Wednesday, October 30, 2013

FREE OFFER (sort of)

 UPDATE:  The offer has expired.  I have given away my 100 copies.   Thanks to those who requested one.  But if you didn't get one, they're now available and only $2.99. 

I’m giving away free copies of my new book, MUST KILL TV. Well… sorta free. Details after this story.

One great thing about Amazon Kindle is that uploading your ebook is easy. Unless you’re me.

You just follow the simple steps. Fill in the boxes, upload the files. Couldn’t be easier. Unless you’re me.

There’s a phenomenon called Y2Ken. Somehow, when I try to upload something… or download something... I wreak havoc with the internet.

Yesterday I attempted to upload my book. I was on the phone to an author friend of mine, asking him some questions. I told him I was a little nervous uploading the book. “I know I’m going to click one box and the entire computer infrastructure of Europe is going to go out.” He laughed, not realizing I was serious, and I hung up to begin my simple easy task.

Sure enough, I complete the first three steps then it asks me to click “Save so far.” I do – and I swear this is true – the little ball spins for five seconds and my entire internet goes down. I call TWC and am told there was some power surge and internet service was down in my whole area. This lasts for two hours.

I wait until 3:00 to resume. I figured, make sure Wall Street had closed first. Again, I swear this is true. I complete another couple of steps. I was asked again to click “Save so far”, I do, and this appears on my screen:

Seriously.  I'm dangerous.   If you ever see me about to install something, tackle me.  Unless you don't mind a complete blackout of the east coast.

Five hours later I complete the download.  I'll pause and wait for applause.  The official launch is whenever it goes up on Amazon.  Official blog launch is tomorrow. 

But as a preview I have this super keen offer! I will give the book away – either in Kindle or pdf format – to the first 100 people who email and ask for it.


there is a catch (there always is). You have to agree to post an Amazon review. It doesn’t have to be a rave (although that would be nice). Your honest opinion is all I’m asking for. So if you will PROMISE to file an Amazon review (and it doesn't have to be a long one, especially if you don't like it), I will send the book to the first 100 of you who request it.

REPEATING THE UPDATE:  The offer has expired.  I have given away my 100 copies.   Thanks to those who requested one.  But if you didn't get one, they're now available and only $2.99. 


Carol said...

I sent an email! My fingers are crossed.

LouOCNY said...

Sent email - maybe we will get lucky, and you will crash

Cloxdale said...

Email sent! Looking forward to reading it.

Phillip B said...

You may become America's secret weapon against NSA surveillance!

Thanks for the offer on the book. Will be pleased to review it on Amazon and elsewhere...

Daniel said...

Was about to send the email, but checked first to see if it's already available. 'Tis! Wait. It's only 1.91£?
Yeah, I just bought it instead. :)
But good luck to everyone else. And don't break my Internet!

Howard Hoffman said...

Or, Philip, we can send Ken to work on Edward Snowden's laptop.

An (is my actual name) said...

Dammit, missed out! Ah hell, I'll get it anyway.

Friday question: How much do you think good actor chemistry impacts a show? Can a mediocre show coast on it? Can a lack of it kill an otherwise brilliant show? Would low-rated but genius first season Cheers have gotten a second season without it? Can you write chemistry to any degree? I'd be interested to know your thoughts, and maybe some examples of good/bad chemistry in action.

BOB said...

So where can those of us leading a Kindle-free life order the PDF version?

Charles H. Bryan said...

"Five hours later I complete the download."

I have the same problem after too much fiber.

Johnny Walker said...

Doh. The one day I didn't read Ken's blog. $2.99 is a bargain though!