Saturday, March 01, 2014

The first televised Oscars

The Oscars were first televised in 1953.  Bob Hope was the host.  Here's his opening monologue.  Most of the jokes are making fun of TV.   Return to the days when the Oscar ceremony was truly elegant and 3D glasses were a novelty.    Wait a minute -- they still are.  (The glasses, not the elegance.) 

As usual, I will be reviewing the Oscars Monday morning.


Wayne said...

Bob Hope welcomes the "gay handsome crowd."
How progressive for the 1950s.

Great find, Ken.

Mike Barer said...

Trivia What was Oscar Night called in the Hope household?

Perry Lambert said...


kenju said...

We got our first TV in 1952, but I was not old enough to stay up and see who won. I loved Bob Hope and some of the old hosts and presenters. There are few alive today who can match them (especially not their elegance.)

Mike Barer said...

Back in the day, the Oscars were held around Easter/Passover time and the fact that Hope seemed to be one of the few non Jewish funny men, I always loved that joke.