked here since early on and have no inclination to leave. Baseball bores me to tears except when you talk about it because you're just too damned funny. Have you thought about reading parts of the phone book for a challenge?

southsider said...

You've been part of my morning routine in Chicago for about two years now. I stumbled across a reference to your blog somewhere and was drawn by your diverse interests. I love baseball and worked in the minors a long time ago before getting a real job so I'm particularly fond of your minor league reminiscences. I'll always remeber the prhase, "No school in Borneo tomorrow."

Dodgerdog said...

Love your work, man. I appreciate the intelligence of the discussion, the impatience with foolish behavior and lazy writing, and the enthusiasm with which you greet every day. Yes to all the topics that inspire you, and yes to the generous way you share. Thanks.

Jim said...

I'm a software developer in Indianapolis. I probably found you via a link from Mark Evanier's blog; I've been here some number of months but I forget how many.

I'm here for the stories from your TV work and from your radio days. I was a disk jockey for nine years, part time, in the 80s and 90s and so I especially love the radio stories.

Anonymous said...

Baseball commentary and sitcom writing - a great combination. I was told about this blog a few years ago via one of my colleagues in the tv sports biz. Great insight, love hearing the stories about Ken's sitcom work, how that work is accomplished then and now, and some of the greats Ken has worked with. A couple of my high school classmates are nephews of the late Everett Greenbaum - they told stories about his MASH and other tv and radio writing work.
But what do you really think about the Yankees radiocaster John Sterling?

Dana King said...

I've been here five or six years after The beloved Spouse hooked me up. I look forward to the Friday questions, as well as the stories about things that happened on CHEERS, FRAZIER, and other shows and project you worked on, as well as your MLB announcing experience. I remember well the time you spent on Orioles broadcasts, when you and Miller were often th only reason to listen to the games, but you were more than reason enough.

Mike Botula said...

e12Hi Ken,
I read your blog every day. It's at the top of my "Morning Reading" list which includes about half a dozen newspapers, the Dick Tracy comic strip, The Onion, CNN, Al Jazeera. I checked in about two years ago when I caught your name on Don Barrett's "" Originally I wanted to see if you were the Ken Levine who I worked with at KTLA years ago. Also, I was intrigued by the fact that you worked at KMPC on the Sportswire (Webster 8-3000). It turned out that you were not the KL that I knew. Instead, you pronounce your name differently. Not Le Veen but La Vine, just like my first real girl friend. Have you ever been to Westhampton Beach?

Scott D. said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog regularly for a few years now. I got here through a link from Mark Evanier's blog.

I work at a computer software company in NH.

Really like all your posts, but the Friday questions post is usually my favorite of each week. Thanks for all the reading enjoyment over the years!

Rich Arnott said...

Hi Ken,

Been checking here regularly for a while now, Came across it by googling my favourite TV show 'Cheers', A show that means so much to me.

I started to watch it here in the UK when it first aired in 1983 (as a seven year old) and I stayed with it for every episode.

My emotional attachment to it is so great because not only is it the finest piece of TV ever assembled but it's one of the few things I can actually remember my family doing together, Sitting down on a Friday night and enjoying the show and each others company! Memories I will forever cherish.

Can't thank you enough Mr Levine for your contribution to my childhood, Adolescence & adult life.

Currently re-watching every episode (in HD) on ITV4, Where's the Blu-Ray boxset??

Enjoy the blog immensely, Long may it continue.

Jim K said...

Jim, from upstate NY...

I was directed your way by both Mark Evanier and the Time 'best blogger' list. I was hooked right from the beginning.

I enjoy almost everything you've written about, but especially the behind the scenes slant on TV and radio as well as your memories contributing to some of my favorite shows.

Daddy Background said...

Hi Ken. Ken here.

I've been here for a few years now. I make your site a daily morning stop from the workplace. Cup of coffee. Check e-mail. Read "By Ken Levine".

I don't exactly remember how I found you. Somehow it had to with following a chain of referring links that had you tied together with Maureen Ryan, Pamela Ribon and Jane Espenson, don't ask me how. Any or all of them. It was around the time I read somebody referring to "clams" as a word for overused jokes and what a great term that was and how clams should be avoided in TV writing. I'm not sure how I started with any of THEM, Pammy and Mo and Jane.

I enjoy reading your "inside baseball", behind the scenes stuff. I guess generally I would say it's more about CHARACTER; it's not so much what you're writing about, it's more HOW you write it and that it's interesting and enjoyable.

Ken Shipley
Bedford, Nova Scotia

Anonymous said...

I'd LOVE to read more posts on anything Frasier-related.

Jason said...

Been here maybe 3-4 months.. I found you via Mark Evanier's blog.

Mostly like the stories, the insider knowledge of the industry, etc. I'm not a TV or movie guy, just a regular working stiff :)

Adam said...

I'm a Tech Writer by day, aspiring screenwriter by night in the Chicago area. I've been reading your blogs for nearly a year now. I'd love more nuts and bolts advice on constructing a tv comedy pilot script. Thanks!

Debbie R. said...

I've been here since all the previous announcers came back to call the Mariners games after Dave's death. You are a great baseball announcer in addition to you many other talents.

tfredmuggs said...

Sioux Falls, SD is home. I'm an underwriter by day but do radio play by play of college fb and bb during their seasons. Left fulltime radio more than 20 years ago due to crappy new owners and crappy pay. Started following you on twitter more than two years ago which lead to your blog. That lead to downloading your travel book for free and buying the Me Generation. Finding your tweet with link to the blog is a highlight of my day. Enjoy whatever you care to share but have a special affinity for anything radio related, either from your days as a jock or behind the pbp mike.

Ron Rettig said...

I'd like to hear your comments on "scientific" audience tests of pilots, I expect they are still done. I personally think a better system is the old one used by movie studios passing out comment cards at sneak previews. I was at a TV show test back in the mid 60's and I seem to recall that it involved pressing buttons so I felt at the time I was distracted from the actual show and paying more attention to whether or not I liked something in the show enough to press the button or not. The old movie comment card system allows the audience to enjoy, or not, the movie then comment afterwards.

Anonymous said...

I think I was linked here through Kottke, and I've been reading about 9 months or so. I enjoy the behind the scenes stuff and when you talk about the process of writing.

Anonymous said...

Been reading your blog for about six months. I think I found it in a RT about an actor that was suffering from depression. Raised on M*A*S*H and Cheers in the golden age of the sitcom, I love getting the straight dope about the industry. While I'm a corporate hack by day (in Toronto, Canada) my dream is to write a show. Reading your blog fuels that dream.

Jim S said...


I got my start on your blog back in 2006 when you predicted that the Tigers would beat the Cardinals in the World Series. Being a Detroit fan, I thought cool, and read a few of the other blog entries and have been a regular reader ever since.

I must say I like your "inside baseball" stories about being inside baseball. Reading your obits on classic announcers like Ernie Harwell is great. Also enjoy your stories about the creative process and how it intersects with business.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I've been reading for about six months and came over from Twitter ... I follow a lot of entertainment-types and someone linked to one of your posts. I am married, have four young children and live in Birmingham, Alabama. I love the Friday posts and anything that has to do with writing/creating/producing television. If TV were a person, I'd marry it. :-)

Tom said...

Been here maybe five years...? I think via Huffington Post originally. Fifty-something guy from Chicago who likes TV and comedy, I also love baseball.

Tom Quigley said...

Hollywoodaholic (A. Wayne Carter) said...

"Not that you need the dough, but if Andrew Sullivan can charge $19 per year for his blog, yours is worth more."

@ Mr. Carter: If you're willing to pay for Ken's knowledge, wisdom, experience and humor, then by all means enroll in his THE SITCOM ROOM workshop.

There, I geve you a plug, Ken... :-)

(Tom Q. -- longtime reader via former Billboard editor Claude Hall)

RedArrow said...

I've been reading from Michigan for 4-5 years now. Like so many others, it was Mark Evanier's blog that got me here originally. The radio stories are probably my favorites.

Wayne Carter said...

@ Tom Quigley

I definitely would, but Sit-coms are not my thing. But I have referred others to Ken's workshop. I'd pay for the blog, though! :)

Michael said...

I've been coming here a few years. I STILL prefer MASH reruns to most TV and grew up wanting to be The Vin, so, we have those connections (not to mention just having met a friend of Matt's at a wedding). I come here to be entertained, and I almost always am. It's YOUR blog. Write what you want, and we'll follow.

David Das said...

I'm a composer, songwriter, and producer in Los Angeles, CA. I read almost daily, because I enjoy the comedy but particularly your takes on the creative process, finding inspiration, re-writing, and so on. My discipline is parallel so there are a lot of things that make me think about my own craft in an unusual way. Thanks Ken!

Kirk said...

Been here about five years. My sister recommended the blog. Like the posts about shows you worked on. Despite growing up in sports-crazed Cleveland, I'm somehow not much of a sports fan, so I usually skip those (though, having said that, I did ask a question about Howard Cosell once)

I must say, I also enjoy the debates that erupt in the comment section from time to time, especially when D McEwen or Tallulah Morehead take part.

Andrew B said...

I found you by accident, not really sure how tho. I am from Vancouver and I enjoy the sports and tv show columns.Writing a tv episode was something I hadn't thought about doing before but I might after foloowing you for the last 6 months.

Andreia said...

I have no idea how I found the blog, probably a link for a Cheers related post, but I'm a newbie - been here for under a year. I'm from South East England and a Cheers and Frasier fan however I enjoy all of your posts.
I especially like any behind the scenes stuff, posts related to Cheers and Frasier and your award show reviews. However I like your 'rants' most of all, it seems we have the same opinion about a lot of things.

RyderDA said...

Greetings from a retired dude in Banff, Canada. I started reading you at least 3 years ago, possibly longer. I like everything you write about -- except baseball. I don't like baseball.

I have nothing whatsoever to do with TV, but did do some improv comedy years ago with the Loose Moose team. What I find interesting, and why I stay, is because there are always valuable insights from people who are outstanding in their field, whatever their field (except baseball). Overcoming creativity blocks, working with partners, breaking into a business, creative failure, 2 AM work sessions when deadlines are nigh, doing work "by the book" vs breaking the rules, dealing with mountainous egos -- this isn't exclusive to TV/movie comedy writing.

The entertainment business is just a business, despite the players being famous.

But the photos of Natalie Wood are good. Add some of Helen Hunt and you would really have something.

Rebecca Rosenberg said...

Hi Ken,

I've been reading your blog for at least 3 years although I can't remember how I came across it. One of those experiences where you just follow the links across the interwebs and come across a few hidden gems.

I am from NYC and work on digital initiatives at a TV network. One day I hope to make it out to LA and into the writer's room. So naturally I love all your insight into the writing process as I work on my own pilots and spec scripts. Also love all your behind the scenes stories from your many experiences working on Cheers, MASH, and more as well as your hilarious and insightful commentary on industry happenings.

I am curious to hear your opinions on the growing world of webseries and alternative forms of story-telling. It seems like now more than ever people are able to create their own content without going through the typical steps and I'm wondering what you think about different outlets like YouTube, Netflix, etc and the growing output of original content. I'd just love to hear your thoughts on the differences in the mediums and the pros and cons of exploring alternative methods of story-telling.

Thanks for the inspring stories! Looking forward to many more.

Kosmo13 said...

Mr Pop History referred me to your site and book.

Your diversity of topics is welcome; they're all of interest.

Harx1 said...

Count me as another one who can't remember how I stumbled upon your blog. Though, is it possible I found my way here via John Rogers blog? Anyway, I've been an intermittent reader for a while now. I enjoy your inside baseball take on tv and well... baseball.

Count me as another who adores the Friday questions. And, I do enjoy your sojourns into politics, likely owing to the fact that we share similar political sensibilities.

And as someone who works in TV research, there is a place for it in the industry. A problem is that not all networks/executives know how to use it and will often try to massage the data to prove their preconceived notions. So, you get shows like 1600 Penn and Partners.

Jeff said...

I love your blog. I'm not really sure how I found it in the first place. I think it had something to do with sending money to a Nigerian Prince but I can't remember...

I've always enjoyed hearing your stories, anecdotes and advice about writing. Plus it has all the Zach Braff controversy that anyone could ever ask for!

All that's left to do is for you to launch a kick starter. You have us all hooked on your blog so you know we'll toss cash your way. As for what the kick starter will be for? Perhaps a gritty crime drama sponsored by McDonald's about Ron McDonald hunting down Richard Hamm Burglar.

Gillian said...

Long time reader, first time commenter. I'm from Toronto and have never been to LA, but thanks to you (and the audio commentaries on the Simpsons) I can't wait to make my way there for a vacation someday, and will be able to appreciate all the strangeness with a honed gimlet eye.

I probably found this blog through Splitsider one day. I absolutely love it. I'm a Strategist working in advertising, but I love comedy writers and hearing them talk about their process and memories of shows. Frasier is probably my favourite sitcom of all time. My father is a lot like Frasier, and we'd watch it together and laugh. For what it's worth, he was very picky about TV and subscribed to a, "garbage in, garbage out" philosophy. It was pretty much Frasier, the Simpsons and PBS when we'd watch TV together. So, thanks for writing something we bonded over and both loved!

I also just really like your writing style. This is easily my favourite blog, and I pass it along to anyone I meet who's really, genuinely funny.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and stories!

J. Allison said...

Hi Ken,

Been reading for about a year and a half. I found your blog when you referenced it in a pre-game interview before a Mariners-Angels game. Been a daily reader ever since. I tend to skip the "procedurals" about how to write scripts and/or get them read, but I find everything else interesting. Feel free to bash George W. Bush, too! I never liked GHWB's politics but at least I respect him. George W is just a zero.

Jason said...


Jason here. From and in LA (for the most part). Can't remember how I stumbled onto your blog. Maybe via Jon August's ( blog? Anyway, I work in the industry too. Enjoy your take on the behind the scenes. Actually, enjoy all your posts, baseball, life whatever you feel like musing on is worth the morning read. Maybe add some guest writers or interviews with people in your circles.

Just keep writing.


benson said...

Since almost the beginning. Dinosaurs were still roaming part of the earth. Just do the things the way you do the things you do.

Word verification: eockeye

Michael Jackson's character if he'd been the lead on MASH.

slgc said...

A couple of years ago a friend suggested the blog to me because I love Cheers and I'm a big baseball fan.

Where I'm from? I'm a New Yorker living in exile in New Jersey (but not unlike Felix Unger, one day I will return to my home). I have a law degree and a degree in library science, but primarily I have been raising my children over the past several years. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

As for the content, a lot depends on my mood on a particular day. Stories about Cheers always catch my interest; baseball stories; behind the scenes stories. I tend not to watch video content, especially long clips if I'm checking the blog on my phone or am otherwise rushing around.

But I'm certainly getting my money's worth out of visiting ;) and by and large enjoy your blog.

Unknown said...

Been a fan for a few years! Not sure how long, but I know I found your blog while looking for a synopsis for the last Bar Wars episode with the depressing irish band. Been here since!

I wrote a few scripts, one was produced as a play in Chicago. I have drawn comic strips for The Heckler, a small paper. Your writing tips and comments help a lot.

Love your baseball comments. Love it all!

My band wrote a song about the Isotopes. So, thank you for that as well.

kingvermin on the blogspot, kingvermin on twitter! I follow you there as well!

VP81955 said...

I was directed your way by both Mark Evanier and the Time 'best blogger' list.

A list I understand Mark's blog has just made, BTW.

As stated before, Ken, you've done three of the things I wish I had the talent to do -- baseball play-by-play, Top 40 radio and TV/movie writing. (Instead, I've settled for being a newspaper writer and copy editor -- currently between jobs, alas -- and researching classic Hollywood history through the "Carole & Co." blog I've run for more than six years.) Keep up the good work; it takes my mind off this disaster of a Nationals season.

Sérgio said...

Sérgio from Lisbon (Portugal). Been here for a long time. Love your stories about Cheers&Frasier, the Friday-questions, tips about writing scripts, etc. Keep up the good work!

Ben Scripps said...

I think I got here from Aaron Barnhart's TV Barn 2 mailing list. It's been a few years since I started dropping by. (Long enough to remember the wacky definitions for captchas contest.)

I live in beautiful downtown Cadillac, MI (put your left hand out in front of you; Cadillac is at the middle knuckle of your ring finger). (And that's not a Laugh-In reference; I really do live downtown, and it really is a beautiful area.)

I direct local newscasts at a television station (or, as I like to call it, I'm a button-pushing monkey).

(And apparently I like to use parentheses.)

I like just about everything you post equally--TV, movies, opinions, baseball. About the only thing I tend to skip over are the bits you post from growing up in the 60's, but that's only because I've read THE ME GENERATION: GROWING UP IN THE 60'S (now available in paperback), so I've read them before.

(See, but I don't use my parentheses power for evil; I do book plugs! Yay!)

Anonymous said...

Pam aka sisterzip

St. Charles, MO

I've been here about five years. I clicked on a link on the old Facebook movie Facebook page that Aaron Sorkin set up.

I enjoy most everything you write about. Enjoy the baseball (GO CARDS!!!) stories, but anything is good for me.

I'm not in the entertainment so I enjoy the insider stories.

Keep going Ken!

Erika said...

I'm from Washington, DC. I've been reading your blog for a little over a year. I don't remember how I found you. I love your reviews of movies and t.v. shows (even though I don't always agree), Friday Questions, and you commentary on the television industry in general. I also love the snark.

Phil said...

I have been visiting your blog for about 4 years. I am a writer who was familiar with your work and most enjoy your tales from the Writer's Room.

Janet said...

From Texas. I think I found this blog because it was recommended in some article somewhere...(I'm sure that helps you.) Maybe been reading a year or two? I guess I enjoy opinion pieces the most--whether it's a kickstarter controversey or politics or a TV show or a movie or whatever moves you. Also, I just like variety, so it's just nice to see lots of different stuff.

John E. Williams said...

I am 48, and I have been here since the beginning. I grew up loving smart comedies like MASH, TAXI, MARY TYLER MOORE, BOB NEWHART and of course CHEERS. I love your 'behind the scenes' reminisces best and I appreciate your candid view on the current states of TV, film and comedy. I think you probably realize that a lot of the work you do here is to preserve at least for historical purposes a certain sensibility and point of view in television comedy (and culture in general) that is swiftly becoming lost as time goes flying by. Thanks for all your good work.

Johnny Walker said...

Wow, I think this the third time I've participated in this. Still loving the blog (and the resulting discussions), I guess!

Melissa C. Banczak said...

I don't remember how I found the blog, but I've been had warm gushy thoughts of you since you made a comment about creating a good outline. I was a literary agent for 5 agonizing years and 99% of the scripts that crossed my desk were crap because the writer skipped an outline and dove right in. One even told me, she didn't need an outline because she wrote organically. I didn't even know what to say.

Favorites are the Friday questions and the analysis of new shows (agreed with most of it, esp New Girls. Horrible, horrible, horrible) and travel. Don't like baseball posts, football girl here. I usually skip those.

Roger Owen Green said...

LOVE the Friday Questions. But I also appreciate the baseball stuff, and pieces like the Bennett appreciation recently.

Darth Weasel said...

Enjoy most of it. Love the baseball stories, Simpson stories, anecdotes, takes on industry practices, discussions on current events. About the only posts I skip are the picture heavy ones.

Only thing I actively dislike is there are several commenters who are fairly offensive towards things I hold dear. Fortunately I am a big boy who can respect that others might see things differently than me and avoid being upset by what some anonymous commenter online says...after all, isn't that exactly who I am to them?

In short, love everything the way it is and express my gratitude for the efforts you put into it.

And if some year lightning strikes and we get that epic showdown of legendary rivals the Dodgers and Mariners, maybe you can bounce betwen the booths each inning. I would listen to that! How awesome would it be to have both teams accuse you of homerism in favor of the opponent?

thesamechris said...

I've been here for about 5 years and it's because I followed a link from Ron Gilbert's (inventor of Monkey Island) website and stayed for the fun and interesting things to know even though I'm not going to be a screenwriter and don't watch baseball. Hertha BSC Berlin is my team!

Owlchum said...

ME's blog alerted me to yours. Maybe started following you six months ago.

I'm an amateur playwright/actor who enjoys talking and reading about writing - sometimes more than writing itself.

BruceB said...

I'm from Lansing, Michigan (the palm of the mitten) and I have been reading your blog for about 5 years. I can't remember if I linked through Evanier's blog or if my friend Mark Rothman suggested it. I'm a former ad agency art director, illustrator, comic book artist and sometime actor who is now beginning to write screenplays. Apparently mid-life crisis has hit.

john said...

From California, via Maine, Florida, and Colorado.

I've been reading your blogs for at least 5 years, and generally love the stuff. Hate the baseball, and skip your post for the day if that's the topic.

I would however read a baseball post if you addressed what you think should be done to clean up the sport, and what should be done with the cheaters. Would something as simple as being able to void contracts do it ?

Thank you for making almost every day a little brighter !


Gordon K said...

Hi Ken...

Found you a couple years ago through my friend Mark Evanier. Try never to miss a day.

I've been in animation since '77.

Love baseball (my team is finally winning after 20 years -- but I'm not celebrating yet.)

Generally don't care what you talk about because it's always entertaining even when I don't agree.

Happy to give more details if you're not bored already.



(Oh, and I have a real hard time proving I'm not a robot which often hampers leaving a response...)

Phil said...

I'm in (and from) the UK. Can't remember how I got to your blog initially, but it was a few years ago.

What brings me back are your personal insights into writing, directing and producing. Real world wisdom, based on experience.

That in itself probably wouldn't bring me back again and again, but when you couple it with anecdotes about famous TV shows you've worked on, you've got me as a dedicated reader. You can blog about MASH forever as far as I'm concerned. And FRASIER. See to that, will you?

I do particularly like the Friday Questions, and have posed you a couple in the past.

(One thing I DON'T care for are anecdotes about radio and sports (or sport (singular) as we inexplcably say in England). It's just that American radio and American sports mean next to nothing on this side of the pond.)

Joyous said...

I've been following your blog since you were rated one of the top blogs by Time Magazine. Read you almost every day. Have loved the TV shows in which you were involved. I'm a big movie buff and with the help of internet, am following the writers, directors, etc as well as actors. Love your views and stories about the creative process.
Am a big sports fan, especially baseball, so keep those types of stories coming.
I promise to buy your book!

playfull said...

Hi Ken,

Really like the blog. As a wannabe writer I particularly like the industry insider stuff and I love all the name dropping. I posted about your blog on a UK Comedy writers forum and you might be interested in the response to your 'writers room' experience -
And sorry, I just don't get the whole baseball thing...rounders for men who dress funny...

Regards from Nottingham, UK.


Maryking said...

Hi Ken!

I found your blog a couple years ago during your pregame interview with Terry Smith of the Angels. I love your baseball writing and really enjoyed your book, It's Gone, No Wait a Minute: on breaking into baseball announcing at 40.

Don't get me started on 2013 Angels baseball...

My husband and I are also big MASH, Cheers and Frasier fans and those stories are the best.

Teachers at my school love to talk about the books we read, and I shared about The Me Generation by Me. I discovered that I teach with two of your classmates from Taft High. They have nice memories of you as a good kid. Of course, they brought in your high school annuals! You really haven't changed much!

Thanks for the blog!

Anonymous said...

I read you daily in upstate New York. I think I found you after a mention/link in a Sepinwall artical. I'm not especially enamored of baseball, but when you write well enough (and you do), any topic is worth the read and I come away satisfied. There are not many blogs that can hold my interest as well as that of my 83 year old mother and 22 year old nephew. You are always interesting, thoughtful or entertaining, and some days you are all of those at once.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Sabretom: I found this blog through Lance Mannion. I enjoy the inside stories about television shows and your take on current pop culture.

Anonymous said...

Bush bashing was good and now, well now it falls into that mode where people watch old movies and such. Please feel free to once again do so.

From your days covering the Mariners what were best places on the road in your experience, food or music or whatever caught your eye.

Steve Pepoon said...

I think a writer friend posted it on his facebook page and I started reading it. I worked in TV starting in the 80's, writing for Alf, Roseanne, Get a Life, The PJ's, etc. A lot of what you write about I've lived through, so it's a blast to the past for me. Especially stuff about the erosion of network TV viewership. ALF was ranked 10th at it's peak with an average of 19 million viewers a week. That would be number one with a bullet these days.

Ryan Patrick said...

I'm from a tiny town in the southern tip of Illinois (the part of the state that's not corrupt). I came across your blog about five years ago when I was looking for some info on M*A*S*H.

The posts I love most are the ones that a) give us a sneak peek at the creative process of writing, and b) entertain us with behind-the-scenes stories from the shows that you've been associated with.

I grew up loving M*A*S*H and Cheers, and I love getting the eyewitness perspective from someone who was there BEFORE these shows were considered classics.

Thanks for sharing your stories with us.

Terry Benish said...

Bush bashing has fallen into category of people watching old television shows or movies. It has come around again. Please resume.

Also from your days on the road with Ms what were best place kinds of things, bars, restaurants, clubs, whatever caught your eye?

Favorite baseball stories or players.

Keith Libra said...

I'm from Lincoln Park, MI. A friend posted a link to your blog (Zach Braff Kickstarter entry) on social media and I've been following since.

I enjoy reading your entries on television, comedy & baseball... so pretty much all of them.


Brian Fies said...

Been here for years, the number of which is probably between 4 and 7 (I'm not good with time). Favorites: TV production memories, behind-the-scenes stuff, writing process, Friday Questions. Not-so-favorites: baseball, although you write so well that I enjoy reading them anyway.

Keep writing! We're out here, even if you seldom hear from us (which, come to think of it, is probably a lot like writing for TV...).

Anonymous said...

Gail from Oswego, IL. Found out about the blog a couple of years ago from my daughter and loved it from the start. I enjoy the commentary on pop culture and the discussions of how the business and creative process work the best. I'm not a baseball fan or a fledgling screenwriter, so I just don't read those blog entries. I can't complain though - I realize that the blog isn't solely directed to me and that others are very interested in those topics.

I stopped following you on Twitter though, since the only thing you post are links to the latest blog entries. Was expecting more humerous observations there, I guess.

Lyle said...

Well, I tried to leave a comment; wrote a moderatly long one . . .and then the damned robot checker killed me. The letters in the "character test" are often not readable. I typed in what I thought it said and it didn't like it so apparently gobbled up my post.

I no likee.

Lyle said...

Hi, Ken!

I'm lyle e davis, editor and publisher of a weekly newspaper in North San Diego County, 20,000 copies weekly to an upscale market.

I love your blog and read it daily. My routine is: check email, check Drudge, check Ken Levine, check Drudge, check Earl Pomerantz . . . go take a nap. Or maybe go to work.

Love your "inside show biz" comments, also backgrounders on individuals both in front of and in back of the camera. Not wild about your ratings of songs, tv shows, individuals . . . because some of the songs you don't like, I do. I don't watch that much tv, mostly PBS, documentaries, comedy shows - very few reality shows and game shows.

On balance, love the blog! Keep it up!


Rinaldo said...

I've been following the blog for... gee, I don't know how many years. I think HEROES was new at the time, and I found my way from other writers' blogs. I recognized your name instantly from so many of the series I loved.

I hugely enjoy anything about screen writing -- behind-the-scenes stories, anecdotes, Friday questions, all of that. I'm not interested in the sports stuff, but I know others are, and it's an important part of your life so it's right to include it. What I generally stop reading as soon as I see what kind of post it's going to be, is when you list a bunch of forthcoming series or movies and think up something mean to say about each of them (not that some of them won't eventually prove to have deserved it, but I've come to find sustained negativity, even humorously intended, something I'm better off avoiding).

Weisenheimer said...

I live in Seattle and have been reading regularly for probably 5-6 years. I don't recall exactly how I found you, but bet it was some sort of baseball link or search.

So, yes, I like the baseball stories. As a former broadcaster I enjoy the radio stories. And the "Is This Funny" tests are great. "Helloooo, ball..."

Lyle said...

Sorry . . . forgot a couple elements you had requested. I've been here, every morning, for about three years; was referred over by Mark Evanier; when I first found your blog I went back to the beginning and read EVERY post from the beginning; it was a marathon and took about 5 evenings to get caught up to current . . . and loved it all.

Am a former broadcaster (radio) of 25 years, which includes on-air, sales, management and ownership; was a war correspondent in S. Vietnam during 1967&68.

I think that's most of what you had asked.

Again . . . all the best.

lyle e davis

Lyle said...

Oh, yeah . . .I forgot . . .

What's the scoop on Mary Tyler Moore. Several of your posts suggests she has a darker side; not sure what that means. Difficult to work with? A diva? She's really a guy in drag?

Tell! The world is waiting to hear!

Have also heard terrible stories about Danny Thomas (think glass coffee table), Danny Kaye, and several others. What's the inside dope?

Cap'n Bob said...

I've been here nearly from the start, I think, and discovered you when I ran a search for Asian Teen Escorts. I live in Tacoma, retired from a Department of Defense job with the Air Force three years ago, am a published novelist, like baseball and other sports, can't abide Scientologists, grew up as a Navy brat, and served in Nam. Whatever you want to write is jake with me.

D. Mitchell said...

I live in Northern California. Though my childhood dream was to be a writer, I took a very different path and ended up in science. Now I work for a major consumer goods company, where I design the chemistry that goes into cleaning products. Our jobs may sound very different, but in some ways they are quite alike. We, too, have to pay a lot of attention to what the consumer wants and how well we perform in the market. And, believe it or not, product design is as much as art as it is a science.

As for what brought me here, it was a link I found on the AvClub to your post about how the famous Cheers "bar slide" was achieved. Cheers played a very important role in my young life, and it has meant so much to me to be able to re-experience the show in its entirety on Netflix.

While I was initially interested only in the "Cheers"-related posts, I've grown to love the inside peeks behind the curtain of show business. The mechanics that go into creating a TV show have always fascinated me far more than the celebrity culture that surrounds the stars.

Thanks for being the accompaniment to my morning coffee. I even read the baseball posts now so I don't miss my Levine fix, and that really does tell you something.

Doug Thompson said...

Happy to let you know Ken, I've been reading your blog since the first year.

Still reading and still enjoying. Not a huge baseball fan (or sports in general), but I know it's a passion of yours.

Canada loves Ken!

Anonymous said...

I've been here for years and love the blog! I edit sitcoms and can say that most of what you talk about is correct - those parts that I don't consider correct or are slowing down the pace, I leave out.

Keep up the good work! It's interesting to hear what is going on inside the Writers' Room because those of us on the outside often only see the aftermath.

Shoe size: 8D

Unknown said...

I'm in Portland, OR. Found your blog about 2-3 years ago. I don't remember the discovery method, but it must have been a link from another blog. (No offense, but I don't believe I have ever googled you. Perhaps today I shall rectify that oversight.)

I enjoy your insider memories from great shows of the past, in addition to your insider-based take on current shows.

Just keep on doin' what you're doin'!

stevelyle said...

Sacramento, California. Enjoy the baseball and Cheers stories the most. Found your blog due to a Facebook friend. Keep up the great work!

Thumper said...

I've been reading for years, but I can't tell you exactly when or how I found it. It could have been a link on someone else's blog, or I could have found it by hitting "next" on the Blogger nav bar--you can find a lot of cool blogs that way.

I enjoy all the behind-the-scenes posts, what it's like to be a showrunner, the Friday questions...there's not much I'm skipping.

Daniel said...

I've lost track of how long I've been visiting your 'blog. My guess is five years. I probably discovered it from a link on Mark Evanier's 'blog.

I'm from Baltimore. I still have fond memories of your one season working for the Orioles.

I've been a fan of your writing on Cheers, The Simpsons, and (especially) Frasier (my favorite traditional multi-cam sitcom).

More of what I'd like to see: Behind the scenes stuff. Mostly process oriented. The stuff they don't cover in the DVD special features. I'd especially love to read more about Frasier and the creation of that show (I seem to remember you saying that the writers' room on that show was one of the quietest you've ever worked in. I'd love to hear more about that).

What I'd like to see less of: Stuff about the 1960s. I know you want to sell your book, but as a Gen Xer, we've had our fill of Baby Boomer nostalgia. So I tend to just tune out and skip over those posts.


McTom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dwgsp said...

I live in Rochester, NY. I love just about everything about this blog, but especially enjoy the articles that describe the behind the scenes details about what it takes to put on a sitcom, as well as your analysis of current sitcoms.

McTom said...

Been reading you for years, since a referral from Evanier's blog. I work in LA in the home video technology biz. Did the audio mastering for the entire run of "Wings" on DVD. You're welcome. (ahem) I'm a Zach Braff fan, and my wife's company is responsible for "Pregnant and Dating". Aside from that, keep doing exactly what you do. ;)

Richard Rothrock said...

Been a fan of yours since the 1970s through MASH and CHEERS. VOLUNTEERS still makes me laugh. Found the blog about 3 years ago through Huffington Post.

I'm another ex-screenwriter (6 unproduced features, 1 TV series). Teach screenwriting and do freelance script reading. Working on a novel that I'll finish by the end of the year.

Love reading the blog to see how things have changed and how things remain the same. Plus you're just plain funny!

Started my own site in May and you're kind of my blog mentor (though you don't know it).

Tracy Tran said...

I'm from Fairfax, VA and been on your site for 6 months. I discovered your site from a Television without Pity forum about your daughter writing for Good Luck Charlie.

I love your insider talk and puts in perspective what networks and studios are thinking, lus your opinion on other shows and to make it better.

I also don't mind baseball talk as well.

Sarah said...

New York, NY. I've been reading for a year or two. I genuinely don't remember how I found you - probably Twitter, if I had to guess. I'm here mainly for the behind-the-scenes TV stuff, which I've always found fascinating.

DwWashburn said...

Live in Las Vegas (25 years), grew up in rural Tennessee. Been reading the blog about 3 years and always listen to you on Stu's Show. The "business posts" (writers' room, show runners, etc) don't interest me. Neither do most movie reviews as I have pretty much abandoned the movie plexes because of the rudeness of the patrons and the low quality of the movies (blood explosions and guns, guns explosions and blood). I do enjoy the Friday questions, reviews of TV events, baseball related posts, and recollections of your early adulthood. Oh, and anything MASH>

Brule Eagan said...

Ken, I've been coming here every day for years. You're at the top of my list of daily clicks.

Can't remember how I found your blog, but then, I can't remember what I had for dinner last night.

I don't have any particular favorite topic; I enjoy finding out what you'll be talking about when I arrive.

Your daily epistles are an enjoyable part of each day. Many thanks!

Eric Freed said...

I'm from halfway between Baltimore & DC in Laurel, Maryland, and work for the federal gov't. I'm a big fan of Pittsburgh sports, especially the Pirates (how about them Bucs!?). I've been reading regularly for about the last six months, as recommended by Mark Evanier. I'm a relatively new blogger (plug: Away From The Things of Man) and read as much as I write, and I particularly like entertaining reads (which is how I would describe your blog). As previous posters have said, I enjoy the behind-the-scenes stuff in the entertainment industry, so thanks for that.

Pete Grossman said...

As a copywriter who doesn't drink coffee (horrors!), you're the shot of caffeine I get in the morning before I begin knocking out material. Dig your writing lessons, insights, rants (yay!)and Friday answers.

Was turned onto your blog about 2 years ago via a colleague who's a field producer an occasional writing and producing partner.

I greatly admire that you pull off one of the toughest things in writing: posting a blog every day. If you believe coffee helps then I'm gonna start mainlining it.

OK, off to writing (revising, editing, molding) some marketing copy.

susie said...

Guess it's the same as last year, I came here from Earl Pomerantz' blog and I stayed.

Love it all, tv, baseball (going to the junior rbi world series later today), growing up in the Valley.

You even inspired me to start my own blog!


Ellen said...

Hi, Ken. I'm a novelist, not a TV writer, but I find your blog fascinating. The only posts I don't read are the one about sports--everything else captures me.

I've been following you for a few years and don't remember how I found you.

Thanks so much for all you share. I've learned so much from your blog!

Ellen Meister

alopecia said...

I'm a Southern Californian, not in the industry (should that be The Industry?), who's been reading your blog daily since at least 2008, maybe late 2007. I honestly can't remember how I found the place; my poor old memory tells me someone else linked to you, but I can't for the life of me remember who or when or in what context (I know, I know, really helpful).

As for content, hey, it's your blog. As long as you don't simply embed random Weird Al Yankovic videos every day, I'm cool with whatever you post. I'm really here to spend a few minutes every morning with a raconteur, and if I learn something about writing—which I do, nearly every day—that's a bonus.

Thanks for sharing your wit and wisdom.

D Graf said...

Following your blog for 6 months, enjoy the Friday question segments and your quick quips on current events. Started following after seeing your Facebook posts, always look forward to viewing your blog.
Thanks, D Graf

Scott said...

Been here a couple of years, can't remember how I originally found your blog. Have studied and worked in television and currently work as a sportswriter, so your blog is a perfect mix for me. Your spelling gets me sometimes (I know it doesn't worry you) and occasionally you sound like the cranky old guy shouting at kids to get off his lawn, but I almost always learn something and usually find the blog funny and entertaining. Keep up the good work!

ScottyB said...

I'm from a suburb of Chicago. I've been reading your blog daily (and plowing thru the archives) since Time gave you that nice ribbon.

I'm basically a reporter by career, and never gave TV writing a thought, or even know how I'd begin when I was in my 20s way back before the internets was made even if I wanted to. I'm also in my 50s -- and live nowhere near LA -- which would pretty much make any idea I'd have now to be a TV writer a notion even Don Quixote wouldn't touch. But I enjoy reading about the processes and what seems to be a sensible way to do things from a guy who's actually made a solid, lasting career of it that still continues today.

I skip the baseball stuff, tho. Never been a fan of the national pastime.

Amy K. Bredemeyer said...

I'm not a new reader... probably been around 3-4 years, no idea how I originally stumbled upon it. I write about television ( so I really enjoy the posts that are insider mindset - Friday questions, how various episodes were developed, little bits of trivia, etc. I'm also a baseball fan (Phillies, though), so that makes those posts appealing as well. I also like Annie's guest posts.

Ray said...

Just outside of Toronto.

I've only been reading your blog for a few weeks, discovered it from a link ... somewhere that held you up as an actually funny alternative to someone else's blog. I've been slowly reading backward through the entries and it's good to know there's so much more material still to read. I'm always looking for enjoyable long-form humorous opinion to read online.

I generally enjoy all of your content regardless of whether it directly impacts me at all, I think I just enjoy behind-the-scenes stories in general, especially amusing ones.

Anonymous said...

I love that you interact with and request input from readers. AND I love when you do the Friday questions and when you review shows and movies, and talk about things like your experiences in a crappy deli. Even though you don't gossip, the posts are usually fun and entertaining. And I don't like the sports posts. I found the blog one day when I was exceedingly bored and was Googling, trying to find out why Jay Thomas got fired from Cheers. Found it on here - that story never gets old. Julie, Burlington, Iowa

William Jansen said...


I'm a 37-year old "mall cop" at a tourist attraction in Elsinore, Denmark.

I have no recollection of how I found your blog, but I read it because I like taking a peak behind any curtain in the entertainment-industry. I like your posts about the creative process, and the production of the shows, and skip the ones about baseball and network-politics.

Parks and Rec is the only TV-show on air, that I follow.

gentleman farmer said...

I began coming here recently because, although this may be hard to believe, I am a friend of John Rappaport. He suggested that I would enjoy your blog, and he was right for once.

I enjoy keeping up on what's new in radio and television. I have a degree in Radio & Television from Indiana University, although I think the department has been renamed the Department of Facebook & Twitter.

My education comes in very handy whenever I'm asked questions about the Communications Act of 1934. I understand that it's now possible to edit video tape. I was taught that it wasn't. I was also taught that the only person who can direct music on television was Dwight Hemion. Even post mortem, I suspect that still may be true.

My blog is also ad-free. In exchange for that, I have failed to update it for two years and counting.

Mary Stella said...

I know I've been a blog follower since almost the very beginning and I've never been bored reading what you write, Ken. Cheers!

The posts I enjoy the most discuss your writing process, writing experiences, things that happened when you were writing particular shows. It's always fun when you write about a particular episode of M*A*S*H, Cheers or Frasier and I think, "I remember that episode. So that's what was happening behind the scenes."

I've stopped watching American Idol but your recaps were always hilarious.

Where am I? Right now I'm reading from my office in the fabulous Florida Keys, looking out the window at dolphins while I finish lunch.

Sean Savage said...

I came onboard maybe a year ago as a fan of "Open All Night" (still trying to track down a few episodes!). But I've also been rewatching the full run of "Cheers" and have gone back and read those related posts. Enjoyed your take on recent Kickstarter shenanigans, and read most of the new posts now (skimming the sports-related ones, sorry).

Dan Chambers said...


I live outside Boston, found my way here from Mark Evanier. I enjoy everything on it and liked your book a lot.

Zhou said...

So many informations! Most enjoyable for my personality was the direct answer from Mr. Ken Levine himself for a Friday session about his very classical television Frasier! Much appreciation was felt by me and revealing also. It was omg time to see that. I feel like twenty years at this internet blog!

alexandra said...

From Arnhem, the Netherlands. Found your blog a month ago looking for background information on my favourite show Frasier. Came back daily ever since.

I also liked your thoughts on pilots and final shows. Almost finished reading all of your blog.

I love your super interesting insights and thoughts. Thank you very much.

Kim said...

Trolling from Knoxville, TN since last year...Found you via Twitterlink, love all the posts. My favorite is that you have something new everyday!


Elvis said...

Hey Ken,

I came across your blog initially through the Zach Braff scandal but was permanently re-directed through a friend of mine being a regular reader of yours. Thus, I'm fairly new but that hasn't stopped me from perusing your back-logs of Frasier-related posts.

I fancy myself a filmmaker and work on low-budge/no-budge stuff when I get the chance while toiling away on more long-term projects. I pay the bills (somehow, thank heavens) working on a number of the garbage reality shows you rant upon.

The posts I pay attention to are a lot of the story-breaking/writer's room anecdotes, as I often come to the site during procrastination. But I'm a shameless Frasier fan and love indulging in all things on the topic as well.

Thanks for keeping up the regular work and your excellent comedy scripts past and present.

Frank Paradise said...

I've been around since almost the beginning getting comedy writing insights and tips. Being a beat comedy writer naturally I enjoy the tv talk but also like the way you mix it with various topics so just keep up what you do so well Ken. Cheers from Vancouver eh.

Mac said...

I can't remember when I discovered this blog, it feels like such a traditional part of my day. I'm from the UK, huge fan of Frasier, Cheers, Taxi, Simpsons etc, so I probably found it while surfing for information on them. I always love the explanations of how scenes, characters etc came about and how they were made to work. I'm always fascinated by the mechanics of comedy and it's a joy to have a pro go through it. I also always enjoy your opinion on comedy, old and new - it's always interesting to have a pro writer with a great track record's take on it.
But it's all good; often very interesting , occasionally baffling (baseball) always very funny. Here's to many, many more.

Richard Pryor said...

Thanks to Mark Evanier's blog I've been enjoying your wide ranging topics since whenever the h*ll he posted the link last year. The idea that you write about what interests you is what interests might not be something I'd normally know or care about but with your personal take on the subject it becomes entertaining and, dare I say it, educational even. My own interests were much like yours in the 50's and '60's being a 1948 born baby girls, baseball, movies, TV, radio, cars, girls were and are favorite subjects. With your unique take on all those subjects and more your blog keeps me hooked every morning. Your travel adventures seem sparse lately so go take a vacation and keep us informed.

Mike Carlin said...

I'm a comic book/animation writer/editor and have just been a Comedy buff in general forever.

I found you via Mark Evanier, like many previous posters.

I mostly enjoy the sitcom writing-- and ANY writing in general posts.

Not a baseball fan-- or even a disc jockey follower (not since the glory days of WNEW-FM in NYC, anyways)... but it's your blog, it's still free, and I can just skip/skim the posts I don't care about.

Will still check every day no matter what... there's always more of what I care about than not.

Good luck in the future, Ken!

donald said...

I came here from Chris Lynch's blog about two years ago, no doubt from a Cheers link. Once I got the Frazier connection I got my wife to reading. She would literally watch it twice every morning, it was her absolutely favorite show and reading your commentary would often lead to phone calls to me while I was on the road.

The last time we spoke, I was driving down to Valdosta for a football game, she was cloring over Niles and how he was the funniest guy ever, I kinda tuned her out (I wasn't a big fan) and said I'd call her after the game. When we left, I called (Valdosta is bout 200 miles from home) and didnt get an answer. When I got home she was laying at the foot of the stairs, she never woke up.

Mike Carlin said...

Oh... and I bought yer book!

Michael Lent said...

Long time listener. First time caller. Actually, think I post sporadically. Walked with you and your son during the WGA strike and have been following since then. Great blog.

Patrick Murphy said...

I have been reading for about a year. I have always been interested in writing for television and film. I love it when you get into the tiny details of that, like when you posted the Cheers outline. Honestly, that's why I came here. That being said, I usually enjoy anything you write. Favorites still have to do with the business of writing.

I read from Atlanta, GA. Thanks for a great blog.

MomQueenBee said...

Been here a year or so-ish? I don't remember how I found you, but now I watch Frasier and Cheers with a completely different eye. The only part I don't like is the book-shilling but in support of free internet content, I did buy the book!

Anonymous said...

Found you through the DDP board... I'm a screenwriter, with 3 produced titles...
...Wish you would go back to bashing "W"...

...The thing I like most about your blog is that you don't buy into the emperor's new clothes...

Sharon said...

Delurking at your request. :-) I do occasionally post, but mostly just enjoy what your words and the responses in the comments section.

I think I've been reading your blog for a couple of years; I'm not sure of the exact date when I found you, nor can I remember how it came about. But I can say that almost immediately your blog became a must-read for me. When I check in, this is one of the first places I go.

I really enjoy what you write about your writing experiences, even though I am not a writer. I admire writers greatly, but have no illusions/delusions about my talents (rather my lack thereof). I love television and am enthralled by the mysteries of the process that produces the shows that I love and/or loathe. Your blog has shed a great deal of light on that, so please keep it going.

On the other hand, I'm not a baseball fan, I'm really not that interested in your adventures in that world. While I appreciate the passion you have for it, it's not something that moves me. But it's your blog -- write what you want! I'll still be here waiting for you next column about your adventures in screenwriting!

Marian said...

I don't remember how I found you, but I was hooked immediately! I think it was some kind of "Best TV/Film Blogs" Google Search or something like that.

I'm a young, german screenwriter, so I have absolutely no idea what to do with your posts about Baseball (it is Baseball, right?), but I love everything else! Especially the blog entries about writing craft and your adventures in the screen trade! I learn a ton! I wish you would answer even more friday questions and/or you would more often talk about old adventures or new sitcoms and what do you think of them! I tend to compare everything with "Frasier", so that's a pretty high bar as you might know ;), but only a few shows in the last couple of years could bear that comparison (is that the correct use of bear? or should I use withstand? i dunno :-D ). Anyway, thanks a lot for doing this blog and don't you dare to stop! :)


P.S.: Sorry but I won't buy your book about the sixties, because I dont fuckin' care. But I'm sure it's a terrific read! ;)

Will Fitzgerald said...

Reader of about 8 months, from Ireland. I came for the writing advice but I stay for the laughs and the TV commentary.

kah3 said...

Discovered your blog from Mark Evanier. From Savannah,GA. Like the Friday questions, the baseball stories and the behind the scenes tv looks.

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog because I read Mark Evanier’s blog and he occasionally links to your posts. I read Mark Evanier’s blog because I’m a fan of “Groo the Wanderer” comic books- so basically you have a stupid barbarian to thank for adding someone to your readership.

G. K.

Becca in Seattle said...

Hi Ken,

Thanks for asking! I've been a "lurker" and in-frequent commenter here since the Time article came out (what, two years ago?).

I stayed because I love Cheers, it was my favorite show growing up and I'm current re-watching it from the beginning on Netflix (while developing an intense crush on Norm that I would never have expected!).

I'm also a life-long Seattle Mariners fan and have enjoyed your play calling for the M's, would love to have you back. Where can I campaign for this?

You have developed a nice community here, it's not many places that I will actually read the comments because they are atrocious, your commenters are great and I get almost as much from their input as I do from your posts.

I still disagree with you on the matter of filmmakers using Kickstarter for reasons I've shared several times but that won't keep me from reading. There's so much serious and sad news to read every day (when I should really be working) so your blog is a bright spot in my day, even when you're ranting!

You have also affected my behavior in one small, but not immeasurable, way: Since reading your blog I know, always, pay attention to who the writer is on a TV show. Normally I would ignore credits but you have instilled in my a curiosity about TV writers and a desire to follow the careers of writers who work I appreciate.

Since I'm watching Cheers again (just started season 4 - TV seasons used to be so long!) I pay attention near the end of the opening credits every time to see who wrote that episode and while the differences are (in most cases) subtle I'm starting to "recognize" the writers style more and more, including how these difference affect the character and how they interact. A Heidi Perlman Cheers is slightly different than a David Angell Cheers and don't even get me started on a Glen and Les Charles written Cheers.

Thanks for the insider take on TV and moving making, for the Award show reviews, steering me clear of bad movies/TV shows and generally making me laugh at least once per day, keep up the good work!

Jim Russell said...

Hi, Ken!

56 years old, from Nutley NJ. I've been a computer programmer for most of my adult life, currently working in Newark. I'm also a musician, playing sporadically at local watering holes.

I've been here for about two years, probably via a link from Kottke. Or maybe he linked me to Earl, who linked me to you. Anyway, I'm subscribed to the three of you in my RSS reader.

My favorite posts are the radio ones, but I love the baseball and TV behind-the-scenes as well. You only lose me on the L.A. nostalgia ones, but I guess you had to be there.

Bobby Rich said...

I've been here since 2005--and boy is my butt tired.

I've been alive forever--I played the very first hit.

I like the #ByKenLevine blog the most when you admit to being the former DJ Beaver Cleaver. And when you mention me.

Dave Arnott said...

Been here a bunch of years. Can't remember how I found you: might have been through Bob Claster... or maybe through Earl Pomerantz's blog. My favorite stuff is anything "inside."

Love it when you get a pro-guest to write something here. Also, I wouldn't mind hearing more stories from David Isaacs.

Dave Arnott said...

LOL, I should have rewritten that last line...

"Love it when you get a pro-guest to write something here. Also, I wouldn't mind hearing more stories from David Isaacs."

To read...

Love it when you get a pro-guest to write something here. To that end, it'd be great to hear more stories from David Isaacs.

Didn't mean to make it sound like I was dissing your partner :)

Becca in Seattle said...

Forgot to add the one thing I REALLY dislike about your blog: RSS trunaction.
As a rule I unsubscribe from blogs that truncate posts in RSS, yours is my one exception!

weber1022 said...


I learned about your website from a radio friend of mine and have been a follower ever since. I'm no longer in the industry but enjoy your TV and radio anecdotes. I am also a huge baseball fan...Cubs through and through (and they have a great radio man in Pat Hughes), so I enjoy your baseball memories as well.

With Labor Day coming up and no real telethon to speak of anymore, I suggest you grab the baton and hold an internet/YouTube "telethon" like the one you conducted three or four years ago, with real obscure/painfully unfunny acts.

Thanks for continuing your blog. I've enjoyed your books, and let me know if you're ever headed to St. Louis! From the comments I've read over the years, you have several readers from the St. Louis area.

Marisa said...

I've been following for about a month now. I am from Portland, OR and I am pretty sure I got here from a link/reference. I really enjoy the behind the scenes topics, but more so I find your thoughts on CURRENT shows and movies to be extremely interesting. You have such a unique voice and perspective, it is entertaining and educational all at the same time!

Mark said...

I've been reading your blog for about two months. I heard about it from Stu's Show. I enjoy the insider view you provide about the television industry.

Steve said...

I've been a regular reader and very-occasional commenter for at least 3 years now. Damn, reading what I just wrote, I realize I should be doing more work at work.

I enjoy pretty much the whole spectrum of topics, but most especially the posts about the art and business of TV writing, and info about the stories behind the stories from your old shows such as Cheers and MASH. And I don't mind jokes about W or the Tea Party, unlike that other "Steve" out there!

Friday questions are also a treat.

Austin Edwards said...

I'm from North Carolina. I'm a college student who is currently majoring in Broadcasting with a minor in Cinema. I found your blog in October because I wanted to learn tips about writing the best pilot script that I could.

I love hearing about the business and writing spectrum of the business. I love it!

RareWaves said...

Hi, Ken

I'm a child of the fifties and sixties and have enjoyed your work since I can remember. I've studied film and television, have done some writing, have worked in the improv scene in Chicago, was a DJ and music programmer for various progressive rock stations, and now do media technology support.

I started following your blog after one of your tele-seminars some time ago and have not missed a day since. Your natural innate talent for writing and humor comes through on your blog as clear as it did in any of your best scripts. It's a true joy to read. I love the variety among rants, radio, baseball, behind the scenes, observations and opinions, reviews, Friday Questions, and anything else you wish to share.

Todd A. said...

I have a Friday question:

Both Cheers and Wings went through a couple cast shakeups.Wings alone added Tony Shaloub, Farrah Forke & Amy Yasbek, while losing Thomas Haden Church. Have you ever had any less than favorable reactions from original cast members when a new castmember is added? Conversely, how do cast members react when a colleague gets another opportunity and bails, potentially jeopardizing the harmony of a tight ensemble?

Todd A. said...

Oh, also, I love your posts on two of my favorite shows: Cheers and Wings. To a lesser extent Frasier. Unfortunately MASH was a touch before my time, so I don't really pay attention to those although I'm sure they're well put. I also love your random musings. Big fan of the soundbyte. Kind of a marathon of Twitter posts without the @ and # signs.

Gotta be that guy: Don't like the baseball posts. Always skip em. I also don't like when a post is just a video. I use this often to get some joy at work. I can read, I can't watch.

Thanks though! You're the only blog that I read on a consistent basis.

Andreas from Germany said...

Hi Ken,

greetings from Germany. I'm a reader from Leipzig and I follow your Blog since the Time Magazine recommendation in 2011. I work as a TV producer in Germany (news magazine) and I like your assessment of all things regarding the TV market in the U.S.!

I also have a friday question: I was at a taping of "Last Man Standing" (in the early days when the show wasn't even on the air) and there was this guy that kept the audience "alive" through the entire taping process. He was the best stand-up comedian I ever witnessed and he was so kind and full of respect of his audience. It was a great night, although it went for like 5 hours. But then, I was at a taping for the "Late Late Show" and even "The Daily Show", and the warm-uppers there were the most offensove and annoying guys I ever came across. The shows after the warm-up-process were great anyway. But what do you think, how important is the "warm-up-guy" for a success of a show, be it a sitcom or a late night show? I thought the "Last Man Standing" guy had the toughest job, keeping the audience interessted for at least 5 hours. The loud and aggressive guys at the "Daily Show" and "The Late Late Show" (always making fun of someone in the audience) didn't help to "warm" the audience for the host.

Keep up the great work! Thanks from Leipzig!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Seattle. I tend to enjoy all you write about, Miss you doing the Mariners games...

Anonymous said...

New reader -- followed links from a personal blog I read. Subscribed to the RSS because 1) I like your writerly "voice" and 2) It's relatable window into a world very different from my own.

I am a PhD physicist doing research and development for an aerospace company in the upper midwest. I don't know a single sole in the entertainment industry -- but I sure like watching TV, and it's interesting hearing about how the sausage is made.

I like almost all your content, even the baseball, but am put off every now and then by jokes about women that kind of objectify them. Because I'm a woman, probably. Not put off enough to stop reading your work and feeling like I would like you a lot as a person if I knew you, just a little put off, since you asked.


Anonymous said...

I am 62 years old (an unsought after demographic). I live in Portland, Oregon. I read the post every day. I like the show biz stories, the baseball stories & the humor.
I like the show "Girls" far more than you do. I see it as a peak into a world, that at my age, I don't understand.
--Stephen Kelsey

Marty said...

Really enjoy your blog, & not saying that because we're cousins!!

K.W. Leslie said...

Been reading about a year. Love the memoirs, the Friday questions, and the insight into show biz. Love the shows you worked on. Though sadly, I never watched Almost Perfect; it aired during my first year back to college, when my nights were taken up with par... study, taken up with study. Well, maybe Netflix will host it someday.

James said...

It will be interesting if anyone makes it this far down (as I type this, I'm supposedly comment #169).

I'm a college grad white male living in The Southland (as they call it on the local news and nowhere else). Actually I'm in the Inland Empire (). If I stood on the roof of the house I could almost see the Bob's Big Boy with the cowboy hat on it.

Been reading 3 or 4 years now. I like the inside show-biz anecdotes best (most memorable is the one you told about getting an original script from Larry Gelbart). I like political stuff least, and I feel that way whether it's left, right or center.

I don't remember how I got here, except that I love reading background info on how a lot of shows were made. I was interested in Ed. Weinberger since his name showed up on a lot of my favorites, and a google search probably led me here. I remmeber one of the earliest posts I read was you talking about how his writing/producing partner, Stan Daniels, would give immediate feedback on a script rather than let the writer stew over a weekend (or longer).

If nothing else, I got to the Earl Pomerantz blog from here. That's worth a lot.

jsph said...

Found your blog while looking for some behind-the-scenes info on "Frasier" about a year ago. Kept coming back because I liked the "voice" I was reading, the TV behind-the-scenes stuff (I sense a trend) and found new life with the baseball announcer memories (which in a different lifetime was a real desire). More baseball anecdotes, Friday questions and "Frasier", which I discovered in reruns more than first-run.

Gary said...

I've been reading your blog for many years and enjoy all the posts. My only complaint is when you tease us by implying that an actor or actress was difficult, but you don't identify them or give details. Ken, it's time for you to name names!

JJ said...

My name is Jose Jimenez...

I'm a native Angeleno and we actually met on the WGA picket line many moons ago. You blew me off and wouldn't shake my hand, but I read your blog anyway because you do have a certain degree of credibility and I'm always willing to learn from the people who actually know their craft and aren't hawking their "services."

I even bought a couple of your books - and really liked, "It's Gone..."


Yah Shure said...

Is it pledge drive time already? Been a By Ken Levineaholic for probably four years now, having initially been led astray through other bloggers a few times, then having completely fallen off the wagon with your legendary radio career stories. Was a jock when radio was still fun. Was a radio geek when radio listening was still fun. Record collector since 1957, who, thanks to your blog, will never again view the 45 of "Sweet Cream Ladies" in the same light. Live in the Land of 10,000 Flakes (9,999 of which are snow; the remainder is Michele Bachmann.)

I'm not a TV viewer to speak of, but do like to read about the smoke, mirrors and catfights behind the curtain. Your radio stories are must-read, of course, but your travel travails are tops. Any word on an air date for The Great New Zealand Cruise Fiasco on the Untravel Channel?

A special thanks for your fresh posts each and every day.

Mister Charlie said...

Honestly? I am not a sports person, so the baseball stuff I skip over. Even though I worked on air in radio it was not play by play or color.

Otherwise I always like the topics and Friday questions.

K said...

I'm from San Diego, CA, and I've been reading it for about a year. I found it when I was searching for information related to Cheers. I love the variety and insight of the content, and I've recommended the blog to others. And yay, not nay.

Paul said...

I'm from Conway, SC. I've been coming here for about a year. Originally directed from Mark Evanier's blog. I enjoy all of your posts. I like that you post on a variety of topics. As a life-long fan of behind-the-scenes movies and tv, I would say I enjoy your stories of your time on the various shows and movies best. Friday questions is always fun. And I am a huge baseball fan, so keep those up, as well. Basically, just keep doing what you're doing.

Burl said...

Hi Ken, long-time lurker, first-time commenter here. Found you referenced as a baseball insider through the Tomato Nation blog about 3 years ago. About me? Born in the Valley (Northridge), grew up in San Diego, so I love the So Cal stories. Worked as a radio personality in college, so I love the radio stories. Worked 13 years for a couple different MLB teams, so I dig the baseball discussions. Now working on the production side in sports television (graphics "in the truck"). I'm a confirmed couch potato, so the recaps and back stories are great. M*A*S*H was a constant in my home growing up, so I especially enjoy your memories from those days. Finally, I gobbled up "Where the Hell Am I?" in about a day and a half. I just really appreciate the touch of humor you bring to all your topics, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken, many thanks for taking the time to write this blog. It's a little five minute highlight of the day.
From Cairns, Australia. Been reading you for a few months, spent the first week going back through as many old posts as I could. Love the inside stories from the shows, don't mind the baseball stuff either.
Usually read you while on my morning toilet break.

Victor Velasco said...

Hey Ken,

Can't remember exactly how I found this spot but it's been about a year; been knowing about you since your 'Beaver Cleaver' days on KYA...just keep doing what you're doing. I read this blog to see what's on and in your mind.

Thanks again for your work and your time

Tim said...

Your blog was mentioned by a friend and since you are my favorite non-deceased former Mariners announcer I checked it out. Glad I did. Even your non-baseball posts are entertaining.

Dan said...

I've been reading for many years, and I like just about all of the content (and skip those few posts that don't interest me).

Writing from West Lafayette, IN

kenju said...

I have no idea how I found you, but I've been reading here off and on for about a year, I think. Nearly everything interests me.

Nishika said...

Hi Ken,

I've been reading fairly religiously since April - I'm a 21 year old recent graduate from the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television (film major, concentration in screenwriting) and my screenwriting teacher Kris Young included your blog in a list of blogs he recommended his students follow. I picked yours because you are a former comedy television writer and that's what I aspire to be. I particularly enjoy excerpts of scripts you've written, writer's room stories, all your reviews of what's currently on the air and in the theaters, and your scathing anecdote about Jerry's Deli (the one in Westwood just closed down). Not a huge fan of your baseball posts but the rest of your blog makes up for them!

Patrick said...

Been reading for a few weeks, but have gone back through the archive so it feels like longer. I don't remember how I found my way to the blog, but I suspect a Facebook post steered me towards it.

I'm a writer and writing instructor (college) so I enjoy the craft stuff. I'm also a serious baseball guy, doing SABR-style research and writing for a leading fantasy-baseball site.

I live in Waterloo, Ontario.

Schoenbrod86 said...

I've been reading this blog on and off for about a year. I'm likely one of the few people here who has actually done audience research with the TV networks, so I find your comments on that topic most interesting. Sometimes you are even correct. Networks use it, but are hardly slaves to it.I've seen crappy testing pilots get on the air due to exec passion--and then fail. Other shows that people thought tested well, really didn't. Sometimes pilots that get on the air don't test well, they just tested better than others.

I also love your anecdotes about the writers rooms in which you've toiled. The behind the scenes stuff is gold.

Anonymous said...

I am a Canadian from Toronto who has been reading this blog for a few years. I don't work in the entertainment industry at all but I'm obsessed with TV and can't even tell you how many shows I watch right now. I love any of the TV stuff you talk about, I like reading your review of the new season shows, your recapping of shows like the oscars and emmys. I love any behind the scene stuff that we don't normally get to hear. I can't remember how I found your blog - could it have been from entertainment weekly? RebeccaE

Fred said...

I'm from a suburb of either Detroit or Flint, MI, depending on whether you look north or south. I've been reading forever. I have bought both your books (but not the first one that was something about a homerun, no wait a minute... or something like that). I never was in town when you were here for baseball purposes. So, I've not met you, but I feel I know you.
(1) the Baseball posts are not my favorites, but still good,
(2) I'm disappointed you didn't warn us before Annie's episode of Good Luck Charlie aired. I didn't get to see it.
(3) I have enjoyed the sitcom The Middle, and was gratified when you recently gave it some deserved praise.
(4) I dream of someday attending your "Sitcom Room" but that won't be until my girls have finished college (still 9 years away. Please keep holding it).
(5) I try to read you every day.
Thank you.

GC said...

Hi, Mr Levine!

Some Americans used to say, they travel to Europe. So, i am going to say my country is Europe and my City is France.

I was looking for a bar in Boston, but i found your blog on Google, two years ago. i read your blog everyday. My first comment was to let you know how happy i was, that i found your blog.
Matter of culture, i don't care for baseball, as you don't care for soccer. But i respect baseball, Frasier "Room full of hero" made me respect baseball. Or should i say: if guys who wrote some of my favorite shows like baseball, there must be something about baseball, that i might like...

Great posts bring great comments, so i read everything around here. Just one last thing, i hate when you call the name of the Lord in vain. This really bugs me.

Thank you, Mr Levine, and thanx everyone around here. You also help me work on my English for free.

Unknown said...

Hi Ken!

I stumbled on your blog 3-4 years ago (maybe more) and find it a must read.

My favorite part is without doubt Friday questions (you even answered one of mine) and the insider stories, but I enjoy it all.

Dave Zenner
Carol Stream, IL

A Girl Named Ray said...

First off, you'll never run out of words, I just don't think it's possible.

I've been catching your blog for a few years now and the variety is refreshing and your honesty bowls me over.

I'm a huge Dick Van Dyke van and I'm addicted to your blog. I lived in LA for 20 years and I enjoy your trips down memory lane. Sometimes I wish I never left.

signed: Stuck in Ohio

Natalie said...

I'm not sure exactly how long I've been reading your blog, but it's probably daily for two or three years and likely found it through Alan Sepinwall's blog. I love the behind the scenes in Hollywood, Friday questions and the baseball coverage (even as a Red Sox fan), but I usually pass on the stories about the sixties since it's really before my time. I've based in upstate New York. Thanks for the blog.

Mike in Seattle said...

I don't aspire, I am a screenwriter. I just haven't sold anything yet. That is coming.

I've known about you and how to pronounce your last name for over 20 years, since you were first doing Mariners games.

I must have been here since the first days. Howard Hoffman recommended this blog on his old web site where he wrote about politics and such. You're a mentor.

Dave Creek said...

I'm a web producer (and still occasional newscast producer) at a Louisville, KY TV station. I'm also a published SF writer with a bunch of stories published in ANALOG SCIENCE FICTION and two (soon to be three) books to my credit.

So I like the writing stories the best. I originally came here many years ago from Jane Espenson's blog.

I'm not a sports fan, so I'm indifferent to the baseball stories, but I'm sure other people are indifferent to the writing entries. Diversity of content is a good thing.

Carrie said...

Hi. I found your blog a couple years ago from a footnote link on Wikipidia when I was looking up something about Frasier. I struck gold! I love Cheers, Frasier, Mash and enjoyed the too short run of Almost Perfect. And I love baseball, too. I'm not a writer, but I find those posts fascinating. Thanks for bringing smiles to my day with your sense of humor!

-bee said...

I got steered here many years ago from James Wolcott's blog. If only he had your stick-to-it-ness!

I am in constant awe of your ability to turn out such high quality posts every day. Keep it up!

Oedipus Sex said...

I'm not sure that I remember how I found you. Seems like it may have been the Time Magazine website that listed the top websites on the net. I appreciate your insight, and the Friday questions are great. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Dan Ball said...

Hi, I'm Dan. I'm 29, I'm an aspiring screenwriter and I live in Louisville, KY.

I found this blog because of Google. I was doing research for a friend's sketch comedy class that he was teaching his middle schools when I came across BY KEN LEVINE. Now, I read it several times a week if not daily.

As a screenwriter just starting to get serious about the business, this blog's a welcome resource. If nothing else, the anecdotes from shows I grew up watching with my folks are worth the reading.

If I could change anything about your blog, I think I'd move it from Blogger to Wordpress. Right now, it's kind of tough to navigate through the archives. Wordpress could simplify that in more ways than one, plus giving you more tools/toys to expand the Ken Levine Empire™. Plus, Wordpress has some tools that will transfer Blogger content to Wordpress with a couple of clicks. If you wanna know more, hit me up: or (it's a little longer, but easier to understand).

As for content, I wish you'd dish out writing tips for TV/film everyday, but then we'd lose out on the anecdotes, the baseball posts, Friday questions, and funny rants about the industry. That would suck. But otherwise, I have no complaints/requests. Thanks for sharing with us!

Dan Ball said...

Oh yeah, thanks for fielding a couple of my Friday questions!

That's content I can approve!

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