Saturday, November 22, 2014


... to everyone who honored my request and told me where you're from, how you found the blog, etc.   And also for all the kind things you said about me & my little blog.  Thanks for letting me into your life.    Oh... I need a photo.  Wait.   Okay, here ya go.


LouOCNY said...

wow - and thank YOU Ken!

I didn't get a chance to post that day, so here goes:

I have been reading, and ocasionally making a fool of myself postng comments since 1987 - at least! I had bought IT'S GONE....NO, WAIT A MINUTE on the bargain table at B. Daltons (RIP), and did the now standard Google search for you, came upon this daily dose of wit, information, inside show biz stories, inside baseball stories, and sometimes just hot pics of Natalie, and have rarely missed a day since!

I am now in my post mid 50's, live in what used to be country about 80 miles or so from NYC, and now is what quaintly referred to as an 'outer suburb'. One of the highlights was when I asked a question dealing with Annie's apparent name change from when she was a young child - and the answer popped up as a Guest Appearance by the wonderful Porntip herself!

I can count on Mordicai Brown's hand the number of times this blog has not either mae me laugh, taught me something about Show Business, or entertained me in some way.

Bless you, and we all will rue the day when you decide you cannot keep this up - for whatever reason.

Dixon said...

From Arkansas.
Can't remember how long I've been reading (a year or two, I think).
Found through Mark Evanier's blog.
Currently in mid 30s.

cd1515 said...

mid 40s, been reading for a few years, someone linked to an Emmy or Oscar review of yours and that's how I found it.

your behind the scenes stories are the best thing by far, always love reading those...

speaking of:
you don't have to name names (though it'd be great if you did), but were there ever actors who hated you or hated what you wrote and were always fighting you on scripts, trying to change things, bitching that they weren't getting enough lines or screen time, pulling the old "my character would never say or do that," etc?

what's that relationship like between writers and actors?
seems like a lot of ego to deal with.

donald said...

Senoia, Ga. Home of The Walking Dead.

Clicked a link on A Large Regular. He's a big fan.

Breadbaker said...

I know I've said much of this before, but I'm happy to do a 2014 embellishment. I got here because Dave Cameron of the USS Mariner posted a link to your obituary of Dave Niehaus. Since then, I don't think I've missed a day when I've had an internet connection, and I've read a lot of the archives, too. I've been privileged to meet you twice and introduce you to my son. I have all your books, including the most recent one which was the first book I ever read on Kindle. I trust your judgment on television; I watched the Good Wife on your recommendation and I missed 2 Broke Girls for the same reason.

WilliamJansen said...

I'm a 38 year old "mall cop" at Kronborg Castle in Elsinore, Denmark (yes, the setting of William Shakespeares Hamlet).

I can't recall how I first happened upon your site, but this is the only blog I've ever binge-read. I went back over every single one your posts. I skipped a lot of them, but checked every one of them out.

I love anything that gives me a glimpse behind the curtain. I prefer learning about the creative process, but technical stuff is also interesting. I don't care about baseball, and even your talented writing on the subject has not managed to change that.

BrettJ said...

I found you through Mark Evanier's site. I've been fortunate enough to correspond with Mark a few times. Your blog is one of my daily must-reads and as a published author myself, it occasionally provides me with ideas and words of sage wisdom.

Charles H. Bryan said...

Honestly, I just check in for the Natalie Wood photographs.

Bachelor #115 is a single white mid-50s male who is a life long resident of Michigan (thanks to all for flying over; the contrails are pretty at sunset) -- out in the piney woods part of the lower peninsula, not the random gunfire parts (although I used to live amongst those). I've worked most of my life in education, so I'm partially to blame for many current societal problems, including the decline of this once great nation. I've been checking for Natalie Wood photos at your blog for a few years now (a couple of years at least before you gave up watching AMERICAN IDOL, which is perhaps an odd landmark) and I found you through Mark Evanier's blog, as have others, and maybe you should buy him lunch. You and Mark are the only bloggers I read on a regular basis.

Charles H. Bryan said...

By the way, the blog is, and has been, a pure delight. It's funny, it's smart, it irritates the right people.

Thanks for doing this Ken; may you continue to do so for many years to come -- I would indeed miss it.

Oh, and there is a blog I check every week -- it's cartoonist Ty Templeton's blog. It's almost always funny although it appeals more to the comics fan (but he has some excellent work of general satire as well). If you check it out, be forewarned -- he draws himself as a giant bunny.

erich said...

I myself discovered you on the radio with the Mariners in the 90's... when I put two and two together, I became an instant fan. I recall you having Tom Hanks in the booth with you talking Volunteers, etc. and I of course was already a fan on Wings, Cheers and MASH. To have you calling my favorite baseball team?? Well thats A Ken Griffey Jr Home Run!

I think I discovered your blog a few years ago when I sought out the original set of MASH in Malibu Park. Haven't stop reading it since.

Cristina said...

I was searching for Wings online last year as I am a fan and saw your tribute and then followed you and twitter and every now and then I post on your blog.Wings will celebrate it's 25th anniversary next year would love to hear more about behind the scene of the show and how these actors managed to work well together for almosteight years without any controversy. Thanks for all your interesting blogs

Alessio T. said...

Dear Kevin,

I have found your blog this summer (I think it was like August) while I was searching about some advices for writers, and I became a devoted reader since then.

I am from Italy, but I currently live in London.

Thank you for everything.